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Ipsa Rai | 01 Feb 2023

Vastu For Plot Shapes: Effects, Tips, Remedies

Vastu For Plot Shapes: Effects, Tips, Remedies

Table of Content:

  1. Ideal Vastu Plot Shapes #1: Square Plot​
  2. Ideal Vastu Plot Shapes #2: Rectangular Plot
  3. Land Cut-Outs As Per Vastu #1: North-East
  4. Land Cut-Outs As Per Vastu #2: North-West
  5. Land Cut-Outs As Per Vastu #3: South-West
  6. Land Cut-Outs As Per Vastu #4: South-East
  7. Irregular Plot Shape Vastu #1: Lion Plot
  8. Irregular Plot Shape Vastu #2: Cow Plot
  9. Adjustment Suggestions For Plot’s Position
  10. Remedies For Vastu

The principles of Vastu Shastra can help you bring prosperity and happiness into your home or business. The practice of Vastu Shastra is typically thought about by prospective homeowners after they have already purchased a property. For this reason, even when following proper Vastu guidelines, people often still experience the usual problems. There are, however, some crucial vastu considerations you should keep in mind before purchasing a plot. To attract good fortune into your life, consider these 15 vastu for plot guidelines for choosing and purchasing land or a plot:   

Ideal Vastu Plot Shapes To Choose From

1. Square Plot

Best Plot Shapes As per Vastu Shastra

Commercial and residential developments benefit greatly from square-shaped lots. According to the principles of Vastu, the plot shape of a square, which does not have any incomplete or missing corners, is considered lucky. If you want to maximise your profits, select a square plot that faces either the northeast, east, or north.

2. Rectangular Plot

vastu for plot

In a manner analogous to that of square plots, rectangular plots bring a sense of completion to either your residential stay or your commercial space. According to Vastu, an ideal piece of real estate would be one that slopes either north or south. If you want to get the most out of your garden, select a rectangular plot as per vastu with a length-to-width ratio of 1:2 or less.

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Land Cut-Outs As Per Vastu

vastu plot shape

1. North-East Cut

According to the ancient Indian practice of Vastu Shastra, the corner facing northeast is the most auspicious for purchasing land. They believe that it is unlucky for any purpose that the plot has a cut on this side because it brings bad luck. There is a possibility that the owner will make no progress in their life.

2. North-West Cut

When applied to residential situations, a cut in the northwest corner indicates illness within the household. It is possible that you will not see the growth that is profitable if the real estate is used for commercial purposes.

3. South-West Cut

The southwest land cut as per vastu adds pressure to one's life that is not necessary. It could be anything that is causing psychological problems, such as a relationship, a job, health, or financial situation.

4. South-East Cut

According to Vastu for plots, the south-east corner should be cut because it creates a barrier in your life. This mistake has the potential to bring misery, illness, and financial loss to the family or the company. If you have a commercial pilot who has a south-east cut, you should consider using Vastu remedies to correct it.

Land Shapes As Per Vastu

1. Lion Plot Shape As Per Vastu

vastu shastra for plot shapes

This shape, which is used in Vastu Shastra when purchasing land, resembles the body structure of a lion and is broad at the beginning but becomes narrower as it moves toward the end. 

According to Vastu for plot shape, these are called Shermukhi Plots, and they are said to bring the owner of the property a lot of good fortune. The plot should ideally be positioned in such a way as to look like this:

  • The Northside is an essential component of the larger portion of the plot.

  • It is imperative that the roads be located on either the northern or eastern side of the plot.

The lion is a representation of power, strength, control, and dominance in many cultures. As a result, Shermukhi Properties is an excellent option for use in commercial settings.

2. Cow Plot Shape As Per Vastu

irregular plot shape vastu

According to Vastu, this configuration is called a Gaumukhi Plot, and it brings the owner a lot of good fortune. Cows are revered as holy creatures in Hinduism, which stems from the religion's long history. So, these lots are suitable for any endeavour you might have.

On the other hand, this is the perfect place for the plot to be positioned:

  • The more expansive portion ought to be oriented in a north-easterly direction.

  • The southern and western areas are the most suitable for road construction.

  • The most north-easterly point must be located on the narrow portion.

When the Gaumukhi plot is narrowest in the east and front-facing roads are built, it is considered unlucky according to Vastu.

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Adjustment Suggestions For Plot’s Position As Per Vastu

  • The land cannot be located in close proximity to a cemetery, mausoleum, cremation ground, or any other type of burial site.

  • As per vastu for plot shapes, avoid at all costs the land that is directly across from the hospital, nursing home, or any religious institution.

  • According to the principles of Vastu, the presence of two large plots or buildings on two of the property's surrounding sides creates an obstruction to the flow of positive energy into the smaller space. There seems to be a magnetic pull toward tragedy and loss from these plots.

  • When developing a commercial or residential plot, it's best to keep waste disposal and sewage systems far away.

  • If there are hills, mountains, elevated land, taller buildings, or trees in the west or southwest of the house, the inhabitants can consider themselves lucky.

Remedies For Vastu Plot Shapes

  • Vastu for plot shape considers roads on the four sides of a plot lucky for commercial and residential purposes

  • According to Vastu, land that is undeveloped and located in the north or north-east is auspicious.

  • Land that faces either north or east and contains a lake, canal, river or any other body of water is regarded as particularly fortunate and auspicious.

Consider purchasing a flat piece of land rather than a sloping one if you intend to build a home on the plot. In the event that the plots have slopes, then a plot is considered to have favourable characteristics if it has a slope that faces either the southwest or the north-east. 

In the event that the slope is oriented toward the west, then it has the potential to create discord among the members of the family in addition to posing potential health risks. If you want to avoid living in poverty, you shouldn't pick a plot that's in the middle of two bigger ones. For more information regarding Vastu for a plot and your home, check out this article.


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