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Simar Nagi | 08 Dec 2022

8 Vastu Dosh Remedies To Welcome Peace, Wealth and Health

8 Vastu Dosh Remedies To Welcome Peace, Wealth and Health

Are you facing problems in your life right after shifting to a new home or office? Or suddenly, the energy around your home has started to become negative? The reason why you are encountering such unforeseen incidents is because of Vastu Shastra Dosh. 

Each one of us is connected to nature in different ways. The connection between us and nature is called Vastu Shastra. In case you are not receiving good vibes from the place you live, you might want to consult a Vastu Specialist. But you must know that the changes referred by them will involve structural changes to your new home. However, there are certain elements that you can place at various spots of your new home in order to rectify Vastu Dosh. To nullify the bad effects, will discuss easy Vastu Dosh remedies for the home to balance the energies and eliminate financial and personal problems. 

8 Easy Vastu Dosh Remedies 

1. The Magic of Sea Salt 

the magic of sea salt

If you wish to know one of the easiest Vastu dosh remedies, all you need is sea salt in and around your home. Take a small amount of crushed portions of sea salt and place it in your home; it will help you get rid of negative energies. Or, for a substitute, you can mix sea salt in water and use it to clean the floor of your home. As a result, the negative vibrations will get absorbed into sea salts, and you will experience a peaceful environment.

clictipAlways remember to take a pinch and change the sea salt every day. 

2. Never Shy Away from the Mirror. 

Another Vastu dosh remedy is all about mirrors. From ancient times, mirrors have been a game-changer. If suddenly you have been experiencing some bad energies at home, then place the correct shape of the mirror in the right direction. It will help you eliminate all the bad energies in or around your living space. If your mirror is placed in your bedroom, make sure it isn’t reflecting your bed, as it can also become a root cause of bad vibes.  

clictip Your mirrors should not be placed opposite your main door (entrance). 

3. Throw Away Broken Mirrors and Clocks 

throw away broken mirrors and clocks

If you are suddenly facing financial loss and health troubles, then replace all the broken mirrors and stopped clocks with the working ones. This is the best proven Vastu dosh remedy in India. Throwing away such broken pieces can bring ease to your problems. 

4. Life-Changing Pyramids 

life changing pyraminds

Nowadays, people work to better their homes, be it aesthetically or to increase positive energy. And it is one of the factors why pyramid yantra has been gaining immense popularity among the masses. According to Vastu Shastra, if you want to prevent your living space from evil and negative energy, you should place a pyramid yantra on the table or shelf of your entrance. This Vastu dosh remedy will prevent you from negative vibes and will look aesthetically brilliant. 

5. Add Crystal Balls to Your Home.

Another Vastu dosh remedy that doesn’t require any structural changes is the addition of crystal balls to your living space. When you are starting something new in life, and it somehow fails, the reason behind it is that your home is bound to bad luck. To get over it, place red crystal balls at home as they will significantly absorb all the bad luck from home, and you will be free and successful. You can place the red or orange crystal balls in your office as they are made of quartz that looks attractive and is considered auspicious. You can get orange crystal balls if you want better finances, whereas you can get pink crystal balls to eliminate fights at home and build good relationships. 

clictip Crystal balls have the tendency to absorb any energy; thus, it is important to clean them at all times. 

6. Place the Horseshoe at the Entrance of Your House. 

place the horseshoe at the entrance of your house

Placing a horseshoe at the entrance of your house is one of the oldest Vastu dosh hacks. You all must have seen different sizes of horseshoes at the entrance of most homes across the world. If you have been experiencing financial loss for the past few years, you can place a horseshoe at the front as it attracts good fortune and wealth. The main door is ideal for hanging with its end pointing upwards to remove Vastu dosh from your house. Remember not to place it upside-down as it will attract evil energy to your home. 

7. Place 2 Camphor Crystals 

If you have tried everything but are still facing financial loss from the moment you shifted to your new home, that means it’s time to place 2 camphor crystals in different areas of your house.

Or if you are stuck in a situation where things are getting complicated, keeping two camphor balls can be the best Vastu dosh hack but replace them when they fade up. 

8. Removal of Old Pots 

removal of old pots

Removing old pots is the easiest Vastu dosh hack you can do in order to get rid of bad vibes. It is considered bad luck to keep reusing old clay pots from ancient times, especially when moving into your new home. Never carry the old clay pots along with you. 

The above-mentioned Vastu Dosh Remedies are the easiest way to get rid of all your home's negative and evil energies. If you wish to improve your relationships, finance, and health and wants to bring balance to your life, try doing these Vastu Dosh Hacks. Performing these small changes at home will not require any structural changes or bring high costs. 

Moreover, if you wish to bring more prosperity to your new home, you can always add the 8 best plants for home per Vastu Shastra, which will suck away all the negativity and energize your home by welcoming wealth.

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