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Riya Tayal | 06 Jun 2022

8 Best Stone Tiles for Wall to Smarten Up Your Home Exterior

8 Best Stone Tiles for Wall to Smarten Up Your Home Exterior

Does the stone finish design of the home’s exterior entice you, but you don’t want to add stones in real? If so, then stone tiles for the wall are something that will work wonders for you! Yes, it’s pretty much hard to believe, but you can actually give your home’s exterior walls an authentic stone finish without using the actual rocks. And for this, you simply need to choose your favourite stone tiles for the wall that have a unique natural design and are easy to customise. 

This article has put together a list of the 8 best tile stone designs for a creative exterior. 

Design 1: Brick Stone Tiles

stone wall tiles

Are you an easy-going person who prefers simplicity more than perfection? If yes, then Brick Stone Tiles for Walls are a perfect option for you and your home. These rustic brown coloured stone tiles are a perfect fit to spruce up the exterior of your home. Also, what can be more appealing than the earthy texture that this stone tile design will offer to your home? And, if you have plants decorated outside your house, you must definitely go for this design as it matches perfectly with plants. 

Design 2: Mosaic Studded Stone Tiles

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You might have come across the term “Mosaic” while editing the pictures on your phone, but do you know that Mosaic is a sort of stone tile design as well? If not, you must know that Mosaic studded stone tiles for walls are the best combination for your potted plants, offering a rocky backyard look. These stone tiles for walls smarten up the area and offer a natural finish. The best thing about these tiles is that they are easy to customise as per your colour combination needs so that it perfectly gives a vibrant touch. You can use Mosaic Studded Stone tiles not only in your backyard but also for your swimming pool exterior. 

Design 3: Pebble Stone Tiles

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Do you wish to add a modern touch to your house? If yes, Pebble Stone Tiles are an excellent choice for your home’s exterior. Pebble Stone Tiles are something that can spruce up the overall look of your home by giving a glazy oxide finish. These stone tiles for walls come in multiple designs as each pebble is different from one another in terms of size, colour and shape. So, you can opt for the one that matches your requirements well. 

Design 4: Asymmetrical Shaped Stone Tile 

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The asymmetrical shaped stone tile for wall design might sound pretty boring to you, but in reality, it looks stunning in every household type. This is truly a very basic stone tile design where stones with no cutting or polishing are used. You can directly install the unpolished stones into the wall to give the walls a European townhouse exterior finish. And you will be surprised to know that the stones used in Asymmetrical shaped stone tiles are highly resistant to quick temperature changes. 

Design 5: Natural Cladding Stone Tiles

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If you want to go for stone tiles for walls that are an all-time favourite then Natural Cladding Stone Wall Design always tops the list. This is one of the most loved and highly preffered stone wall tiles that give an excellent look to your home. With flawless finish and simplicity, Natural Cladding Stone tiles offer the best exterior timeless design that every homeowner loves. No matter whether you live in an apartment or a bungalow, these stone tiles for walls can undoubtedly be used in both. However, it is quite challenging to customise these tiles as they are prepared out of natural stones, but these tiles look nice the way they are. So, we feel that you’ll not require any customisations. 

Design 6: Quarry Stone Tiles 

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Another stone tile for wall design on the list is Quarry Stone Tiles. These tiles look perfect in clay-orange colour and are cost-effective too. The reason behind the affordability of these stone tiles for walls is that these tiles are not finely polished. By installing these tiles in your home, you will be able to add a rural charm with rustic shades. Quarry Stone Tiles are mostly seen in hotels or rented apartments. So, if you plan to rent out your apartment in the near future, you can surely opt for these tiles. Not only it will smarten up your home’s exterior, but it will also prove to be pocket-friendly. 

Design 7: Multi-Coloured Stone Wall Tiles

stone wall ideas for your home wall

Are you fond of colours? If yes, why be satisfied with single coloured stone tiles for the wall when you can have many? Multi-coloured stone wall tiles are one of their kind depending on the colours you choose. While choosing the colours for these tiles, let your creativity run free with the textures and colours so that you can end up opting for a perfect blend of colours for your home’s exterior. 

Design 8: Granite Stone Wall Tiles

stone wall types for your home wall

Want to add a sleek shiny look to your home? If yes, then Granite Stone Wall Tiles are a natural choice. These wall tiles are plain and effortless to clean than other natural stone wall tiles. The best thing about Granite Stone Wall Tiles is that the hard-resistant rocks used in these tiles can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. So, installing them is simply a one-time investment. 

We hope this article has given you a complete understanding of the 8 best stone tiles for the wall! While choosing any of the designs, make sure to opt for a robust material so that you don’t have to invest in it again. Also, consider how easy or challenging it will be to maintain them on a daily basis. Even if a specific design costs more, it is highly recommended to go for quality materials so that the walls look new for years. 

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