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Marketing Team | 09 Dec 2022

5 Vastu Shastra Tips For Blissful Homes

5 Vastu Shastra Tips For Blissful Homes

Do you feel energies present in every space of your home? It is indeed true, and it carries its own energy that has the power to influence the lives of the people who live in that space. Vastu Shastra is a scientific, traditional Hindu system of architecture you should turn to bring positive vibes, prosperity and good luck to your home and life.

The Direction Towards the East

The prime reason being the sun itself is regarded as a God and the rising of the sun is in the east. Vastu Shastra suggests the facing of the main door of your home should be east so that the interiors of your home receive the maximum light and energy radiated by the sun. If the east is not possible, go with other favourable directions such as north, northeast or west of the northwest.

The Significance Of Colour Choice

Bright colours are believed to emit positive vibes and are good Vastu colours for your home as well. If you like earthy colours such as brown or almond, opt for it for your master bedroom. If you have dark tones on your mind, prefer them in less amount. Also, dark shades should be avoided by newlywed couples. Image source -hips.hearstapps.com

Discard Broken Objects

According to Vastu Shastra, broken objects tend to attract negative energy as well as block positive energy. Repairing them is usually what you prefer to do in the first place, but Vastu disapproves of such practices. The best is to throw them out of your home and replace them with new ones whenever possible. Image source -hotel-hotel.com

Free Circulation Of The Air

Make it a habit of opening the windows of your home for a while and letting the fresh air and sunlight enter. It not only improves the hygiene inside but also protects against bad energy. With a few days of practice, you will surely learn to make it a daily routine and can make out a difference yourself. 
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The Power Of Salt

The salt is considered auspicious in Hindu mythology and is used in almost all religious festivities. Sea salt is highly preferred as its use can give you lifelong prosperity. According to Vastu Shastra, if you move into a new home which was previously inhabited by someone else, a way of cleaning and removing bad energies from the house is to place some salt in all the corners. 


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