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10 Sep 2019

Follow Vastu Shastra Tips To Set Up Your Wardrobe For Maximum Benefits

Follow Vastu Shastra Tips To Set Up Your Wardrobe For Maximum Benefits

Once you start living Vastu Shastra way of life, you will experience the difference and feel the positivity around you. The wardrobe is one space at your home where you keep your personal belongings. Hence, to fit in all your clothes, shoes, and accessories, you go through a lot of brainstorming. Consider the Vastu Shastra tips to set up the wardrobe and get ready to receive the benefits.

1. The placement and facing of a wardrobe

While installing a wardrobe in your bedroom or anywhere, consider the most favourable direction as the south-west direction. Leave a few inches of gap between the wall and wardrobe as the gap is believed to regulate the flow of positive energies. Also, choose east or south direction as an ideal direction in which the wardrobe doors should open.

2. The impact of installing mirror on your wardrobe

Choose colours that are light for your wardrobe as well as the walls of the bedroom where you plan to place the wardrobe. Mirrors are supposedly used in home decor to add luxury and style. If you wish to add mirrors in the wardrobe, place the wardrobe in such a way that the bed is not reflected. As a belief, mirrors are the cause of quarrels at home. Opt for wardrobes made with wood or iron.

3. How to handle wardrobes with space for valuables?

Are you keeping valuables such as cash and jewellery in your wardrobe? Go with the west or south direction of the wardrobe where a drawer is built only for the valuables. Doors attached will ensure maximum safety. A wardrobe with cash is strictly advised not to be kept on a shaky platform. It should stand on a levelled floor.

4. Frequent shopping will lead to unpleasant wardrobe

Most of you enjoy buying new clothes, and you may be doing it frequently. Visiting a shopping mall, and coming across something beautiful may immediately give you an urge to buy it. With such impulse purchasing habits, you will end up spending too much as well as stuff the wardrobe more than its capacity. You will eventually create a chaos in and around your wardrobe.

5. Benefits of a well-maintained wardrobe

With too many clothes bought, you will realise that you may not be wearing them all. The shopping has gone waste, and you have unnecessarily burdened your wardrobe along with items scattered in your room. Such untidy visuals and habits will attract negative energies. Hence, shopping items that are practical will keep your wardrobe well-maintained and benefit you with positive energies.



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