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Simar Nagi | 28 Nov 2022

5 Easy to Perform Southwest Entrance Vastu Remedies

5 Easy to Perform Southwest Entrance Vastu Remedies

Table of Contents

  1. Southwest Entrance Vastu Remedy
  2. Remedy for South West Entrance Of The Living Room
  3. Remedy for Bathroom Facing South West Direction
  4. Kitchen Vastu Remedy in the South-West Direction
  5. Southwest Entrance Vastu Remedy for Bedroom
  6. Important Southwest Entrance Vastu Tips To Remember

Only a small percentage of the Indian population constructs a home from the ground. People who are focused on their careers don't have the time to put in much effort, so they buy homes with pre-designed foundations. But what Indians never forget is the value of Vastu for their homes. As per vastu, out of the four directions, people living in southwest homes encounter bad vibes or situations. If you are among them, you must consider the southwest entrance Vastu to eliminate the negative energies and bring in positivity and luck. 

Before discussing remedies for the southwest entrance Vastu, let's first understand the concept of southwest direction. Based on the Indian sciences, the southwest-facing corner is referred to as the "Nairutya" or "Niruthi" corner. This direction lies between the west and south zones, towards the earth element. 

According to vastu, a south west facing house is not in the best direction. The zone is claimed to bring bad luck. If you can perform the remedy for the southwest-facing house, you will be able to eliminate the negative vibes and live a peaceful life. Let's explore some of the southwest entrance vastu remedies for your home.

1. Southwest Entrance Vastu Remedy 

The main entrance door should open toward the north, east, or northeast. But the door opening towards the south is said to have negative results. 

In case you're in need of Vastu remedies for the southwest entrance flat or home, you can make way for an inner entrance that leads to the east along with the southeast wall. Performing this remedy will eliminate the negative effects of the south-facing entrance. 

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2. Remedy for South West Entrance Of The Living Room

The living space has the power to bring all sorts of energies into a home. In order to repel the negative energy of your living room entrance, you can paint the area with fresh colours like yellow and white. To decorate it further, add curtains that complement the living room decor.

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3. Remedy for Bathroom Facing South West Direction 

If your bathroom faces the southwest entrance, the Vastu solution is to keep the area slightly higher than the house's floor level. In fact, the exhaust in the bathroom should be situated towards the north and the shower faucet towards the east. 

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4. Kitchen Vastu Remedy in the South-West Direction

In a southwest-facing flat, vastu states that there is one room that youshould never overlook: the kitchen. If your home’s kitchen is in the southwest direction, you need to perform certain remedies to alter the Vastu dosh. It is because having a kitchen with a southwest exposure can cause marital problems and attract a lot of negative energy. 

  • The fire element is the ruler of the southeast direction as well as the kitchen. So, you can place your stove in the SE direction. It will aid in the removal of negative energies.

  • You should choose your kitchen's colour scheme carefully like opting for vibrant shades. These colour tones will help spread positive energy throughout the space. 

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5. Southwest Entrance Vastu Remedy for Bedroom 

Earth is the element that governs the southwest direction. Moreover, it symbolises stability and prosperity. So, if your bedroom is near the southwest entrance, Vastu believes you're in luck. A bedroom facing that direction guarantees a stable and prosperous life. Moreover, it positively influences the health and well-being of you and your loved ones. 

Notably, the bedroom should not be placed in the NE or SE direction, as this tends to cause conflict at home. 

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Important Southwest Entrance Vastu Tips To Remember 

  • Prepare symbols of Om or Swastik on all doors of the southwest home.
  • Place a fountain or a small pool in the northeast direction of your home.
  • Place a borewell in the southwest corner.
  • Build a sloping balcony in the northeast corner and decorate it with plants. 
  • Leave open spaces in the northeast corner of your home. 

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If you frequently feel depressed when you enter your home and have the impression that something is wrong, it isn't you! Consider this as an indication that you have bad energies in your home and look out for vastu remedies to transform your home into a source of affirmative energies at home.

We hope that the above-mentioned southwest entrance vastu guide will help you while you decide on the vastu directions for your home.

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