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Bhawna Kothari | 26 Apr 2023

India's 1st Water Metro In Kochi Set To Be A Game-Changer In Sustainable Transportation

India's 1st Water Metro In Kochi Set To Be A Game-Changer In Sustainable Transportation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the country's first water metro service on April 25, connecting the islands of Kochi to the mainland. The world-class Kochi Water Metro is Kerala's dream project and is expected to employ waterways for a safe and affordable commute by connecting 10 islands in and around the city.

Kochi Water Metro is a pioneering project in the country that aims to promote sustainable and inclusive urban development. The water metro has been hailed as a game-changer for public transportation in the city, which has long suffered from traffic congestion, air pollution, and poor road network.

In addition to providing modern and affordable modes of transit to Kochi, the Water Metro will assist in intermodal connectivity between the bus terminal and the metro. Notably, this project also supports India’s aim to become carbon neutral by 2070.

The first of its kind in India, it will connect Kochi's island communities with the mainland via a fleet of 78 battery-operated electric hybrid boats plying along 38 contemporary ports and 15 routes spanning 76 km. The boats are built by Cochin Shipyard Limited and funded by the Govt. of Kerala and the German business KfW.

Kochi Water Metro Route Map

Today marks the start of commercial operations for the Kochi Water Metro between High Court Water Metro Terminal and the Vypin Water Metro Terminal. As per reports, passengers can reach from High Court Terminal to Vypin Terminal in less than 20 minutes without facing any traffic congestion. 

The waterway Transport is set to give residents of Kochi a quick, economical, and environmentally friendly form of transportation.

Here Are The 6 Key Points of Kochi Water Metro

  • The water metro project in the port city will connect 10 islands with 78 electric boats and 38 terminals at a cost of Rs 1,136.83 crore. The project will have 15 floating terminals, which will be constructed along the waterways at various locations in the city.

  • The integrated ticketing system enables online ticket buying and the usage of the 'Kochi 1' card for Kochi water metro transit. The ticket price will range between ₹20 to ₹40.

  • The eco-friendly water metro can carry 100 people each over the projected 76-kilometer route.

  • The boat-metro is outfitted with the most advanced and secure battery technology, capable of supercharging in 15 to 20 minutes.The vessels also have life-saving equipment such as lifejackets and technology to minimise overcrowding.

  • The panoramic windows of the vessels provide a scenic view of the city's backwaters, in addition to having an automatic boat location tracking system and a night navigation system.

  • The ramps and comfortable access from the road to the station to the inside of the boat make Water Metro accessible to people with disabilities.

Notably, the water metro is not only an efficient and practical form of transit, but it also contributes to the preservation of the city's cultural and ecological legacy. Introducing the Kochi Water Metro is its perfect example and a prototype of a sustainable water transport in the country. Not only this, the ease in Kochi’s public transportation will also serve as a boost in the property investment opportunities in the city.


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