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28 Mar 2019

Learn How to Make a Stunning Flower Arrangement Like a Pro

Learn How to Make a Stunning Flower Arrangement Like a Pro

Is there anything better than having a beautiful and fresh flower arrangement for your home décor? A bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers can make any space instantly more elegant. But do you know those beautiful professional bouquets you admire at dinner parties are easy to create? Here are the following ways to create a gorgeous looking flower arrangement as good as the pros

Pick Your Flower Arrangement Design

The first step to creating a beautiful flower arrangement is to decide a color scheme. If you want a high-impact floral design, then try complementary colours—it can be striking. If you want to choose Monochromatic schemes then you must show off the variety of different hues of the same color. Image Source- realsimple.com

Cut Flower Stems And Prep

After purchasing flowers, there are some important steps need to follow to make them last longer. First, you have to remove extra leaves and damaged petals from stems. Once the stems are cleaned up completely, then diagonally trimmed the bottom of stems using garden shears. Put these trimmed stems into the water with cut flower food.Image Source - westchesterflowershop.com

Prepare Your Flower Vase

The most important thing to focus on flower arrangement is the vessel. Choose your vase as per the style of arrangement. If your flowers don't have a strong foundation, then it won't stay in place and it can go waste. To make sure flowers stay in place, use floral tape to create a grid over the mouth of the vase. You can also buy a floral frog, which is a vessel insert with pins.

Add Focal Flowers

Focal flowers are usually the largest flowers and have an unusual colour or different texture. Add them in odd numbers to give it a more natural look. Placing the flower vase on a lazy Susan can help you to see all sides without moving the vase.

Add Filler Flowers

Add smaller flowers in the arrangement and fill around the focal flowers to look complete. You can combine all smaller flowers together in groups of three or four to create clustering.Image Source -  Fiftyflowers.com

Finish The Arrangement

Finish the arrangement with floaters or delicate blooms like sedum or baby's breath or yarrow. Put these blooms in the end so they don’t get squished by heavier blooms. Your perfect centerpiece is ready now.Image Source - mybluprint.com



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