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Simar Nagi | 10 Aug 2023

15 Simple Rangoli Designs For Every Celebration

15 Simple Rangoli Designs For Every Celebration

Table of Content:

  1. Simple Rangoli Design #1: Simple & Sleek​
  2. Simple Rangoli Design #2: Simple & Sophisticated
  3. Simple Rangoli Design #3: Ganesha-Shaped
  4. Simple Rangoli Design #4: Corners
  5. Simple Rangoli Design #5: Haldi Function
  6. Simple Rangoli Design #6: Peacock-Shaped
  7. Simple Rangoli Design #7: Simple With Lamps
  8. Simple Rangoli Design #8: Swastika Shaped
  9. Simple Rangoli Design #9: 3D Simple
  10. Simple Rangoli Design #10: Rice & Pulses
  11. Simple Rangoli Design #11: Dots​
  12. Simple Rangoli Design #12: Simple With Water
  13. Simple Rangoli Design #13: Inspired By Lotus
  14. Simple Rangoli Design #14: Easy To Clean
  15. Simple Rangoli Design #15: Alpana

Rangoli designs simple and sleek have the power to beautify a home during a festival or celebration. According to Indian culture, a rangoli is made at the beginning of any function to seek God's blessings and fill the space with positive vibes. 

But the point is, if you've landed up here, it must be because you're looking for visually pleasing, simple, and easy rangoli home designs, and you couldn't possibly be in a better place! We have curated a list of rangoli designs simple ideas that will effortlessly transform your space. 

So, get ready to decorate your home with these rangoli designs simple that will add a colourful splash to your home decor.

Simple Rangoli Designs For Home

Preparing some rangoli designs simple at home is an art. It is believed to be lucky for the house and family. You don't have to master this art of making a rangoli; just be patient, and you can successfully add flair to your interiors.

Below, you will find beautiful rangoli designs that will help you glam up your home!

1. Geometric-Shaped Rangoli Design: Simple & Sleek

rangoli designs simple

Are you a fan of simple rangoli designs that enhance the beauty of your home? Well, then, opting for geometric shape-inspired easy rangoli designs is the perfect one for you! 

To make this rangoli, you have to make quadrilaterals and curves and use the right amount of colours. Once done, outline the border with a white-coloured powder; doing so will make your simple rangoli design stand out and complete the look of your home.

2. Floating Rangoli Design Simple & Sophisticated

small rangoli designs

Do you find flower decoration alluring? Then you'll indeed find this simple rangoli design intriguing. You must choose large golden bowls and use small flower petals of marigold and rose to create a fuller look. 

When you are preparing easy rangoli designs for floating rangoli, you need to remember that you cannot create a boundary sketch. The flowers will never stay in line. So, start from the outside, fill the boundary, and slowly move inward. And your rangoli design- simple and easy small- is ready to uplift the spirit of your celebrations!  

3. Ganesha-Shaped Simple Rangoli Design

easy rangoli designs

Source: Latestly

Are you looking for small rangoli designs? We’ve got your back! In India, we seek the blessings of Lord Ganpati before starting any work. You can also create a ganpati-inspired simple, small rangoli design at home or in the office. The bright rangoli colours will enhance the look of the space without even costing you time or money. 

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4. Simple Rangoli Design For Corners

rangoli simple

If you enjoy making simple rangoli designs at home but lack space, there is no need to worry! This small rangoli design will bring you out of misery. First, create an easy rangoli design in the corner by using bright colours. Then, using bold colour shades will make the rangoli bigger and brighter.

5. Simple Rangoli Design For Haldi Function

easy rangoli

Marigold flowers can add charm to the best rangoli designs made for Indian functions. The colour yellow personifies cheerfulness and should definitely be a part of the haldi ceremony. 

Create different shades of marigold wreaths in floral patterns full of curves and waves. And add the contrasting yellow and orange at the top of a simple rangoli, and it will create the perfect spot for group pictures and selfies. 

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6. Peacock-Shaped Rangoli Design Simple Yet Alluring 

rangoli designs easy

Rangolis are the ideal choice for decoration due to their bright colours, and efficiency in getting ready quickly. The peacock-shaped one is one of the most famous rangoli ideas for a competition. 

