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Simar Singh | 20 May 2022

7 Vastu Crystals to bring home in 2022

7 Vastu Crystals to bring home in 2022

Crystals are the gifts that have been received from earth. You might have heard about crystals being used in ornaments and jewellery. But are you aware of the fact that crystals bring prosperity to your house? Interesting, right?

Vastu Crystals come in spectacular varieties, which can be used in many creative ways to promote growth at home. They are transparent stones, and many people in India and worldwide use these crystals to bring a few corrections and keep away the negative vibes. According to Vastu, the placement of crystals solves the problem at home, if placed in the right direction. They promote stability and promote relaxed life and bring peace to people both physically and mentally.

For centuries healing crystals have been around and have recently experienced an upsurge in popularity. The demand for importing crystals from India to the US has doubled. We have elaborated on different Vastu crystals for home, which should be placed in the right direction so that they open doors to happiness, health, wealth, and healing tensions between family members if any. 

Vastu Crystals and its significance. 

It’s always a hope to build a home that shields us and lifts us every time we step over the threshold. It is because a home is a haven that has nurturing energy within. As the world outside is chaotic, it’s good to return home to enjoy the freshness of gentle positiveness. Vastu crystals for home soak all the tears, frustration, and shifting emotions and even keeps the negative vibes away. Below is the list of some wonderful Vastu crystals for home-

1. Black Tourmaline 

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Black tourmaline is born from the raw energy of the earth and is jet black in colour. The role of Black Tourmaline for the home is to protect ground and to keep the negative energy out of your home. If you place the black tourmaline at the entrance of your home, it will deeply heal all your bad feelings, and you will instantly start feeling safe. Whereas if you place black tourmaline at the window, it will protect you from people who enter with evil and negative energy. 

2. Amethyst 

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Amethyst Vastu crystal for home will help you relieve stress and anxiety. Amethyst Vastu crystal at home also aids in cellular regeneration. If you wish to use it for healing, then place it beside or under your pillow. If you wish to motivate your kids or anyone experiencing difficulties in managing stress, then place an Amethyst crystal in the West of your home. It is one of the loveliest stones; at the time of placing, make sure you feel strong, serene, and connected to your spiritual self.

 To balance the opposite energies at your home, use the combo of Rose Quartz and Amethyst. 

3. Clear Quartz 

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Clear Quartz is clear and radiant in appearance. The role of these Vastu Crystals is to cleanse your home and environment. The vibes you want your home to manifest will come into reality if you place Quartz near your bed. These Vastu Crystals are also great for home decor and offer immense energy. If you wish to encourage your decision-making process and boost your earning capacity, place the Clear Quartz in a study room or at your office window. People looking to improve their careers should place Crystals on the work tables and tables beside the bed. 

4. Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is shimmering pink in colour. You need this Vastu Crystal for home as it is soaked in positive energy and radiant compassion. If you are sensing that your home has become a battleground, people are arguing, getting on each other’s nerves, and have created a tension storm, then understand that it’s time to place Rose Quartz. The crystal will help heal everyone’s heart, fulfil home with empathy, trust, and positiveness, and promote nurturing vibes in every corner. The Vastu Crystal should be placed in the southwest direction in the bedroom. If you wish to have guaranteed effects, you should place two pieces of Quartz in the southwest direction of your bedroom. Doing so will energise and stabilise your partnerships with your loved ones. 

clictip Place the Rose Quartz at your kid’s bedroom window to eliminate nightmares and negative energies. 

5. Citrine 

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Citrine looks quite bright and juicy as lemons in appearance. If you want to bring the endless sun into your home, placing Citrine in the right direction is the right choice. If you wish to enhance your wealth, place Citrine in the South East direction of your home. To boost your decision-making process, place the Citrine on the side table. It will bring more clarity and improve communicative abilities.  

clictipYou can place the crystal on top of your cash box to enhance your wealth!

6. Carnelian 

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Another Vastu Crystal for home which you should keep is Carnelian. It looks like flickering warm flames of orange and red. If you wish to have every positive thing in abundance in your life, place the crystal on the south side of the house. People who recently shifted to the west-facing house and looking to weave more creativity in the world should place Carnelian in their home to kickstart the artistic heart. Apart from this, you can place nine Carnelian crystals in a bowl in the North-East portion of your home. It will improve your kid’s ability to read and write. Moreover, you can place the crystal in the study room to enhance the memory power of your kids.  

7. Gold Tiger Eye

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Gold Tiger Eye is the most common Vastu Crystal for home in India. Place the crystal in the east of your home. Gold Tiger Eye ensures the well-being and delight of the family. It also increases support and protection for the one who needs it in your family. 

We hope that the Vastu crystal for home when placed in the right direction, will provide you the desired effect. Moreover, you can add 8 plants to your home as per Vastu Shastra which will offer you positivity and peace throughout your life. 


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