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Shuchi Singh | 24 Nov 2022

6 Fun & Innovative Center Table Décor Ideas You Need to See

6 Fun & Innovative Center Table Décor Ideas You Need to See

Table of Contents

  1. Design the Center Table According to The Theme of Your Home​
  2. Add Flowers for Bright and Peppy Vibe
  3. Display Your Antique Pieces
  4. Light It Up with Candles
  5. Books Never Fail to Impress
  6. Center Table Decor with Crystals
  7. Impress Your Guests with Potpourri

What is the first thing that grabs the attention of your guests after they enter your living room? Answer is - the center table - as it is always placed at the focal point of your living room.

Most of us use the center table to put our essentials such as remote controls, books, magazines, knick-knacks as it lies in the centre of the seating area. Therefore, it is also  the most cluttered surface in your living room. Considering that, it is important to pay attention to your center table decor and think of ideas that can easily spruce up your coffee table and uplift the look of your living room. 

We are here to share with you some stunning and jaw-dropping center table decoration ideas to complement your living room. So, let’s get going!

Design the Center Table According to The Theme of Your Home

If your center table is not in sync with your house’s theme, it can ruin the entire impact and look you may be looking for. These elements can help you out in choosing the right center table:


Center tables come in different shapes, sizes and designs. It is ideal to consider a shape that complements your existing furniture and décor. Also, it should suit the space so that you and your visitors can move more freely, without stumbling or squeezing. The shape of your sofa serves as a hint as to what should be the shape of the center table you should be buying. 

For example, if your sofa is L-shaped, choose a center table in a rectangular shape. On the other hand, if you have multiple furniture seats, you can experiment with a circular center table.

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The size of a center table should be of the same height or a couple of inches lower than your couch for ease of access. The general rule of thumb is to have an optimal distance of 18 inches between the center table and other furniture in the room.



Speaking of material, there are several center table designs for the living room you can find in the market. Although wood is a common preference, materials such as glass can also offer a more sophisticated look. You can also try Lucite as it will make your table appear to be floating in your living room, thereby creating a modern look. Also, using oak and maple can give your living room a more formal look. 

No matter what material you use, it should match your style, and should be sturdy and easy to maintain.


And the last but not the least is to know the functionality of your center table. It is always better to choose a table according to what activity you usually carry out around it. If you are looking for storage, it should come with shelves, or drawers to hold everything. Regardless of whether storage is needed, choose a table that will hold drinks and snack plates easily. If you have a small space, you can choose a table that comes with a lower deck or drawers to store your important stuff.

Now that you have determined your size, shape, functionality and material of the center table, all that is left for you to do is decorate it as per your taste. Scroll down and check out the center table decoration ideas we have listed down just for you!

1. Add Flowers for Bright and Peppy Vibe

center table decor

Beautiful floral arrangements always come first in mind when it comes to beautifying your space or furniture in your home. Add elegant crystal vases and fill them with homegrown flowers. If you want to give it a more personalised touch, place them in handcrafted ceramic planters or mason jars. These beautiful flowers will not only add fragrance but also accentuate the look of the center table.

2. Display Your Antique Pieces

You can transform the look of your center table without buying any new décor items. Pick those items which you already own to make a style statement. For example, if you have pretty antique jars or decorative trays or some colourful ceramic mugs, you can display them on the center table. These old items are a perfect pick to beautify your center table owing to their artistic appeal.

3. Light It Up with Candles

center table decoration items

Candles can be a pretty decorative element for your center table. A candle centerpiece has a calm effect which can brighten up the mood of the space. Candles of multiple types, colours and designs are available in the market. You can choose something that matches your center table. A cluster of colourful designer-scented candles on a decorative tray can make for an absolute stunner and an eye-catching decorative piece.

4. Books Never Fail to Impress

centre table designs for living room

Books, as one of the many center table décor ideas, are the best item to personalize your center table décor. Placing the books impresses the visitors and creates a point of interest for them.

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5. Center Table Decor with Crystals

An easy and practical way to spruce up your center table is to use crystals. They not only bring positive energy, but also give a sparkling effect! Their complex shape and textures are certain to draw the eyes’ attention.  

6. Impress Your Guests with Potpourri

living room center table decor

Potpourri is a blend of dried petals, fragrant natural plants, herbs, spices and essential oils for gentle fragrance in living rooms. Put them in a bowl or in an open jar and throw in some beautiful non scented candles for the ultimate living room center table décor. The muted colours of the dried herbs and flowers provide a sophisticated decorative element to your living room space and creates an aromatic ambiance. Apply this on your center table to impress your guests with a wonderfully scented home.

Summing it Up!

Decorating your center table may take effort and a thoughtful consideration, but center table decor can also be fun and inspirational. We hope that this blog has been helpful in providing ideas on decorating your center table. Take a cue and never go wrong with the center table decor, ever again. 

Tell us in the comments section below which of these center table decoration ideas you are going to try next.


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