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Simar Nagi | 29 Dec 2022

5 Pro Vastu Tips for East Facing House

5 Pro Vastu Tips for East Facing House

People have a misconception about Vastu Shastra and its significance in building a home. But in reality, Vastu is the science developed centuries ago for designing workplaces and homes. The literal meaning of Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture that describes design, layout, measurements, and directions. According to Vastu Shastra, each place in a house possesses certain energies that enhance the positive vibrations and remove negative energies from the house. 

For centuries it has been believed that an east facing house symbolizes the richness of love, wealth, and happiness. It is because the sun rises from this direction, making it more peaceful than any other direction. Nevertheless, possessing an east-facing house does not guarantee that you will receive all the fortune and luck in full force. But it has been proven helpful that using Vastu for east-facing houses results in good health, wealth, and success. If you are one of those people seeking good luck and wealth, then an east-facing home is the best investment you can make. 

How do you know it’s an East Facing House?

While standing in front of your main gate, the direction you are facing is said to be the direction of your house. To figure out if you have an east-facing house, you will have to exit the house. While exiting, if you are facing east, then you possess an east-facing house. 

East facing house: Good or Bad?

Indians tend to abide by Vastu principles while purchasing a house. The east direction is the only direction where Vastu and science have mutual feelings. As the sunrise rises from the east, the morning light tends to fill your house with positive energy. The light also fills your home’s interior with fresh air and positivity. The combination of good vibes and positive surroundings contributes to success in life. 

As per Vastu, an east facing home brings more wealth and prosperity. The home constantly receives positive energy as a backup provided by the natural light. 

clictip It is good to have open spaces outside an east-facing housing as it assures progress in life.

5 Pro Vastu Tips for East facing house

1. Living room for east facing home 

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The living room is the area where you and your family spend time together or with guests. So the decor responsibilities lie upon you to design and decorate it in the northeast corner of your house. By doing so, you invite positive energy into your home. While aligning the different areas in an east-facing home, ensure that you are not crossing your bedroom or kitchen while entering your living room. While checking up on common seating arrangements, make sure the owner is sitting with his face towards the north or east zone as it brings fortunes. 

2. Vastu for Kitchen 

According to Vastu, the kitchen of the east-facing home should be placed in the southeast direction. Alternatively, if you cannot do so, you can have the kitchen in the northwest direction. But the kitchen should be avoided in the north, west, and northeast directions. Even the utensils and cooking appliances like an oven and a stove should face the southeast direction. 

 clictipTo balance fire and water, avoid placing the washbasin on the parallel or same platform of the kitchen. 

3. Vastu for the dining hall

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East-facing property’s dining room should continually follow the kitchen on the east, west, or south. Any other direction can lead to ill health and stomach disorder, and bring financial problems to the owner. A dining room should not face the entrance door either. 

To invite vibrancy and peace in your life put pictures of nature in the dining room. 

 4. Decorate the pooja room of your east-facing home 

vastu tips for east facing house

A separate room is best, but if it is not possible because of space constraints, then prepare a temple in a corner. According to Vastu Shastra, the pooja room should be in the northeast direction. The ceiling should be a bit lower than the other rooms. Bathrooms should not be along with the pooja room walls as it will bring misfortune. 

5. Bedroom for east facing house 

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The bed placed in the master bedroom should face the west or south wall. It would be considered best that your head lies in the west or south direction, whereas your legs must be in the east or north side. The bathroom door should not be near your bed and should always be kept closed. It is advisable not to keep plants or television near your bed in an east-facing apartment. Neither should a mirror be placed in front of the bed as a mirror reflecting anyone sleeping is considered unlucky. If you are facing trouble sleeping, change your head’s position towards the south. 

Do’s and Don’t for East Facing House Vastu Plan

  • Never plant trees in the east of your property as it will block the positive rays of the sunlight. 

  • Avoid placing toilets and septic tanks in the northeast direction. 

  • Leave space in your home’s south and west directions to welcome peace and wealth. 

  • Prepare a wooden nameplate to welcome extra fortune.

  • Avoid placing a fountain as a decorative item in an east-facing home

  • Positive vibes will purify your property if you use mountain salt twice a week to boost your energy. 

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