Simar Singh | 17 Jun 2022

Top 2 Trending Bedroom Walls Colour In 2022 (With Images)

Top 2 Trending Bedroom Walls Colour In 2022 (With Images)

What do you think works best for your bedroom- A simple bed in the middle of the room which has all the four walls in the same colour or a two colour combination for bedroom walls? The choice as we know goes with something more appealing, enticing, and something that encourages our mind to create something unique like never before. Everyone has their own ideas by which they decorate their bedroom, and a two-colour combination bedroom walls can really stand out. It is a great way to bring together a bolder colour into your bedroom. Not only this, but it will allow you to break two colours up, forming a unique, attractive, and overpowering look. 

In order to ace the game of your home decor game, you need to play it right with 2 colour combinations for your walls. You have the luxury to choose bold, subtle or any colour of your choice. However, knowing and implementing the correct combination is significant. As an observed painting your bedroom walls bring out your creative style, and that's why we think you would like to discover what we have in store for you- the right 2-colour combinations for your bedroom ideas. 

So, without waiting any further, let's get rolling to find the right two colour combinations for bedroom walls. 

Ideas to Choose Two Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

The game simply depends upon balancing the shades; you can opt for bold colours like maroon or grey and balance the colours with white. Similarly, there are more colourful combinations available that you can opt for in your bedroom. 

1. The Bold: Owing to their vibrancy, bold colours are in nowadays. It also suits best people who have a keen interest in antique and traditional elements around the corners. And for that and many other purposes, bold colours of bedroom walls work perfectly well to complement home decor pieces. 

2. The Subtle: Despite the fact that bold colours make a statement, subtle colours add a refreshing and peaceful effect to the bedroom. They make perfect combinations for people who have a keen interest in living a simple yet elegant life. 

5 Combinations to Balance Bold Wall Paints

1. Yellow and Grey: These two colour combinations for bedroom walls reflect a positive, bold statement and provide an extraordinary appearance because these colour amalgamations are not used much together. Adding a white shade to balance the colours will leave a long-lasting fantastic impression on your guests. 

two colour combination for bedroom walls

2. Forest Green and White: If you love nature and find the forest green colour quite soothing, then it should reflect in your bedroom too! You don't have to worry about using such bold colour as you can balance it out with white paint, and we assure you the outcome will leave a graceful impression and give your room a fresh look while keeping it lively and alluring. 

two colour combination for bedroom walls

3. Purple and Beige: This two colour combination for bedroom walls is specifically for people who like the shades of royalty being reflected in their home. The amalgamation of such beautiful royal colours will add to the glory of the regal interior. The liveliness effect caused by purple being balanced with the beige colour will create an outstanding balance. So, if you are someone seeking a royal touch to your bedroom, choosing these two colour combinations for bedroom walls will be the right move.  

2 colour combination for bedroom walls

4. Blue and Yellow: If you don’t want much change but something that keeps your room exciting and pretty, then you must choose these two colour combinations for bedroom walls. The bright shades of blue will enable you to utilise your creativity. You can also add some bold home decor items that will enhance the overall look of your bedroom. 

bedroom walls

5. Indigo and White: Something warm, something cosy, is what makes your room breezy. You can stylize your space with these colourful walls and a touch of simple elements in order to pull out the most exciting, vibrant look. When looking to add an emotional touch to your bedroom, the indigo colour with a dash of white to balance the shades can be the perfect two-colour combination for bedroom walls. 

right combination for your walls

​5 Combinations to Balance Subtle Wall Paints

1. Cream and Peach: Cream and Peach, the two colour combinations for bedroom walls, will bring in the right summer vibes. The peach colour will perform its magic in enhancing your positive mood every morning, while the cream shade will balance it out. Peach and Cream colours work best when paired with light floaty fabrics. 

irresistable colour combination

2. Baby Pink and Beige: Another two colour combination for bedroom walls that gives you a soothing look throughout the day is baby pink and beige colours. These two-colour amalgamations will simply look best with the addition of wooden furniture to create a nice enticing look. These colour amalgamations will turn your bedroom into a favourite relaxing space. 

irresistible colour combination for bedroom walls

3. Lime Green and Yellow: Lime green is a colour people use less, but why stand-in when you can stand out, right? Just imagine how you feel when you live each day in this gorgeous colourful room! Just picturing it makes us so relaxed. This is the best two colour combination for bedroom walls that will give a relaxing vibe and help you ace the home decor game.

walls colour combination

4. Light Brown and Aqua: This two-colour combination for bedroom walls creates a cosy and romantic bedroom. If you think these are loud colours compared to any other subtle colours, then they are not. When looking for perfect balanced shades, these two stand best for it. The colours provide a vibrant yet soothing atmosphere, and we bet you cannot find it elsewhere. 

bedroom wall colour combination

5. Lavender and Off White: We have saved our favourite two-colour combination for bedroom walls for the last. Lavender is a colour said to provide a healing ambience. The lovely lavender walls provide just the right vibes when complemented with off-white. 

colour combination for bedroom walls

Here you have the best two colour combinations for bedroom walls that will bring home magic every second. While choosing the 2 colour combinations for bedroom walls, keep in mind the size of your room, overall decor, and direction of sunlight, and then select colours for the bedroom walls. Apart from these colour combinations, you can style your room accessories like painting, hangings, accessories, etc. Of course, in order to bring out the complete look for your bedroom, you need to invest in furniture sets as well. Apart from this, you must avoid 5 common room layout mistakes in order to save yourself from wasting any floor space.