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Simar Nagi | 03 Mar 2023

10 Store Room Designs To Make The Most Of Your Space

10 Store Room Designs To Make The Most Of Your Space

Table of Content: 

  1. Store Room Design #1: How To Prepare A Store Room Design For Your House?​
  2. Store Room Design #2: Simple Store Room Design
  3. Store Room Design #3: Modern Storage Room Design
  4. Store Room Design #4: Lofted Store Room Design
  5. Store Room Design #5: Storage Underneath a Staircase
  6. Store Room Design #6: Open Store Room Design For Home
  7. Store Room Design #7: Colourful Store Room Design
  8. Store Room Design #8: Wooden Store Room Design
  9. Store Room Design #9: Converting The Basement Into A Store Room
  10. Store Room Design #10: Kitchen Store Room Design
  11. Store Room Design #11: Free-Standing Storage Units

It is a fact that a store room design is the least of our home decor discussions, but it is an important aspect that, once ignored, can cause a big mess. 

If you live in a small apartment, you have an agenda to fit everything in and make the area look presentable.Today, we have come up with a couple of clever designs and ways to prepare a new store room design that will bring you out of your clutter and misery. And, not to forget, the place will look spotless! 

How To Prepare A Store Room Design For Your House?

An ideal store room design for a home is multifunctional, making the space look clutter-free. Conceptualising a storeroom design depends on what you wish to store, what else the room is used for, and the decorating style.  


  • Redefine Your Storage Needs

If you plan to incorporate a storeroom design, you first have to prepare a list of the things you intend to store. For instance, if you wish to store food materials like rice and sugar, then using a strong material like wood would be recommended. So that in the event of a natural calamity, the wooden type of strong material would protect the products. 

  • Opt for the Right Size of Storage Room Design

You must take accurate measurements at each corner to make the most of your space. You will need to take many measurements regarding the wall space's height, width, and length. Add architectural features such as closets or space beneath the stairs.  


  • Look Out For the Ideal Location

Before even considering installing a storage room design at home, look for the area where you want it to be. The location is important because it influences the style of the storage room whether you want it hidden or visible. 

Moreover, if you have installed a storage room design that is too far from other areas, it will involve much effort to get things from where they are needed. Therefore, choosing a good location to install a storage room is necessary. 

Modern Age Store Room Ideas For Home

1. Simple Store Room Design

store room design

A quality of a good storage room design is that it serves multiple purposes. If you want a simple storage unit, incorporate it into an open closet space where you can stack your things in a well-organised manner. If you want to personalise it, you can build a design using shelves and cabinets.

2. Modern Storage Room Design

small store room design

There are multiple ways to make your storeroom look modern, but one effective way is to use glass walls. The benefit of using a glass wall is that it will let natural light enter the room, make the space look brighter, and provide more space. Including such a storage room design will allow you to check all the items inside without opening the door. 

3. Lofted Store Room Design

store room ideas

A small storeroom can be built in an attic or an unfinished space. So use a lofted storage unit by adding wooden steps and railings to reach the top level. The benefit you will enjoy is the maximum amount of space where you can keep things like brooms and mops.


4. Storage Underneath a Staircase


A smart option for a small storeroom design is to create it under the staircase. The efficient design is a clever way to hide items you use but don't wish to display, like mops, brooms, etc. Since this storage unit will be unevenly shaped, you can keep your old book collection, papers, and other documents. 

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5. Open Store Room Design For Home

The concept of open shelving is that you can see the items without opening multiple cabinets. You can also use this type of store room design to display some of your favourite items as home decor, such as books, souvenirs, etc. 


6. Colourful Store Room Design

If you want to build a store room to keep different items, you can use different colours for each room section. It will help you identify each section and help you grab your stuff more efficiently. 

To simplify it further, you can colour each section with vibrant colours like red and yellow. The colours will add more life to your storeroom design at home.

7. Wooden Store Room Design

Wooden panels warm rooms, especially when painted in neutral colours. If you want to install a relaxing atmosphere in your home, you can install this storeroom design. The rustic feel of natural materials like wood and stone will make the place look splendid. 

8. Converting The Basement Into A Store Room

Many of us have plenty of space available in the basement, and we want to best utilise it. If you have too, you're in luck! You can create a storage room in your basement for storing rarely used materials like birthday decoration items, camping gear, leftover paint, etc. You can also store hazardous chemicals in basements to keep them out of the reach of children. 

9. Kitchen Store Room Design

The kitchen store room design is very popular among homemakers. It is an efficient way to save space and provide extra storage options. This storage unit can store drinks, food, and kitchen tools. You will have easy access to all kinds of food you often need. So, when constructing a pantry, ensure you have a well-organised and designed kitchen storage unit. 

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10. Free-Standing Storage Units

The benefit of having a free-standing cabinet is that it boosts your home's storage capacity while also improving the interior decor. You can place this storage unit anywhere in the house. Things that you require regularly can be placed here. 

People often think that small spaces mean no storage room. Building a store room design at home is no rocket science. Only thinking outside the box is required. The storage room designs and concepts presented above will inspire you to renovate or design your new home more efficiently, and you will enjoy more space. 


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