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Janvee | 16 Feb 2023

Jhumar Designs For Home: Chandelier, Ceiling Jhumar Prices

Jhumar Designs For Home: Chandelier, Ceiling Jhumar Prices

Table of Content:

  1. Jhumar design for home #1: Crystal​
  2. Jhumar design for home #2: Waterfall
  3. Jhumar design for home #3: Modern
  4. Jhumar design for home #4: Drum
  5. Jhumar design for home #5: Mini
  6. Jhumar design for home #6: Sputnik Type
  7. Jhumar design for home #7: Hybrid

A jhumar (also known as jhoomer or chandelier) is a light fixture suspended from the ceiling. It has lamps and bulbs in multiple tiers that make it an attractive-looking light fixture. They ensure any place they are placed is brightly lit. It used to symbolize power and health in ancient times. They can be hung in any space and can have multiple designs based on the height of the ceiling of your home. Today when you pick a jhumar design for your home you have a ton of choices. They are available in every style and look aesthetic in every kind of home!

Here is why you can consider trying a few chandelier designs for your room:

  • They are beautiful.

  • They do not take up any floor space and safely hang on your ceilings. 

  • They make the room seem warm and inviting.

  • They come in many shapes, colours, designs, and sizes.

  • They do not damage your walls.

  • They transform the way your space looks. 

  • They make a perfect choice for every room

  • They have a greater coverage 

Decorative Jhumar Designs For Home

Explore different jhumar(jhoomer) designs to understand which one you want to pick for your home.

1. Crystal Jhumar Design

jhumar design for home

Source: Pinterest

These jhumars (or jhumers) are made from glass and have a prism-like effect. The glass of this chandelier has lead oxide gas in it which scatters light around the room. These make great choices for small living room chandeliers as well as modern dining room chandeliers. 

This type of chandelier design also has multiple holders for candles which are sometimes replaced by lights and bulbs. You get to choose any glass or the colour of crystal for your chandelier. The glass is easy to mold and allows you to choose between any shape - Pentagonal, Rosette, Hexagonal prism-shaped, or Spear shaped. The price of crystal jhumar ranges anywhere between INR 10,000 to 1,00,000 depending on your chandelier’s design.

2. Waterfall Jhumar Design

jhoomer designs

Source: Pinterest

This jhumar design for home works well if you have a high ceiling at home. A home with a high ceiling may at times feel empty, so install a waterfall chandelier to utilize the space. This jhumar design (Also called jhoomer design) depicts a ripple-like effect. If you or your family members enjoy seeing waterfalls, you can install this to feel like you are standing under a gushing waterfall. The waterfall effect is created using the hanging glass crystals in the jhumar. 

The glass crystals in this type of chandelier design can be round, square, bubble-shaped, or tier shaped. The bubble glass is normally round in shape and adds the water effect. Go for a Gold or Copper main body for sturdiness. You can use them as jhumar for living room or for your staircase. The price of jhumar lies between INR 20,000 to 3,00,000. 

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3. Modern Jhumar Design

Source: Pinterest

People these days prefer the latest chandelier designs that are also minimalistic. If you are one of those or have chosen minimalistic decor for your home, this type of chandelier design is a good choice. 

You can use it as a modern dining room chandelier which adds an elegant touch to the minimalistic decor of your home. It is available in various shapes and sizes ranging from a cocoon-shaped silhouette to a contemporary trim silhouette. You can experiment with its colour, shape, tier, materials, and bulbs. 

Choose a chandelier depending on the height of your home’s ceiling. It can be a large centerpiece placed in the middle of the room or a small bulb fixture that extends across your ceiling. This jhumar design for home has a clean look and matches any type of low-toned decor. The price of jhumar lies between INR 10,000 to 60,000.

4. Drum Jhumar Design

small living room chandeliers

Source: Pinterest

As the name suggests, the Drum jhumar design has the shape of a drum. The main feature of this chandelier design is you can fix multiple bulbs into this drum and it lightens the room instantly. It is efficient and available in various sizes and can match any sort of decor whether minimalistic, modern, or contemporary. It is available in different metals like copper and brass. 

This type of jhumar design for home allows you to choose the bulb of your choice, whether a modern LED bulb or a crystal glass bulb. You can also pick the outer covering and choose among fabrics, steel nets, and even ropes. This makes a great modern dining room chandelier and even a jhumar for the living room

The price of jhumar ranges between INR 5,000 to 80,000 depending on the intricacy of the outer covering’s design and the type of material you choose. 

5. Mini Jhumar Design

modern dining room chandelier

This modern chandelier design occupies very less space. It is a great choice if you are specifically looking for a modern dining room chandelier. It works for tiny spaces and still makes them look magnificent. They become your room’s focal point even after being smaller in the structure. These jhumars have sparkling glass, and shiny bulbs and can light up any tiny room. Before these jhumars had candle-holding structures but now you can directly add extra bulbs for extra light at your home. 

The price of jhumar ranges between INR 2000 to 50,000 depending on the intricacy.

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6. Sputnik Type Jhumar Design

jhoomer light designs

Source: Pinterest

This modern chandelier design is inspired by the first satellite that orbited around Earth successfully. This pattern has a line of structures having bulbs on the outer end. It works wonderfully if you do not want your chandelier to be your room’s focal point. You can opt for different shapes, bold looks, and even fun shapes too. You can even use LED bulbs to get a sleek-looking design. 

This jhumar design for home works when your home has a low ceiling. This chandelier can be used as a jhumar for living room as well. The price of jhumar ranges between INR 3000 to 80,000. 

7. Hybrid Jhumar Design

chandelier modern design

Source: Wayfair

In case you need something different and unique, you can go for a hybrid jhumar design. It has a mix of various design combinations which creates a unique framework for the chandelier. You can use a brass frame or liner line metal and LED lights. Use funky shades to tone down the flavour of the room. 

This jhumar design for home is great if you are looking for a modern dining room chandelier. The price of jhumar ranges between INR 3000 to 80,000.


Choosing the right jhumar designs for home can open up your space and add an elegant touch to it. We hope this list of the latest chandelier designs helps you pick the one that will make your space more welcoming.  


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