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Aarushi | 16 Jun 2022

Bedroom Paint Ideas to Help You Sleep Well

Bedroom Paint Ideas to Help You Sleep Well

Colours have real power and provoke certain cognitive effects in us. The study of their effect helps us today to use the right colours in schools, hospitals etc. It's the same in the bedroom.

Which Bedroom wall Colours Help you Sleep Well?

Some colours help you to sleep fast and well. Others, on the other hand, are not adapted to this universe as cocooning and relaxing. We should therefore avoid pop colours that are too bright, such as orange, duck yellow or even fuchsia. So, in the bedroom, you should favour so-called "sedative" colours that help you to invite sleep faster, especially for children. These include blue, purple, mauve, pink and green. To sleep even better and have a healthy home, turn to environmentally friendly paints. How to check if paint is ecological? We'll guide you right here.

What Colour of Paint Should I Use for My Bedroom?

To select the right colour for the walls of your bedroom, you can base your choice on the style of decoration you want to do. For a bohemian, natural or cocooning bedroom, go for light, muted and soft colours, such as pastel, light pink, and cream colours (beige, white, taupe...). On the other hand, if you have a boudoir or industrial bedroom, prefer darker paints but not too dark either, such as terracotta, burgundy, midnight blue or green-grey.

Bedroom Paint Colours to Avoid for a Good Night's Sleep

If there are "sedative" colours, some are anxiety-provoking. They should therefore be avoided in an adult or child's bedroom, which is a real place of relaxation. Indeed, citrus colours such as orange and yellow are to be avoided absolutely. Red is not really recommended. In some cases, it is a sign of passion... In a bedroom, it is an aggressive colour! Fuchsia is not welcomed in this room either. 

Where to Place Your Bed to Sleep Well?

As far as possible, orient your bed towards the north to sleep well. Avoid placing it opposite a door or near a window. According to the ancient art of Feng Shui, positive waves may have difficulty circulating if your bed is placed near an opening. Also, avoid placing it too close to a heater. This does not facilitate sleep.

Choosing a Beautiful Canopy for Your Child's Bedroom

bedroom wall colour

Bedspreads are becoming increasingly popular in children's bedrooms. It has become much more than a simple accessory and is proving to be conducive to relaxation and quiet periods to help the child fall asleep. Here is a great site to find out how to put a nice canopy over your baby. Whether you have a boy or a girl, you'll find plenty of canopies for your newborn's cot as well as for older children's beds. The brand also guarantees the use of sustainable and organic materials, such as cotton.

In addition, a canopy will enhance your child's room by falling around the bars of the bed to the floor to form a real cocoon of well-being. This will reassure the newborn from his first nights in the house by preventing him from external intrusions such as too bright a light. If you live in a region frequently invaded by mosquitoes, your child will also be protected from pests with certain models.

A canopy can also be a great gift idea for a baby list. Your friends know you and will know how to find the most beautiful canopy for your child. We're not going to lie, it's a change from the traditional dummies or cuddly toys!

Discover 10 Bedroom Wall Paint Colours to Sleep Well 


wall of your room

Blue is the sedative colour par excellence. A cold colour that calms because it evokes pleasant natural elements: the sky and the sea. It lowers blood pressure and calms the pulse, unlike red. In chroma therapy, blue light is used to treat insomnia because it has therapeutic effects. 


best bedroom paint

A strong, muted colour, wine is making a comeback on our walls. Combined with lighter shades such as white or beige, it brings warmth to the room. 


bedroom paint ideas

Pink is a warm colour because it contains red, but it is much softer and therefore very relaxing. It is increasingly used on the walls of hyperactive children, in prisons and in psychiatric institutions. 

Night Blue Room

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The colour night blue is chosen to induce sleep in cognitive functions thanks to its very dark tone. In the bedroom, preference should be given to muted blues, warmer than cyan blue, for example, which has a more oxygenating and refreshing effect. 

Forest Green

wallpaper vs paint

Green is also a cold colour. These are the ones that soothe. It is therefore very useful for the bedroom. Its natural connotation also works in this sense. It helps you to recharge your batteries, to find serenity and calm.


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This neutral colour is ideal for a chic and graphic bedroom. It can be combined with strong, dynamic colours, such as yellow. 

Sage Green

colour of your wall

The softer the green, the more neutral it is and the more serene the room. 

Bottle Green

This is a good choice for a child's room because green reduces excitement. 


wall colour of your room

Purple contains red and blue. The colour, therefore, becomes sedative and relaxing but retains the warm properties of red. Said to be anti-migraine, it is a very spiritual colour. It is the colour of meditation. 

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