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Ipsa Rai | 19 Dec 2022

Top 3 Kitchen Vastu Tips You Must Know To Infuse Positivity

Top 3 Kitchen Vastu Tips You Must Know To Infuse Positivity

Table of Contents

  1. Kitchen Vastu #1: How to Maximise Your Kitchen's Energy Using Vastu Principles?
  2. Kitchen Vastu #2: Kitchen Direction As Per Vastu in the House
  3. Kitchen Vastu #3: Placement of Fire and Water Elements
  4. Kitchen Vastu #4: Placement of Windows and Appliances
  5. Kitchen Vastu #5: Vast Kitchen Colour Schemes

How to Maximise Your Kitchen's Energy Using Vastu Principles?

The kitchen is the heart of every Indian home and the primary generator of the family's daily vitality. It is important to place each element of your kitchen with care, as doing so in accordance with kitchen vastu principles can bring about a more harmonious environment. Boosting your health and your motivation levels can be done best by correctly implementing vastu tips for the kitchen

Kitchen Direction As Per Vastu in the House

According to Vastu Shastra, earth, sky, air, fire, and water must be balanced in your kitchen to promote positivity. By altering or modifying kitchen direction as per vastu you can enhance the positive energy of your home. According to vastu shastra for kitchen, the location of kitchen should be in the southeast part of the house, as this is where Agni, the Lord of Fire, is most prominent. If that doesn't work, you might want to try the north-west direction. The kitchen should never be built facing north, east, or south-west, as doing so can have devastating effects on family relationships.

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1. Placement of Fire and Water Elements

kitchen vastu

According to kitchen vastu, an ancient Indian architectural and design system, fire and water are two opposing elements that can have a negative impact on a person's behaviour if placed in such a way that the two are on the same platform or parallel to one another in the kitchen. It has the potential to provoke unintended conflict in families and romantic partnerships.

The north or northeast corner of the kitchen is the optimal location for water fixtures like sinks, dishwashers, water heaters, and the sink drain. On the other hand, an overhead tanker in the kitchen should never be oriented toward the north or the north-east. 

It is recommended that the water tanker be positioned in the western part of the home, directly outside the kitchen. It is essential to maintain a healthy equilibrium between the elements of fire and water. You will enjoy financial success and good health if you are able to balance water in the right proportions in your kitchen environment.

Considering that fire is represented by everything in the kitchen, the southeast corner is the best spot for stoves, cylinders, microwaves, and toasters. In addition, the kitchen direction as per vastu should be arranged in a way that encourages the cook to face east, as this direction is associated with good energy. 

2. Placement of Windows and Appliances

kitchen direction as per vastu

Kitchen vastu recommends that the windows in the kitchen face either the north, east, or north-east section of the kitchen. You will find it easier to triumph over challenges in life if you put the refrigerator in the south-west corner of the kitchen. It will also ensure a peaceful kitchen environment. The south-west corner of the kitchen is the most auspicious spot for storing grains and other supplies, drawing in positive energy and ensuring a prosperous future.

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3. Vast Kitchen Colour Schemes

kitchen colour as per vastu

According to Vastu, the kitchen is a representation of fire. And so, the most auspicious colours for a kitchen range from various shades of red to orange. 

Orange and red are both warm and inviting colours that can be combined in a variety of ways to create beautiful accents in the kitchen. 

Yellow is another colour associated with the element of fire. When used appropriately, yellow can be very relaxing for the eyes, its brilliant sophisticated sheen makes it a great kitchen colour as per vastu. The amount of positive energy in your kitchen space can be multiplied by the application of colours in shades of orange, red, or light yellow. According to Vastu, a kitchen should be spotless and pristine, and the white colour is associated with cleanliness and freshness. You can't go wrong with classic white, but if you want to experiment with something new that still follows the guidelines of kitchen vastu wall colours, you can experiment with various brown tones and shades as it has a satiating effect on the human eye and represents stability.

Don't make the mistake of painting your kitchen black. Instead, go with bright hues like yellow, rose, chocolate brown, green, orange, or red.

We hope that the above-mentioned kitchen vastu tips will help you in infusing some positivity and cheer in your kitchen.


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