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Simar Nagi | 15 Nov 2022

5 Non-Negotiable Tips When Purchasing Winter Curtains for Your Home

5 Non-Negotiable Tips When Purchasing Winter Curtains for Your Home

Table of Contents

  1. Select Your Winter Curtains Fabric Wisely
  2. Experience Cosiness With Insulated Curtains
  3. Turn Up The Heat With Warmer Colours Curtains
  4. Build a Layered Effect
  5. Thermal Curtains

Changing seasons means changing temperatures. And let's be practical; the statement is intended for the outside and the inside of the home. Not all of us can afford the luxury of incorporating heaters at home. Then what is that one easy way to beat the chilly winds this winter? The answer is straight, effective and quite decorative : bringing winter curtains home to keep the house warm. 

When it comes to keeping the winter chill outside, you can opt for any designer-savvy layered look or a single heavyweight textile, but nothing can give you the comfort that a thermal curtain for winter can. To make your home more comfortable, warm, and energy-efficient, you'll need a thermal curtain to add an extra layer of insulation. 

But you cannot randomly shop for these thermal window curtains for winter, and you must remember certain points when shopping for the same. So, keep reading this article to gain insightful information on winter curtains for your home. 

Select Your Winter Curtains Fabric Wisely

Not all winter curtains for your home are suitable for keeping the cold breeze at bay. If you buy lightweight winter curtains, e.g., linen, lace, and sheer cotton, they are all loosely woven and enable cold air to pass through your rooms. Therefore, instead, opt for thick winter curtains for home that are made of heavyweight and tightly woven textiles, e.g., velvet, tapestry, tweed, denim, suede, etc. 

This kind of winter curtain will offer a dense barrier against the outside chilly breeze. 

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Experience Cosiness With Insulated Curtains 

Winter Curtains

These winter curtains are made with four separate layers, along with a core layer of high-density foam to stop chilly air from entering indoors. They also contain a vapour barrier coating that acts as a decorative outer layer  that helps keep the heat intact inside the interior walls. 

Turn Up The Heat With Warmer Colours Curtains 

thermal curtain for winter

Never underestimate the power of colours when it comes to the warmth of curtains. For this year's winter season, choose dark-coloured curtains like dark blue, black, or grey, as these shades will help your room feel cosy. If you don't want black or grey winter curtains for the bedroom, you can choose red or orange hues, which provide warmth to spaces.

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Build a Layered Effect 

winter curtains for living room

The living room is mostly the first room of the house, and no doubt you want something solid that can stop the chilly breeze coming from the main door. For that, you can hang two curtains together to create a stunning layered look.

For example, you can hang patterned winter curtains in your living room with an attached fabric lining in front of a solid-colour curtain to create a decorative and functional window treatment that contains three insulating layers. The remarkable thing about layered curtains is that they help create a tighter air space to stop the cold breeze from getting inside, allowing the inside curtain to maintain the cosy room temperature. 

People looking for winter curtains for the balcony can also create a layered effect to block cold air from entering their space.


Thermal Curtains 

winter curtains for bedroom

When shopping for winter curtains for your home, thermal curtains are an excellent choice, and it is because they provide insulation for whichever room they are placed in. Thermal winter curtains for homes are built with three layers, and the first layer that faces you is the decorative layer, a foam core, which is the high-density foam inside the curtain's fabric that stops heat from escaping.

Moreover, there is also a "vapour barrier," a non-breathable material that prevents the foam from absorbing moisture from condensation. Some people use winter thermal insulation as their living room curtains, as they create an air pocket between the curtains and the window.  It solves the purpose of keeping the room warm rather than letting heat seep out of the window. 

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With the chilly weather settling in, it's time to start thinking about ways to keep your home warm and comfortable. Curtains are a great way to do this, but with so many options on the market, it can take a lot of work to know where to start. No matter which style or brand you opt for, selecting a set of winter curtains for home that make the ambience warm can take time and effort. 

Happy Winters!


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