Even at home, you can create this simple rangoli at the entrance, providing an aesthetically and colourfully pleasing appeal to the home decor. 

7. A Rangoli Design Simple With Lamps

simple and easy rangoli designs for home

Do you have a space issue and want to incorporate small rangoli designs to make your space stand out? If that’s the case, then start by creating a circular rangoli with multiple bright colours and placing small lamps or candles on it. Adding some green tones to your simple rangoli design creates a contrasting effect. Moreover, in the end, you can add a vast diya to complete the look of your simple rangoli design.

8. Swastika Shaped Simple & Easy Rangoli Design

rangoli design simple and easy small

The importance of a simple, swastika-shaped simple rangoli design needs no explanation. Many people prepare this simple rangoli design, especially during Diwali. Since the symbol is of much significance, you can incorporate the same while creating a simple rangoli. 

This is one of the easiest simple rangoli designs, and it radiates positive vibes while acting as a display of tradition.
These types of easy rangoli designs radiate positive vibes while acting as a display of tradition.

9. 3D Simple Rangoli Design & Easy Rangoli Design

simple rangoli design

Remember the times when we were kids and made rangoli simple? You can do the same even now as well. Creating a rangoli simple is the perfect blend of traditional and aesthetics. Bring the same principles to your easy rangoli design, and you will see how the entire design becomes ten times more attractive.

10. A Simple Rangoli Design With Rice, Pulses

simple rangoli

Unique yet easy rangoli designs for the home require conventional elements like rice and pulses. These elements lend a plethora of colours to your rangoli and create more colourful rangoli. This simple rangoli design is organic and creates an elevated effect to bring a brilliant art form to your home.

11. Rangoli Designs With Dots​

simple rangoli designs for home

You must be wondering how the rangoli design (simple) is different from the dot rangoli design. Well, the key difference between the two is that Rangoli Designs With Dots are known as Kolam patterns, and a simple rangoli design is free form art. So, if you wish to incorporate a rangoli design with dots, create them with dots, and strung together in loops and gestures.

12. A Rangoli Design Simple With Water

beautiful rangoli designs

Source - Pinterest

If you are looking for a unique yet rangoli design simple that you can easily make at home, we have got one! All you need is a large bowl filled with water and your favourite rangoli colours. Now add a few drops of coconut oil or sunflower oil. Now you will notice the oil forming a layer on top of the water. When you add colours to the water, this rangoli design will float on top. To convert this rangoli design into a simple and attractive one, add diyas.

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13. A Rangoli Design Simple Inspired By Lotus

Rangoli Ideas for competition

Source - Pinterest

If you are planning on creating a small rangoli design, go for a lotus flower. The significance of this flower is that it is very precious to Goddess Lakshmi. If you make a small rangoli design, especially during the time of Diwali, it will be personified as a sweet gesture welcoming Lakshmi Ji’s embodiment. All you need to do is create a large circle and beautify it with mandala art. But remember to keep the inner space empty, and when you are done, create a whole lotus flower.

14. Easy To Clean Rangoli Design

rangoli design simple

Source - Flickonclick

Creating a mess, even when creating an simple and easy rangoli designs for home, is a nightmare. So we have a simple rangoli design idea that you can do. Create a square outline and fill in colour. You can decorate it with peacock feathers and place a diya. Your simple and easy rangoli designs for home is ready.

15. Alpana: An Easy Rangoli Design

small rangoli design

Source - Sri Rangoli

Alpana, the famous, simple, and easy rangoli designs for home, are mostly seen in West Bengal. It is created by using rice powder, charcoal, and ash. Traditional designs include the sun, the goddess Lakshmi, fish, lotuses, owls, ladders, and others. A cloth gets soaked in rice powder and water, and then you can create any of these designs.

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Rangoli Designs: Simple Yet Stunning ​

Isn't it beautiful to create a rangoli design simple yet alluring at home that exudes beauty and positive vibes? Here's hoping that these above-mentioned simple rangoli designs for home will serve you well in creating a blissful and beautiful space.


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