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Simar Nagi | 27 Jan 2023

5 Handpicked Granite Flooring Designs For Your Home

5 Handpicked Granite Flooring Designs For Your Home

Looking for a way to make significant changes in your home? Well, installing a granite flooring design will sure-shortedly help boost the charm of your place. No doubt it's an expensive affair, but it is a one-time expense that will enhance the aesthetic value by covering the entire interior area.

Granite flooring designs are highly versatile, so you can use such flooring for both homes and offices. The best advantage of using granite flooring for a house is that it can blend quite easily - whether the home has a modern or a traditional look. 

If you want to know more about how a granite flooring design will help create a look that exudes luxury and comfort, continue exploring this article in detail. 

What is Granite?

A naturally occurring stone called granite is created when molten rock cools underneath. Once the stone is quarried, it gets cut into thin slabs and is left for polishing and fabricating. Following this, it can be used for flooring, countertops, etc. 

Now you must be wondering why the granite flooring design is the right choice for suitable flooring. No doubt, granite formation is a time-consuming and high-pressure process, and because of its demand, it is available only at a premium price. But, granite is the most complex and densest material just after diamond and hence offers a glossy feature.

Granite does not harbour harmful bacteria, pathogens, or any other form of dirt and that is why people tend to beautify their living rooms by installing granite flooring designs

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Key Features of a Granite Flooring Design 

Bases Granite
Merits Granite flooring designs are sturdy and robust. Because of its natural beauty, it is an excellent addition to homes and offices.
Granite is available in some good shades like gold, cream, pink, black, and grey.
The patterns, colours and thickness make granite a versatile material to be used in homes and offices.
You can experiment your heart out as two pieces of granite can never look alike. So, your home's flooring will have a unique pattern.
Granite is a natural stone, so your home will have some eco-friendly substance.
Demerits Granite is costly because it takes years to form granite. Also, with logistics and tax additions it gets more expensive.
You need to seek professional help for installation as granite is a heavy-weighted material.
If you are using a granite flooring design, keep in mind that it might become slippery, especially when wet.
Price Granite floor design for a home is not suitable for penny pinchers as the average price of granite ranges from Rs 50- Rs 300 (and upwards) per sq ft.
Accessibility Granites are basically sourced from mountains. India, the USA, Canada, China, Italy, and Africa are the countries which have emerged as major suppliers of granite

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Handpicked Granite Flooring Designs For Your Home 


1. Living Room Granite Flooring Design 

granite flooring design

You will have multiple colour options when choosing granite flooring designs for the hall. From light colours like cream to dark colours like black, you can opt for any, and these stunning colours will give your space a luxe look. 

2. Classic Granite Flooring Design

granite flooring for house

You must remember your grandma's kitchen and her love for granite. You can seek inspiration from those good old memories and install an off-white granite flooring for your kitchen. And in case you are also looking for hall granite flooring designs, you can also use this off-white one, which will work perfectly well. 

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3. Latest Granite Floor Design

living room granite flooring

The cooler tones can be easily achieved by installing a subtle granite floor design, as modern granite flooring designs have a personality. Installing such a modern granite flooring design is the best decision to boost the beauty of your home. You can opt for clear white granite stone flooring designs with simple grey stripes or waves, which will complement your home's overall look. 

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4.Indian Granite Flooring

hall granite flooring designs

Do you live in a traditional Indian home and want to add some classic look to the same? Well, don't fret! That can be done with the help of a warm-toned granite flooring design. You can choose a neutral colour to provide more comfort to your space. Such flooring designs look spectacular on the balcony, living room, and master bedroom. 

5.Solid Black Granite Flooring Design 

granite flooring design for home

Who doesn't love adding a monochrome touch to their home? The answer is obvious—everyone! The solid colour black with thin stripes of white will look elegant, and the best part of installing such a design is that it's easy to maintain. Not to forget that it will add a soft touch to your room.

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To Sum Up 

Granite is a highly durable material and an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in your home. The best part is since the granite is stain-resistant, it can be used for many other countertops. Installing granite flooring designs will be the wisest choice if you wish to achieve the perfect look for your home.


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