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Simar Nagi | 16 Dec 2022

Secret Old House Renovation Tricks You Never Knew Existed

Secret Old House Renovation Tricks You Never Knew Existed

Table of Content:

  1. Old House Renovation #1: First, Investigate
  2. Old House Renovation #2: Maintain Your Budget
  3. Old House Renovation #3: Declutter Your Home
  4. Old House Renovation #4: Renovation of Floors
  5. Old House Renovation #5: Add New Colors
  6. Old House Renovation #6: Introduce Modern Lighting
  7. Old House Renovation #7: Change the Drapes
  8. Old House Renovation #8: Decorate with Colorful Accents
  9. Old House Renovation #9: Hide The Boring Wall
  10. Old House Renovation #10: Welcome Some Fresh New Plants

Whether a home is centuries old or decades old, it always holds a special place in the heart. That very home is rich in memories; perhaps your grandparents started a new life there, your father took his first steps there, or your eldest sibling was born there! So, it's evident you will hesitate a bit while thinking of your precious old house’s renovation. 

But timely renovation is mandatory for your home, as it increases the value of your property. If in the future you wish to sell your property, a renovated home will help generate higher revenue. But before you start giving your old home a makeover, make sure you're confident in maintaining its legacy and warmth.

So, to an untrained eye, you may need help knowing where to begin. Thus, to help you with the old home renovation, we have come up with some secret tips that you should keep in mind.


Secret Tips To Crack The Code For A Perfect Old House Renovation

1. First, Investigate

Before starting with your old house’s renovation, take a tour around your home. It will make you realize what "modern" meant years ago. Once you soak up the feeling, check for existing systems and structures. If you think the home requires some electrical or plumbing work, give it a priority.

2. Maintain Your Budget

When you plan the reconstruction of an old house, you might get terrified by the estimated cost involved. To work within your budget, create a diary, plan your expected cost limit and ensure to not overestimate. Now, based on your budget, conduct a thorough research on home decor.

3. Declutter Your Home

Creating an open space for remodeling an old house can be the perfect beginning. Having a big space will enable you to envision your plan. You can start by rearranging your furniture and removing unwanted pieces from your home. Once decluttered, it will give you a better idea of how to make your old house look new. 

4. Renovation of Floors

No doubt, renovating floors is expensive, but the result is worth all your money. Adding gleaming hardwood flooring will provide the old house with a vibrant new look. Adding a new kind of flooring and color can change the overall feel of the entire home. 

You can add wooden flooring too since it is highly durable and will be a good investment. To beautify the flooring further, you can add colorful carpets as well. 

5. Add New Colors

Adding a fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to make your old home look new. There are many historical paint color palettes available from which you can choose a combination of some bright colors and plain hues to get a modernized look without hampering the vintage vibe. 

If you feel your kitchen cabinets and walls do not complement each other, go for the walls with neutral colors like gray. 

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6. Introduce Modern Lighting

Lights play an important role in changing the mood and ambiance of the home. Adding customized lights is very important when working on an old home renovation. 

To further work on the modification part of an old home, add ceiling lights with a moderate height of about 12–20 inches for a typical 8-foot ceiling. If you have ample space and a sufficient budget, try adding LED lamps or chandeliers in bright colors. It will completely revamp the look while maintaining the old vibe of your home. 

7. Change the Drapes

Old drapes can quickly date a home you don't want to live in. They can either make or break the look of a home. To add a touch of a contemporary vibe, choose something cheery and vibrant. It will not only lower heat loss but also trap cool air in the room. 

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8. Decorate with Colorful Accents

As we know, buying new furniture for a home can become a burden on the pocket. But at the same time, it makes a home look new. 

If you are tight on budget and can not even think about compromising, add some decor elements that complement your home’s appearance. For example, if you have a beautiful vintage home but don't want to lose the essence of its old-world charm when renovating, try adding some colorful vintage candles. In this form, you will successfully renovate an old house without losing its vintage charm. 

9. Hide The Boring Wall

When working on your old house’s renovation, try sprucing up some things that will not cost a fortune. Repainting might be an easy way out, but if the walls have hard textures, they might be hard to paint. Instead, install a big TV or hang handcrafted wooden ornate frames and colorful dream catchers on the wall.

10. Welcome Some Fresh New Plants

If you've tried everything to convert your old house to a new one and still don't feel that liveliness that you imagined, there is one thing you can do is to add plants. All you have to do is add planters that complement the interior of your room and add one to every corner. This old house renovation trick never fails. Plants add to half of the renovation of the house. 

Wrapping It Up

When you own a historic home, it can be difficult to envision extensive renovations. And while great bones never have to be replaced, minor upgrades as part of your old house’s renovation are enough to give it a contemporary spin. We hope that the points mentioned above are the solution to this backbreaking task.


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