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Janvee | 27 Jan 2023

Which Wardrobe Direction Is Best As Per Vastu?

Which Wardrobe Direction Is Best As Per Vastu?

Table of Content:

  1. Wardrobe Direction As Per Vastu Tip#1: Keep Your Wardrobe Clutter-Free
  2. Wardrobe Direction As Per Vastu Tip#2: Choose The Right Material For Your Wardrobe
  3. Wardrobe Direction As Per Vastu Tip#3: Pick A Light Coloured Wardrobe For Your Room
  4. Wardrobe Direction As Per Vastu Tip#4: Avoid Wardrobes With Mirrors
  5. Wardrobe Direction As Per Vastu Tip#5: Place The Locker On A Levelled Floor

Have you ever moved into a new house or redecorated it and told yourself, “Where should I place my wardrobe?” If you relate to this situation, there is an answer to it! One of the ways to find a wardrobe direction as per vastu shastra. 

Why? Well, because It is said that vastu shastra has a lot of benefits:

  • It defines and talks about the natural way of life

  • Its knowledge helps people find the right way of staying positive, peaceful, and successful

  • It is said once anyone follows the rules of Vastu Shastra, they have a positive experience

For example, your master bedroom is one of the most crucial rooms in your house. You spend a lot of time there. There are times when placing your wardrobe in the wrong direction in the master bedroom can have a tremendous impact on your life. Choosing the right wardrobe direction as per Vastu can be a quick fix for something like this. 

Try out a wardrobe position as per Vastu, and it will be worth it. Scroll to find in which direction a wardrobe should be placed and act accordingly!

Good Vastu Tips For Wardrobe In Master Bedroom

Before reading about the favourable wardrobe direction as per Vastu, let us first find out about Vastu for wardrobe

Do remember these cupboard directions as per vastu so that it brings you prosperity and joy. 

1. Keep Your Wardrobe Clutter-Free

wardrobe direction as per vastu

A clean and well-maintained wardrobe is crucial to sustaining positive energies in the bedroom. It is not just about finding the right direction for your wardrobe but also about keeping it clutter-free. It also ensures a positive environment in your room. Clutter in the almirah also affects the cupboard direction Vastu shastra and can have a negative impact.  

If a part of your wardrobe has squeaky hinges or scratches, it is better to maintain them. All of these are considered inauspicious as per Vastu.   

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2 Choose The Right Material For Your Wardrobe

wardrobe vastu for almirah position in bedroom

It is preferable to build a wardrobe of wood or iron and not from marble or granite. It is said that the natural materials used in the almirah grounds the room and connect it to the natural elements. It brings the outdoors inside and is a go-to recommendation for good wardrobe Vastu.

Wooden wardrobes are light and easy on the eyes. It helps in creating visual harmony too. It is best to avoid using materials like marble and granite for your wardrobe as they can be bulky.

3. Pick A Light Coloured Wardrobe For Your Room

vastu for wardrobe

Did you know the colours of the almirah also impact the Vastu? Yes, something as small as the colour of your wardrobe can affect the Vastu. 

Choosing light colours for wardrobes not only elevates the look of the space but is also good for Vastu. Light colours are soothing and do not distract. That is exactly the kind of colour your wardrobe needs to have. It is recommended to have a light colour on the walls. Light colours attract positivity, good energy, and are eye pleasing. Dark colours or hues tend to absorb a lot of negativity and create disharmony inside your home. 

If you have taken a wooden almirah, retaining its original colour works fine too. While shades of white, grey, and beige attract positivity, here are the colours of wardrobe you can use to improve the wardrobe Vastu of your home:

  • Pastel shades of pink 

  • Shades of yellow

  • Shades of cream

These colours open the space for positive energies to flow in your room.

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4.  Avoid Wardrobes With Mirrors

wardrobe position as per vastu

What does wardrobe mirror vastu say?

Well it says to ensure that your wardrobe does not have mirrors. It is said that mirrors should not be there in a bedroom as per Vastu. It is said wardrobes with mirrors tend to reflect negative energy and can cause arguments within the family. Not only this, but you need to ensure that the mirror on the wardrobe does not face the bed. It is said that this can lead to health problems or chronic illness as per Vastu. 

Place the wardrobe in such a way that you should never be able to see your own reflection while you are asleep. The crucial reason behind this is that mirrors are said to be gateways that connect our desires and aspirations of humans. You can also choose wardrobes with hidden mirrors or hide the mirrors with a curtain.

5. Place The Locker On A Levelled Floor

vastu for wardrobe in master bedroom

The cash and other valuables in your safe or locker in your wardrobe should not be on a shaky platform. It is said a levelled floor helps maintain balance. You can also keep your safe at the topmost part of your shelf.

Apart from these five tips, here are a few more things that can be good for Vastu for wardrobe:

  • Prefer a wardrobe with a single door

  • Pick an almirah with a regular shape 

  • Avoid stuffing your wardrobe with unnecessary items

  • Organise wardrobe from time to time

Which Is The Best Wardrobe Direction As Per Vastu?

vastu for almirah position in bedroom

The bedroom is a private space for everyone, and keeping a wardrobe in the wrong place can impact your relationships, growth, career, and wealth. 

  • The Vastu for almirah position in bedroom can easily get jeopardised. The Northwest or Southwest direction in the room is considered the best wardrobe direction as per Vastu to place your wardrobe. The Southwest direction is also known as the Earth corner. It helps in the multiplication of money. 

  • Place your wardrobe in any other direction can impact the flow of wealth as per Vastu Shastra. It is to remember that wardrobe position as per Vastu has a great impact. 

  • One of the lesser-known facts when it comes to a Vastu for wardrobe in master bedroom is also the direction in which you should keep your jewellery and cash. Keep your cash and jewellery in the North direction as it is owned by the Lord of Money, Lord Kuber. 

  • Keep a gap of at least three inches between the wardrobe and the wall of your room. The aim behind it is to ensure that positive energies flow without any obstruction in the room. The direction in which the door of the cupboard opens matters. 

  • Vastu for wardrobe direction recommends a wardrobe whose doors open in the East direction. In case the wardrobe doors open in the South direction, it can cause disruptions and feuds within the family. 

  • Be wary about one more thing while placing your wardrobe. It is said that the doors of the wardrobe should not face the washroom in your master bedroom. It can lead to an outflow of money and wealth. 


Wardrobes tend to take up a lot of space in your bedroom. There is a possibility that their wrong placement can obstruct the flow of energy and harmony in your room. We hope these tips will help you find the best wardrobe position as per Vastu in your room.

Have a great time decorating your space with the right wardrobe direction as per Vastu

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