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Gaurav Srivastava | 09 Dec 2022

6 Vastu Tips that will Ensure Prosperity at Home

6 Vastu Tips that will Ensure Prosperity at Home

Table of Contents

  1. Vastu Tips #1: Aquarium
  2. Vastu Tips #2: Stone Pyramids 
  3. Vastu Tips #3: Furniture
  4. Vastu Tips #4: Wall clocks
  5. Vastu Tips #5: Attractive Entrance and Nameplate
  6. Vastu Tips 6: Wind Chimes

While we never miss out on any chance to design and beautify our homes, most of us are now slowly moving towards Vastu-friendly houses. Now that everyone is slowly getting used to this concept, it becomes even more essential for us to fully understand the history, importance, and how we can promote Vastu Shastra in our houses. 

Did you know that the origin of Vastu Shastra, originally known as the Indian Science of Architecture - is about 5000 years old?

According to Hindu beliefs, the universe is made up of both positive and negative energy.  The Hindus believe that God resides in every part of our home, and these gods do not just have a role in governing but also in creating the right atmosphere for us to live in. The sole aim of Vastu is to work towards eliminating any negative energy around us and instill a positive vibe.

The universe is made up of a total of 5 elements, and achieving the right Vastu is only possible with the right position and right proposition of all these elements. These elements include Earth, Air, Space, Fire, and Water. To promote Vastu Shastra at your home, all you need to do is understand the direction in which every element is focused upon. Any Vastu tips will only be useful when you are fully acquainted with the importance and use of each element. 

  • Earth or Prithvi: It is responsible for the central and the diagonal directions, and is known to provide stability and patience. 

  • Air or Vayu: This element dominates the East, and is known for providing an element of fun, excitement, and happiness.

  • Space or Akasha: This element dominates the West, and is responsible for all social energies as well as mental peace.

  • Fire or Agni: It dominates the South, and is known to bring about confidence and money. 

  • Water or Jal: Water dominates the North. Since this element supports life, it is known to bring about ample immunity and good health. 

It is a common misconception that all home Vastu tips are complicated, time-taking, and tedious. To make the process easier, we have come up with the top 6 Vastu tips that are not only extremely easy to implement but will also ensure prosperity at home. They not only bring about growth and healthy relationships, but they also have the power to change your fortune! 

1. Aquarium 

According to Vastu experts, it is a good idea to install an aquarium in our living rooms. Life is not stopping for anyone, and stress is a part of all our lives. Whether personal or professional, there are times when we are under pressure and do not know how to feel better. The solution to this is to buy an aquarium and observe both the water and the fish for a certain amount of time. As per studies, this practice has a calming effect on all our senses and instantly makes us feel at ease. Moreover, fishes with color bring about positivity and are a sign of welcoming wealth. It should be faced in either the North East or the southeast direction of the room. 

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2. Stone Pyramids 

Are there days when you randomly feel a type of negative energy going around in your house? How about days where you feel nothing is right, but cannot quite figure out a cause? This is where the stone pyramids come in handy. All you have to do is buy some stones and make a pyramid out of them. Leave them in the middle of the room or a pooja room, if you have any. These stone pyramids perform the function of eliminating any negative energy from your house.

3. Furniture 

Furniture made of plastic emits harmful gases and is not considered right in terms of the Vastu Shastra. Try to increase the installation of wooden furniture at home. Metal furniture should also be consciously avoided since it creates a kind of electromagnetic field around us and emits negative energies. In terms of placement, light furniture should be adjacent to the North and East walls and heavy furniture should be placed close to the South and West walls. 

4. Wall clocks 

Firstly, make sure all clocks in your house are in proper working condition. Wall clocks symbolize the importance of time and the non-working ones are known to waste time and reduce productivity. Installing clocks in the East, North, and West walls of the house brings about new opportunities in both your professional and personal life.

Did you know that installing green-colored wall clocks can ruin the chances of good opportunities coming your way? 

5. Attractive Entrance and Nameplate 

A colorful, well-lit, and clean entrance is a magnet for positive vibes.  As a symbol of making sure your path is clear, avoid keeping shoes in the way. The entrance door allows the entry of good energy and positive vibes. Hence, it should be bigger and more prominent than all the other doors of your house. Try and place your entrance door in the North or East direction. The nameplate creates the first impression of the homeowners and should be designed in a way that is simple and subtle. A wooden nameplate is preferred. 

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6. Wind Chimes

The melodious sound of the wind chimes improves the overall well-being of the home and the people living in it. If you purchase metal wind chimes, place them in the North or West direction. The sound acts as a cure to remove any blockages and paves the way for ample flow of energy. Wind chimes with 5 rods indicate the eradication of quarrels, and 6 indicate the need for luck enhancement. If you purchase wooden wind chimes, place them in a way that they are facing towards East or South. 

Remember that Vastu Shastra is not a task that needs to be completed as soon as possible. Make this a habit and do it with a clear mind. Your thoughts and intentions behind performing all these activities also play a major role in its success.  

Did you know that there is also a small trick that helps you analyze your home and figure out the parts that need more Vastu grooming than others? Use the 4 step Maha Vastu method to know which areas of the house are imbalanced. There is nothing to worry about since these too can easily be treated with various Vastu cures related to colors, symbols, plants, and lights. 

After all, what more inspiration do you need than the ultimate goal of achieving prosperity and a lifetime of happiness!


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