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Simar Nagi | 08 Dec 2022

Top 10 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Floor In A High-Rise apartment

Top 10 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Floor In A High-Rise apartment

It is common to see buyers getting confused as to which ideal floor for apartment would be best to spend the rest of their life. Many cities of India are now growing vertically; as the population increases, the demand for accommodation space increases. But the current scenario of the limited accommodation space is unable to match the current population. That is why real estate developers are developing high rise apartments in India. Because there is no other option than to utilize the vertical spaces of real estate developments, these apartments will belong to both the categories in terms of affordability and luxurious categories. 

So, if you would consider yourself a home buyer and looking to buy or choose an ideal floor for apartment from the newly launched high rise apartments of India, you need to continue to read this blog! 

Choosing the most suitable property is one of any homebuyer's most challenging decisions. For starters, a homebuyer has to analyze all the parameters ranging from legal formalities to preferences of what their dream home should look like. With the new high rise apartments in India, it is more important than ever to decide which floor is perfect for you to live in. 

Following are some of the significant factors from which you will be able to make a decision so as to which ideal floor for apartment is best suitable for you-

1. Vantage point  

Your apartment should be a reflection of your lifestyle. If a view factor matters to you and you wish to enjoy living around it, you must seek a higher floor as those floors provide the best possible vantage points. If your flat is near the sea or any other scenic area, the vantage point is a significant factor to consider, and opting for higher floors is a must. But if you go for a higher floor, you need to keep in mind that the cost of higher apartments is much higher than the others. So, it is advisable to talk to your real estate developer in advance. 

2. Security and privacy concerns 

When it comes to the security factor, the lower floors of the high rise apartments in India are considered unsafe compared to the higher levels. The lower ones are risky as one can easily access them. But suppose you are certain that you wish to have your home on the lower floor. In that case, you must examine the security arrangements in and around your society complex as the overall safety of the high-rise building is measured by the initiative taken by the management of your residential society. Not only this, lower floors don't offer complete privacy, especially if your building is located near the main road. You will also be able to enjoy the quietness and peacefulness if you choose to live on a higher floor. 

3. Fire safety 

When you choose a higher floor as your ideal floor for apartment, then fire safety can be a problem. An occupancy certificate by local authorities can gauge whether or not your apartment is fit or not as OC can help you determine whether the building has been constructed according to the permissible plans. After having clearance from the fire department, you have the authority to ask for a copy of OC when you are about to buy your floor. Also, keep an eye on the presence and availability of fire safety in the form of fire exits and fire extinguishers. 

4. No. of lifts offered and staircases 

In an ideal building, there should be at least two or more lifts so that in case one lift fails to work, people can rely on another lift. This factor is significant to consider if you are about to move in with an elder and children. Just in case both the lifts fail to work, you must know where the staircases are and those are convenient to walk and access easily. 

5. Floors deviations 

In many cases, illegal deviations from construction plans happen on the top floor. If you are firm on buying a top floor, you must ensure that there are no deviations beyond permissible limits. While checking your property, you must check that your floor has all the necessary clearances. 

6. Good mobile network 

The high rise apartments in India are going up to as many as 30 to 40 floors. Tier I cities like Mumbai have beyond 40 floors, while Delhi NCR buildings have an average of 25 floors. If you are booking a top floor, make sure that there is adequate network coverage. 

7. Power consumption

People who live on the lower floors tend to use less energy as those floors are cooler than the top floors. So while buying a flat in cities, you need to keep this factor in mind so that you can save yourself from long and harsh summers and winters. 

8. Light and ventilation

Living on the top floor of a high rise building has its advantages. You enjoy better views of your locality, better natural light, and ventilation, and you don't even get disturbed by the street-level noises compared to lower floors. Not only that, but higher floors are also free from the menace of mosquitoes and rats. 

9. Rental returns 

There is no debate that Indians are inclined to stay closer to the ground floor as they provide higher rental returns. The observation is not just based on observation, but even the property surveys have proved that the lower flats command better rental returns. So, if you are buying a flat for investment purposes, then the ground floor should be your ideal choice. People living in Delhi NCR and Chennai mostly opt for ground floors for rental purposes, while Mumbai and Bangalore people prefer upper floors. The difference of choice is based on the climatic differences between these cities. 

10. Service-related factors 

Before investing in an apartment, you need to check whether or not the floor has a CCTV camera. Monitor the corridor space, space available outside the flat like parking, parks, etc. It has been observed that this broadband facility is not available for top floors. So, ensuring this in advance with your developer would be best. 

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