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Gaurav Srivastava | 10 Mar 2023

8 Best Plants for Home As Per Vastu Shastra

8 Best Plants for Home As Per Vastu Shastra

Green plants and trees at home are always loved! They not only add beauty to your surroundings but also add peace and positivity. Each plant that you place in your house is supposed to bring positive vibes along with good fortune, health and wealth. According to Vastu Shastra, plants and trees play a crucial role in sucking away negativity and energizing the surroundings. However, there are plenty of plants for home as per Vastu Shastra that not only clean the air but also offer amazing benefits.

So, in order to ensure that plants offer positivity and wellbeing to the residents planting them, consider adding plants and trees stated below that are believed to be beneficial for home as per Vastu Shastra. 

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1. Money plant

If you are willing to bring fortune to your house, the Money plant is a perfect pick. Many Vastu experts believe that the Money plant is the best fortune bringing plants to be planted or placed at home. This plant showers the owner with prosperity and money, especially when kept in the right direction. As per Vastu, placing the Money plant in the southeast direction of the hall or living room is highly recommended. 

Money plants also act as natural air purifiers as they filter the harmful toxins out of the air. It is also said that keeping a Money plant at home can help you achieve success in both professional as well as personal life. Moreover, as the name suggests, it helps overcome financial obstacles. 

2. Citrus plant

Citrus plant is more commonly known as Budhha’s hand. This amazing plant is well known to bring happiness and good luck to the house. Buddha, in itself, promotes joy and happiness, and this Citrus plant is known to be the Buddha’s hand that is considered lucky to be kept at home. 

According to Vastu experts, having a Citrus plant at your home not only adds a good aroma to the surroundings when it starts blooming with flowers and fruits but also helps in bringing a happy and good atmosphere. 

3. Tulsi

Considered the “Queen of Herbs'', Tulsi plant is believed to be a goddess itself. Therefore, having the Tulsi plant planted at home is like having a goddess residing in your house. Most homeowners usually prefer keeping the Tulsi plant in open halls or between the verandahs, and some love to keep it indoors. But as per Vastu Shastra, the auspicious and sacred Tulsi plant must be placed in the East, North or North-East direction. 

As Tulsi is known as Holy Basil, it helps in the detoxification of our body and contributes in removing the toxins from your blood. So, keeping a Tulsi plant at home can prove beneficial as the leaves radiate a massive amount of oxygen as well. 

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4. Neem tree

Another tree in the list that is believed to be best as per Vastu Shastra is the Neem tree. The existence of a Neem tree in the house promotes positive energy, and the tree is pretty famous owing to its health curing properties. Known as the best healers, Neem tree leaves are used in healing multiple issues like cuts, bruises, burns etc. 

In order to get maximum benefits of having a Neem tree at home, consider planting it in the northwest corner of your house. Many Vastu experts say that if the air flowing through the leaves of the Neem tree enters into the master bedroom, it will definitely bring good health to the residents. So, it is better to place or plant it near an open window. 

5. Peace Lily plant

Peace Lilies are a great addition to any living room in order to evoke a sense of harmony. Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui say that nurturing peace lilies helps to bring about affluence and good luck as it wards off the negativity. Since the Lily plant attracts positive and good vibes, it is also perfect for emotional wellbeing. Moreover, the Lily plant improves the flow of energy within the house by cleansing and purifying the air. 

Placing Peace Lily plants in the bedroom can help you improve your sleeping pattern and keep bad dreams at bay. If you are experiencing insomnia, placing Peace Lilies in your bedroom can prove to be useful. 

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6. Snake plant

Snake plant is a beautiful outdoor and indoor Vastu plant that is considered a great source of positive energy. When placed near the window, the Snake plant advances the oxygen stream and creates a peaceful and calm environment inside the room. In addition, many Vastu Shastra experts believe that the Snake plant can get rid of harmful toxins from inside the room, thus offering the residents a clean, fresh, purified and breathable environment to live in. 

In other words, we can say that the Snake plant is a beacon of positive vibes and good health. This plant can remove the major toxins that are highly responsible for sick building syndrome, and the anti-radiation properties of the Snake plant can surely give you the blessing of a healthy life. It is always suggested to place the Snake plant on a computer table to reap its best benefits. 

7. Lavender

Are you waiting for a Vastu plant to come up on the list that can help you improve your sleeping patterns? If yes, then Lavender is for you! Lavender is a popular Vastu plant well known for its fragrance and relaxing aura. The fragrance of this plant helps in inducing sleep patterns, giving you a stress-free and blissful house to live in. The Lavender plant is known to promote inner peace and helps in killing your inner demons. Besides this, it adds harmony to love and romance. 

Lavenders are always a good option for couples to keep in their bedroom as their heavenly fragrance is sure to bloom the chemistry between every couple. In addition to this, as per Vastu Shastra, Lavender attracts positive energy and is believed to uplift your mood after you return home from the office. 

8. Bamboo plant

Also known as the Lucky Bamboo plant, the Bamboo plant is from southeast Asia and is considered a good fit in your home. Both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra associate Bamboo plants with health and good fortune. You will be surprised to know that the number of stalks in the bamboo plant plays a significant role in its meaning. For instance, for good luck, it should have 6 stalks, for wealth, it should have 5 stalks, and for health, a Bamboo plant must have 21 stalks. 

The Bamboo plant can act as a perfect addition to your office or home desk and is also considered an auspicious plant for gifting purposes. Talking about the right direction of placing the Bamboo plant, it is always advisable to plant it in the east corner. 

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To conclude, planting these plants in a specific location will surely bring prosperity, good luck and positive energy to your home. In addition to this, they also hold the ability to improve relationships and attract abundance in someone’s life. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best plants and trees for your home as per Vastu Shastra from the list above and get ready to attract positivity along with inhaling purified air. Happy planting!


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