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Alisha | 09 Dec 2022

6 Decor Items Inspired By Your Love For Books

6 Decor Items Inspired By Your Love For Books

There are several ways to express your love for books rather than just reading and storing them. This time, we are going to share ideas on home decor items that would reflect your personality as a book lover. We bet that others will admire your style and take inspiration from some of the ideas, as well.

1. What's in that pillow? Read the quote

Book lovers have an obvious thing for quotes. Ask them, and they will come up with a set of their favourite quotes. The trend of pillows with quotes is quite a huge fashion statement in home decoration these days. You can also opt for customisation if you desire to grace the pillows with your favourite quotes.

2. Express your love for books with a book-shaped vase

Treat it as a pencil holder or a vase. Inspired by the actual cover image of the book 'HOW TO AVOID WORK by William J. Reilly', it is a perfect reminder for bookworms, including you. Keep your stationery items in it. Using it as a flower vase will be equally a good idea as it is a water-tight container.

3. Add the feel of literature with storage boxes that resemble the shape of books

It is easy to guess these items as books at the first sight until you pull the drawers. You can store various household items or personal items such as jewellery in the multi-layered storage box. Try keeping it in the middle of other books, and anyone would easily fall into the trick of believing it is a real book.

4. Book lamps create a beautiful atmosphere

The belief that reading enlightens one's mind has been rightly implemented in the creation of book-shaped LED lamps. Enjoy the warmth of light emitted by these lamps while reading a book or any other work that you love doing.

5. Sip your hot tea or coffee in a mug filled with literary thoughts

You already got a great book, and we have just now suggested a book-shaped lamp. The last thing you need that will enhance your reading session is a literary mug. Make sure the next day you wake up, a literary mug should be accompanying your morning scenes.

6. Nothing can be a more thoughtful decor combo than a book-shaped pot and a plant in it

We bet this pot is going to be the most antique piece in your collection of flower pots. Bring it to your home right away.


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