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Aarushi | 06 Feb 2023

Home Office Feng Shui: Working With The Right Energy

Home Office Feng Shui: Working With The Right Energy

Nowadays, the internet gives many people the opportunity to work from home. In order to be efficient and not get distracted, feng shui guides us on the right energetic path.

The first and most important rule is to listen to yourself. Our feelings are the best advisor because we must create a home office where we feel comfortable yet productive. According to Feng Shui, there are some simple rules to observe, as listed below.

Create a Home Office to Blossom While Working from Home

First of all, we must get rid of any object that arouses unpleasant emotions or memories. This is why we should not decorate the walls of our home office with pictures & posters with negative images: unrestrained nature, dead animals, angry people, etc.

The desk and the chair should be placed facing the window, with the back to the wall and not to the door. Besides, the door is considered the source of energy and should be left open most of the time - ready to welcome success.

Since the home office is your workplace, it is important to ensure that there is a slight predominance of Yang energy without neglecting Yin.

The interior of the home office should stimulate your energy so there is a preference for Yang energy which can be reflected by using wood home office furnishing.

For the decoration, it is important that the colours we choose are right: 

Red narrows down the space, while the accessories in red appear larger. Red is perfect to bring some touches to the general decor. Moreover, according to Feng Shui, it is linked to prosperity, intelligence, optimism and reason.

Green reminds us of fertility and harmony. This colour allows the eyes and mind to rest.

Blue is associated with peace, spirituality, mysteries and patience.

Pink is associated with happiness, romanticism and idealism.

Brown brings balance and stability.

White symbolises a new beginning, purity and innocence. It is to be used in moderation, however, because too much white can create a "septic" and cold atmosphere. 

For artistic freelance work, a more serene atmosphere will be appropriate.

A basic of feng shui home office design is to have a tidy and clean home office that will facilitate the passage of energy.

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Layout Feng Shui Tips

  • Arrange the desk and chair so that your back is never to the window.

  • Opt for minimalism by clearing all objects that carry bad memories.

  • The home office door represents the source or "mouth" of energy and thus should remain open.

  • The home office wall decoration must favour posters & paintings with positive images.

  • Choose the predominant colours according to your feelings.

  • Soft and serene atmosphere, nothing better than creative work in your home office.

Making sure that a place, in which you spend a significant amount of time, exudes the right energy is important. Since you’re already setting up a home office, do it right by following these Feng Shui tips to get the good vibes flowing.

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