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Simar Nagi | 05 Dec 2022

Laughing Buddha Statue for home: Learn its Types, Importance and Right Placement!

Laughing Buddha Statue for home: Learn its Types, Importance and Right Placement!

Table Of Content:

  1. Laughing Buddha
  2. Laughing Buddha for Home
  3. Laughing Buddha: Types and Their Importance
  4. Laughing Buddha with a Sack or Bag
  5. Laughing Buddha Statue with a Money Frog
  6. Standing Laughing Buddha
  7. Statue of Laughing Buddha with Beads
  8. Statue of Laughing Buddha with Children
  9. A Laughing Buddha Statue with a Fan
  10. Placement of Laughing Buddha
  11. Considerations While Bringing Laughing Buddha For Home

At some point in our lives, we must have come across a pot-bellied person, laughing like a child showpiece. This most popular showpiece is addressed as a Laughing Buddha. Based on Chinese tradition, the Laughing Buddha was a Chinese monk whose original name was Hotei or Pu-Tai. He was a faithful follower of Buddhism, and his followers used to believe that he was an incarnation of Bodhisattva Maitreya, the future Buddha.

Laughing Buddha

According to ancient texts, the Laughing Buddha was born to alleviate the world's sorrows and sufferings. Maybe that's why the Laughing Buddha statue goes from Japan to Korea, India, and other countries as a go-to showpiece for home decor. Occasionally, we tend to exchange gifts and the Laughing Buddha is the most exchanged gift. The Laughing Buddha Statue attracts wealth, luck, and prosperity. There are plenty of Laughing Buddha statues available, but the question that arises is which Laughing Buddha is good for the home? To find out more, dive into the blog and discover for yourself.

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laughing buddha statue

Laughing Buddha for Home

According to the Feng Shui tradition, the placement of the Laughing Buddha statue should be correct at home. It is because having a Laughing Buddha at home corrects specific imbalances in one's life. No doubt the symbol is from Feng Shui, but the practitioners of Vastu Shastra strongly encourage the placement of a Laughing Buddha at home.

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laughing buddha for home

Laughing Buddha: Types and Their Importance

There are different kinds of statues available for Laughing Buddha. But each type has its own meaning and importance. Based on your demands, choose the right Laughing Buddha for your home!

1. Laughing Buddha with a Sack or Bag

The Laughing Buddha carrying a bag signifies that the bag will gather and store your life’s difficulties. And, in return, it will provide you with abundance and positivity. It would be best if you place this statue in the family room or the living room of your house.

laughing buddha statue for home

2. Laughing Buddha Statue with a Money Frog

It is a symbol of money. As you can see in the Laughing Buddha picture mentioned above, a Laughing Buddha is riding the money frog and is on his way to peace and happiness. If you welcome this kind of statue and place it right, you can attract wealth, luck, peace, and blessings in your career.

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laughing buddha gift

3. Standing Laughing Buddha

In the above attached Laughing Buddha image, the Buddha stands straight with his hands as if he is happily celebrating something. Place this statue in your study or office to boost your income.

money laughing buddha

4. Statue of Laughing Buddha with Beads

It symbolises calm and the beads, on the other hand, represents tranquillity. In the Laughing Buddha image above, you can see him carrying beads in one hand. These beads are known to be meditation beads that attract prosperity. You should place this statue at home in the east or southeast part of your home if you wish to welcome positive and peaceful vibes at home.

laughing buddha statue

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5. Statue of Laughing Buddha with Children

Couples about to start a new family should focus mainly on buying this statue of Laughing Buddha with children for their home. As for the Laughing Buddha image mentioned above, you should place this on the west side of your bedroom.

laughing buddha for home

6. A Laughing Buddha Statue with a Fan

It is considered the most powerful Laughing Buddha statue for homes. Most Laughing Buddha with a fan are gifted at the time of gifting because they are known to be wish-granting pieces of home decor. If you wish to boost the wealth part or relationships among the family, place this statue in your home's living room.

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laughing buddha gift

Placement and Direction: What direction should a laughing Buddha face in a home?

If you are thinking of welcoming a Laughing Buddha statue at home, then you should know which is the right direction to place it in order to invite good luck and wealth. According to Vastu, when placing a Laughing Buddha at home, one must ensure that the area is clean and clutter-free.

According to Feng Shui, placing the laughing Buddha statue at home helps overcome imbalances in one's life. Below you will find the correct placement of the laughing Buddha at home.

  • The direction of the rising sun is the direction where you should place the Laughing Buddha statue at home. It is because that spot is considered to bring good fortune. So, if you wish for harmony and happiness in your home, then placing the Laughing Buddha in the east direction will be said to be an ideal direction.

  • If you want to boost the family's wealth, place the Laughing Buddha statue in the southeast.

  • If you want to energise every corner of your home to gain wisdom, place the laughing Buddha in the northeast.

  • If you recently felt that you encountered negative energy or you wish to keep negative energy far away from your life, then place the laughing Buddha statue on a corner table, diagonally facing the main door. But while placing the statue of the Laughing Buddha, make sure that it is facing the inside of the room and not outside.

  • If you notice that your kids require a boost in the educational part, place the Laughing Buddha statue at the study table for children. It will ensure that they are focused when studying.

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5 Significant Considerations when Bringing the Laughing Buddha into your Home

The power of the Laughing Buddha should not be underestimated, as the statue is regarded as a powerful source of welcoming health, peace, and wealth at home and in the workplace. If you recently bought a laughing Buddha statue, you must treat it respectfully and pay extra attention before bringing it home.

  1. You can't place the statue of Laughing Buddha in a bathroom, kitchen, or toilet. If you do so, the Laughing Buddha energy will bring terrible luck and poor health into the lives of those staying in that house.

  2. You are not allowed to place the statue on the floor. Instead, it should be placed where anyone with an average eye level can see it.

  3. The purpose of the Laughing Buddha is to bring positive vibes, peace, and wealth, and it is not used for worship. So, don't place it in your pooja room.

  4. Never place the Laughing Buddha above or near the shoe rack.

  5. Avoid keeping the statue of Laughing Buddha near electrical outlets and applicants as it can influence or block the aura of good energy.


In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that all statues of the Laughing Buddha are seen as being symbols of joy, abundance, and wellbeing. You must absolutely include the Laughing Buddha idol that you feel will benefit you and your family the most. By doing this, you'll attract luck and pleasant vibes into your environment.

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