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Simar Nagi | 26 Apr 2023

10 Main Door Design Ideas for Indian Homes |With Images|

10 Main Door Design Ideas for Indian Homes |With Images|

Table of Content:

  1. Main Door Design For Home #1: Wooden Panelled
  2. Main Door Design For Home #2: Wooden Double
  3. Main Door Design For Home #3: Brass
  4. Main Door Design For Home #4: Glass Panelled
  5. Main Door Design For Home #5: Traditional Rajasthani Inspired
  6. Main Door Design For Home #6: Hand-Carved
  7. Main Door Design For Home #7: Copper
  8. Main Door Design For Home #8: Arched
  9. Main Door Design For Home #9: Lattice Wooden
  10. Main Door Design For Home #10: Colourful

Our very own main door is the focal point of the exterior of our house. It is the first thing our guests see when they arrive and the last thing they think about as they prepare to depart. Everyone, including your neighbours, delivery people, postmen, etc., will first noticethe main door design for home. So, it is essential to make an excellent, long-lasting impression by installing a good main door design for home.

Spectacular Main Door Designs For Home

1. Wooden Panelled  Main Door Design For Home

main door design

If you want a simple house main door design that fits your budget correctly, you can make your entry look more traditional by adding wooden panelling. 

Since your doors will be made of wooden panels, they will assure you of safety and security because of their durability. This type of main door design has a tendency to fit into any home style, be it modern or traditional. Consider hanging an extravagant light fixture over the room to add a little flair.

2. Wooden Double Door Design

indian main door designs

The main door design for home with a double door is perfect for the entrance of a great house or a villa. This type of double door design with wooden grains for the main door aids in producing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

So, if you are looking for something simple, and sophisticated, installing a wooden main door designed in Indian style for your home would be considered the best choice.

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3. Brass Main Door Design For Home

main entrance modern door design

A brass main door design is a good option if you're seeking modern main door design ideas for independent floor or bungalow-style homes. It is completely fireproof and rust-resistant; brass is known to be a good and reliable metal for the main entrance design. You also don't need to spend time on maintenance for the house's main door design.

You can select the perfect brass main door design, the latest one that perfectly complements your interiors and exteriors and distinguishes your home door design from the competition. 

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4. Glass Panelled Main Entrance Door Design

main door design for home

Are you trying to find the latest main door design in the market? Stop your search right away! Use glass in your main door design if you want it to look stylish. You will undoubtedly get compliments on it as it looks sleek and dynamic

Another reason why a glass-panelled Indian main door design is an excellent option is because it lets light from the outside come inside without invading your privacy. If you are sure to select this type of main door design for your home, you should be aware that other options are available, like asymmetrical reed glass, sleek engineered wood with narrow panels, and others.

5. Traditional Rajasthani Inspired Indian Main Door Designs

modern main door design

If you are thinking of going for a traditional main door design for your home, Rajasthani-inspired designs should be taken into account. It's because the wooden main door designs in Indian style are so distinctive and exude an air of old-world elegance.

Even though people nowadays may not use Rajasthani-inspired Indian main door designs for flats, you can still use them for your farmhouse to add an antique touch. 

6. Hand-Carved Main Entrance Modern Door Design

wooden door designs for main door

The attraction of a sturdy main entrance modern door design is unique, and it will look much better with some hand carving. You can utilise brass work on your main door design to make it look like a classic Rajasthani theme. Or you can customise it in the best possible way to match the interior of your home. 

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7. Copper Indian Main Door Design For Home

indian main door designs

The main door design made of copper will say volumes about your taste, luxury, and richness, much like brass elements. The majority of main door designs have hand-embossed stardust patterns. Some people prefer having copper main door designs because they require the least amount of maintenance and do not crack easily.

8. Arched Main Door Design For Home

main door designs for flats

If you want to stand out and make a statement, you should go with the arched main door design. Choosing the main door design that complements your preferences and the inside of your house will lend a certain level of standardisation to it. You can establish that benchmark if you choose a solid-panelled, arched door made of dark solid wood.

9. Lattice Wooden Main Door Design For Home

main door design double door

Anyone who sees a modern door design with an oak foundation lattice arrangement is always stunned. Having a lattice main door design will look phenomenal, especially in apartments. 

This type of main door design for home can easily be customised as per your choice and can be made from a variety of materials like wood or metal. Moreover, these doors allow a good amount of light and airflow into the home while ensuring complete privacy.

10. Colourful Main Door Design for Home

modern main door design

Today, many individuals are focusing on having colourful main door designs rather than ordinary plain ones. If you fall into this category, you can choose a hue of blue for your entrance door. Not just any blue, but various shades, from cobalt to berry blue.

In addition, a lot of people believe that red is a powerful colour choice for the main door design. According to tradition, homes with red main doors are protected from negative energy. Additionally, homes with southern exposure frequently include colourful main entrances.

Compulsory Vastu Tips To Follow for Main Door Design for Home

  • Build your main door design for home in the north direction if you're seeking wealth. 

  • You've probably noticed yellow lights hanging on many Indian main door designs because doing so is thought to be lucky.

  • Never place a trash can near or at your main door.

  • Never put a mirror in front of the main entrance since it can bounce back positive energies.

  • Blue, red, yellow, beige, or other earthy colours like wood can be used in your main entrance designs.

  • It is considered lucky and will bring success to your home if there are an odd number of steps close to your front door design.

  • You can include a wooden nameplate with embossed or etched details on your main door design for home.

Your main door design is the first thing guests notice when they arrive. And, as they say, the first impression is the last impression! You should create a solid front door design that serves both security and aesthetic purposes. And we hope the main door designs that we described above were sufficient for you to choose the ideal one for your home.


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