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Marketing Team | 24 Jan 2023

10 Living room decorating ideas for every style

10 Living room decorating ideas for every style

Some people call it a living room, others, a lounge, or more formally, a sitting room. But however you refer to it, there's no doubt this room's main purpose in your home: is to be a comfortable space where the household can relax. Traditional or contemporary; modern or eclectic, or just simple and cosy, whatever your style, here's our pick of the best living room decorating ideas

Traditional Wood Living Room

interior design for living room

Wood Living Room style could be the best choice to present a natural and rustic atmosphere. Wood undoubtedly plays the protagonist in this living space. The wood-panelled walls are a welcome departure from the usual ubiquitous painted or textured walls

A Decadent Space

Living room furniture should be ergonomic and shouldn’t fill the whole space, but when you have a big space you can decorate and add furniture as you need. Design a living room with big couches so you can stay very comfy and enjoy the entire space.

Simplicity is Key

living room ideas

To create a memorable living room, you don’t have to use a complicated design. With just a few carefully curated pieces, you can create a beautiful living room

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Open-plan living room

living room decor

Open-plan living has slowly become part of our everyday lives, from a home office within a living room to a kitchen dinner. These spaces should be well designed and able to utilise the best of the overall room in their function. Clever decorating and styling ideas will keep the spaces looking separate but seamless

Bohemian Living Room

living room decorating ideas

Boho chic living room means creating an absolutely different and personalized atmosphere. Actually, the best feature of this style is that you can use any art piece, your own works and mix colours as you wish

Classy and Contemporary

interior design ideas for living room

Elegantly Cool Designs of Contemporary Living Rooms to take inspiration from not just to please your guests but yourself as well

A Floral Story

home decor ideas for living room

Every living room coffee table is in dire need of floral beauty and it’s your duty to arrange the flowers in such a way that they don’t look rushed or simply put there for decoration. Living room flowers should be able to blend and at the same time feel as if they belong there

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Mid-Century Modern Glamour

modern living room ideas

Although the mid-century modern style is known for its simple, classic lines and smooth profile, there are ways to make it glamorous. By implementing new colours, bold prints and sumptuous fabrics, the timeless pieces of the mid-century design are transformed.

Modern Eclectic Living Room

living room design

Eclectic is a mix of many styles, a style that approves patterns and colours from different natures and adapts them in one attaining a modern and dramatic appearance. An eclectic living room is perfect for anyone who thinks differently and out of the box, everyone who wants to attain a living room that will reflect not one but various styles and ambience.

Colourful Living Rooms

living room interior

Colour blocking is the technique of combining a few different colours together in large, solid chunks, or "blocks". And it can be used to great effect in the living room

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Indian modern living room

wall designs for living room

This living room has a unique quality of bringing together two contrasting forms of design — contemporary and traditional.


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