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Simar Nagi | 24 Jan 2023

3 Surprising Vastu Hacks for West Facing House

3 Surprising Vastu Hacks for West Facing House

The beliefs and sentiments that we harbor play a significant role when purchasing a property. For us, the house is not just four walls and a roof, but it has a special feeling attached, a feeling that can hardly be described in words. A satisfied smile comes on our faces when we say... 'Apna Ghar’ (my house). 

When you own a house, it means you possess an asset that provides more emotional security rather than financial. A home is not just a space to eat or sleep but is a reflection of the hard work you've put in over the years, which can now be addressed as a 'safe haven'. When we talk about belief, the major role is played by Vastu in India. Let's continue with today's blog to understand how to arrange your home to bring positivity, peace, and wealth. 

How to identify a west facing house?

There is a simple way to identify a west-facing house- Just go inside your house and face out of the main door; if at that moment you are facing West, that means it is a west-facing home. 

Why choose a West Facing House?

The first question that pops up in your mind while hunting for a house is, 'is the house west facing'? Because you have heard from your parents that West facing house brings prosperity, wealth, and good luck. So, what is the reality? Is the west-facing housing good? Well, there is only one way to find out! 

The ancient history of India has called a west facing house good luck for wealth. You can notice a change yourself when you enter a west facing house; you will get the warmth and glow of the sun until the late hours. Vastu studies have shown that people who buy west-facing homes become more successful. This is one reason why many business owners, politicians, professors, and religious leaders always buy property facing the West. Whereas a west-facing apartment is usually bought by doctors, lawyers, chefs, financial advisors, and artists. 

Now you all must be wondering- Oh! No, our home is not facing the right direction. Will it bring us bad luck?

Well, don’t be stressed as every problem has a solution. You see, regardless of the direction of your house, it is mandatory for you to follow Vastu to ensure the stability and good vibes that keeps on flowing into your space. According to Vastu leaders, west-facing houses rank behind north and east-facing ones, but they are not inauspicious. Because Vastu clearly states that the West brings you wealth as well as non-monetary gains. Now that you don't own a home in this direction, still, you can bring it to the same level of peace, positivity, and harmony by following some tips.

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3 Surprising Vastu Hacks for your home

1. Vastu for Main Door

Vastu for Main Door

West-facing homeowners tend to make sure that the main door of the property is located within the right 'padas'. So you can do the same, derive the count of steps by dividing the home into 9 equal parts. You can start from the northwest corner and end it at the southwest corner. Always remember, the 3rd,4th,5th, and 6th padas are the most optimistic for main doors. The reason behind this is it brings positive and good vibes. If you can't use the above-mentioned padas, then the 1st and 2nd padas can also host your main door as they will never negatively impact that area.

2. Maintain your kitchen in the right direction

Maintain your kitchen in the right direction

According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should always be built in the right direction, which is the southeastern or northwestern part of a west-facing home. If you do the same, you will ensure that positive powers generated in the kitchen will be spread throughout your home. 

Avoid the southwestern wing Avoid the southwestern wing of the home to build your kitchen. 

3. Vastu position for master bedroom positivity

Vastu position for master bedroom positivity

West facing house Vastu shows that the position of the master bedroom should be in the southwestern wing of the house. But if you have multiple storeys, then your master bedroom should be located on the highest floor. 

What colors should you incorporate in your West facing house? 

According to the Vastu Principles, white, yellow, beige, and silver are the best-suited colours for a west-facing home. Only these four colours are chosen best as these colours are said to bring maximum profits and positiveness that comes from the western direction. If your house is totally towards the West, you can add a tinch of light blue colour, which will be used to capitalize on the benefits. If you cannot incorporate these four colors, you can also choose off-white and creams that are Vastu-neutrals.

Do’s and Don't for West Facing House Vastu Plan

  • The walls of your home's south and west corner should be thicker and slightly higher than the walls of the east and north side.

  • Always keep the padas in mind when designing the main door of the west-facing home. 

  • A plot that is sloped from north to south tends to bring financial loss. So, you can avoid building your home that way. 

By using these 3 Vastu pro tips, and keeping in mind these do's and dont's, you can maximize your home's power and channel harmony, positivity, and wealth throughout your life. 

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