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Gaurav Srivastava | 28 Feb 2023

A Complete Guide to Home Staging

A Complete Guide to Home Staging

Are you looking to sell your house and want to get a large chunk of money for it? If yes, then staging your real estate property can help you do it! Home staging comes with a plethora of benefits and helps potential buyers envision themselves in your home. In other words, home staging makes a real estate property look more "move-in ready", meaning it does not require a lot of repair or work before a new homebuyer could move in.

So, if you are a home seller and want to know everything about home staging, then this article is for you. Here, we have covered everything about home staging and its related aspects like available options, pros, cons, tips and more.

What is Home Staging?

When real estate agents discuss staging your home, they are basically referring to a method of preparing your real estate property for sale on the market. The entire home staging process is designed to showcase the best assets of the home that, in turn, would impress the homebuyers and sell the house quickly for the highest possible price. In simple terms, we can say that home staging refers to the process of preparing your house for sale, so it appeals to potential homebuyers who will pay the maximum possible price.

In relation to the money and amount of time involved, home staging might be one of the most lucrative projects that you as a home seller will ever undertake. When it comes to staging your home for sale, the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other outdoor living spaces are crucial areas to focus on!

Put simply, staging a home means preparing the entire house for a potential homebuyer. The home staging process includes rearranging furniture, redecorating the hall, cleaning and other crucial strategies to present your home in the best possible manner. The main goal of staging a home is to make your house as appealing as possible to the largest pool of homebuyers.

Options available for Home Staging

Are you in search of some options available for home staging? If yes, then this segment of the article has got you covered! You, as a home seller, have a few options when it comes to staging your home. You can either choose to do the whole process yourself, i.e. DIY, or looking to hire a real estate agent for assistance or choose a professional home staging company to do the entire work on your behalf. 

1. Do-it-yourself (DIY)

If you have a creative mind and you are confident enough in your abilities to design and present the real estate property, then you can choose to do the whole home staging process yourself. This will not only allow you to showcase your creativity but will also save some cash. Some vital things that you can consider involve repairing the walls, adding new throw pillows, adding warm and peaceful touches like fresh flowers etc. 

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2. Your real estate agent

Another option available for getting your home staged is your real estate agent. Many real estate agents believe strongly in home staging's ability to improve house sales. As a result, they assist their clients in staging the home before photographing it or listing the property on the market. On the other hand, some real estate agents can only provide recommendations on how home sellers can stage their homes themselves. 

3. Professional Home Stagers

Last but not least, you can consider hiring a professional home stager. This is one of the most hands-off and relaxing ways to stage your home for quick sales. Home staging companies or professional home stagers are experts in this field who often have interior designing and decorating skills. Though these professionals come at a fee, they typically do all the work for you. They will start with evaluating the current condition of your home and do every possible thing to make your home look appealing on the first go. 

You can opt for any of the options stated above as per your requirements and budget. But in some cases, you could also do a combination of these options. 

Pros and Cons of Home Staging

Home staging has multiple advantages as well as disadvantages. So, in order to help you make a better decision, we've included home staging pros and cons below. Have a look!

A. Pros

1. Staged homes can sell faster

Yes, you read that right! Staged homes can sell faster than those that are not staged! As per the study, around 77% of real estate agents believe that staging a home can help you sell real estate property faster. In addition to this, another study revealed that staged homes sell for more money. 

2. Potential homebuyers can imagine living in your house

The purpose of making your home look appealing to potential buyers is very well fulfilled by home staging. The home staging process can help the buyers imagine themselves living in your house. Homebuyers can further imagine where they will place their furniture, how they can utilize the space and much more. In a nutshell, the home staging process offers potential homebuyers an opportunity to imagine living in your house. 

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3. Helps in saving you money in the long run

Listing your real estate property for sale may cost you a bit, but if your property is on the market for a quite long period of time, then it can gradually increase the costs. Although getting a home staged by an agent or staging it yourself costs too but it does not cost you as much as a property sitting on the market and waiting to be sold. In this way, home staging can help you save money in the long run.

4. Offers a great first impression of your house

Another advantage that home staging adds to the list of pros is it provides an excellent first impression of your home to potential buyers. For example, suppose the bedrooms are empty. In that case, potential homebuyers have to imagine how it will look with furniture, which will pose a challenge for buyers who don't have much idea about interior design. Conversely, if the bedrooms are well decorated, potential buyers will be able to see how the space can be maximized, and then they begin to imagine the room with their own furniture and fittings. So, a well-staged home offers a great first impression. 

Now, let's move on to the cons of home staging!

B. Cons

1. Every flaw of your house is on show

As the best features of your house are shown off to potential buyers via home staging, the worst features of the house are shown too. As a home seller, you may try hard to downplay the worst features. Still, even if you take strategic images to involve in your listing, committed homebuyers will surely come to see your house in person. They might even hire a home inspector for inspecting the entire real estate property. 

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2. It can take a bit longer to get on the market

Home staging involves rearranging, redecorating and much more, and these activities take time. In addition, multiple home staging activities like touching up your home to appear better in photos, removing or replacing furniture, and choosing which rooms to show can take up a fair bit of time. All this can lead to higher costs because of the time it might take to get your house listed.

3. Home staging is costly if you hire a professional

Home staging is a completely possible and easy process to do by yourself, but if you don't have enough time, you can go for hiring a professional. Hiring a home staging professional can benefit you in multiple ways, but unfortunately, hiring one can cost you decent money. And the money depends upon how many rooms you are showing, whether you have got to rent furniture, how long your house ends up being on the real estate market and much more. 

7 essential home staging tips for quick sales

Let's have a glance at some of the top home staging tips for quick sales:

1. Declutter all the things that you don't need anymore

2. Make sure to keep your home neat and clean

3. Ensure the existing appliances in your home are spotless

4. Make sure your bathrooms sparkle

5. Focus on freshness like adding fresh flowers, getting rid of odours etc.

6. Make sure each room in your house has a single, defined purpose

7. Don't clutter a room with too much furniture, and make sure the furniture is of the right size for the room

That's all! Staging a home makes it easier to market or sell your home. Moreover, it makes the home look better in listing photos and 360° Virtual Tour that plays a big role in today's home-shopping process. So, without wasting much time, get your home staged by yourself or a professional stager and get ready for a quick sale because we at Clicbrics believe that a well-staged home typically sells faster.  

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