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Aarushi | 09 Jun 2022

Wallpaper ideas for a modern bedroom

Wallpaper ideas for a modern bedroom

Anyone and everyone who has ever tried and thought about changing their decor knows that a good wallpaper can make a big difference. Wallpapers are back in fashion and we love every moment of it. You can make the room as intimate and relaxing as possible while embracing the space. That's the beauty of using wallpaper, you can instantly transform any room into anything you want and into something new by changing the wallpaper you are using. Here are bedroom wallpaper ideas that can instantly modernise your most intimate space.

Calming Neutral

wallpaper ideas for your room

Bring a little texture to your bedroom by choosing a neutral wallpaper that is only textured to the touch, not exactly something you can see.

Sometimes a room doesn't need flashy wallpaper with all the bells and whistles, sometimes it just needs a bit of texture. If that's the case, and you want to keep your decor in the neutral family, bring in a neutral fabric wallpaper. Fabric wallpaper adds a touch of texture that you can feel with your hands. It's one of those elements that seem minimal, but the moment you touch it, it becomes something completely different.

Busy Floral

Busy can be fun when you use a soft appeal that emphasises lovely tones and cohesive bits.

Yes, we love the idea of having floral wallpaper, but while many will tell you to go as chic as possible, this idea is a little different. This time we're talking about busy floral wallpaper, busy doesn't mean chaotic, it simply means it has a repetitive feel to it. The key is to place it in a room that needs something a little more to bring it to life. This idea works best in a neutral or minimalist room that lacks a touch of charm.

Monochrome, anyone?

ideas for a modern bedroom

If you don't want to use a pattern, put up black wallpaper and allow the room to come alive with just a monochrome approach.

If you have a colour vibe you really like and don't know how to incorporate it into your decor, using a monochromatic pattern is the way to go. Use one or two colours and go from there. The key is to combine both colour waves to create a unified appeal. Use a repetitive pattern and embrace the feel of it, then add the same colours and use it throughout the room for a cohesive aesthetic. Make sure there are breaks in the middle so the space doesn't look cluttered with colour.

Bright and modern

The more colour you use, the grander the room will appear. Add floating shelves to your wallpapered bedroom to complete the look.

When it comes to colour you want to make a statement, it's all about taking risks and going as bright and modern as possible. Bring in a bold wallpaper with a large pattern and work around it. This type of wallpaper is made to change the room completely. It's about having as many bright colours as possible and allowing your bold pattern to be the statement of the room. Going that route will instantly make the room feel modern and even edgy. Consider stripes and geometric patterns for that stylish touch that makes the room come alive.

Pretty pastel

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For that pretty pastel feel, use a pattern that hugs the room and gives it an elegant feminine approach without going overboard.

A sweet, feminine touch is always a great idea, especially when you want a room to feel as charming as possible. Stay in the pastel family to make the room feel really ethereal without overpowering the space. Also, consider a touch of floral to complete the overall look. Florals are feminine and pretty, especially when they're on the lighter side of things. It's all about having wallpaper that makes you feel good from the moment you walk into the room. A pastel floral moment will do that and more.

Tropical Oasis

Whether you use a bold green appeal as your wallpaper or not is entirely up to you. The key is to work with your surroundings and be bold with your decor.

Sometimes you want to feel like you're on holiday without having to leave the house. When that's the case, it's time to invest in the idea of using tropical wallpaper to be that statement piece that takes you on a visual holiday. Plus, take your tropical wallpaper to the next level with a minimal but effective approach to the rest of your décor. Add some vivid tones for that welcoming feel.

Shades of grey

bedroom wallpaper ideas

Keep your appeal as neutral and stylish as possible to make sure your shades of grey sit perfectly.

Grey is one of the most valuable shades you can bring into a room. It doesn't detract from or overwhelm your décor, but instantly gives it a calming effect. When it comes to shades of grey, you should choose a range of tones that feel natural to what you already have. As previously stated, grey never feels overwhelming, it's one of those colours that instantly feels calming. Bring in a patterned approach to complete the look.

Metallic twist

Use some metallic additions to blend your wallpaper with the rest of your decor.

While not everyone loves a good metallic twist, those in the know can make any room feel feminine. Bring in a unique wallpaper with metallic ribbing for a modern charm. If you want to be bold, choose a wallpaper that has a full metallic finish throughout. Whether it shows through the pattern or the entire wallpaper is a metallic tone. Add a metallic chandelier or light fixture to complete the look.

Go for stripes

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The more stripes, the easier it is to make the room feel elegant and charming at the same time. It just makes sense to have a bold appeal.

If you're ever in doubt about what kind of wallpaper you want in a room, consider stripes. Stripes are cohesive. They are the type of wallpaper that instantly makes a room come alive. Whether you work with ultra-thin stripes or prefer thicker ones, it's entirely up to you. You want to incorporate stripes that are similar in colour to really emphasise what the room has to offer without overdoing it. However, if you have a smaller room, stripes will elongate and extend the size of the room.

Elegant charm

Go as elegant as possible to bring bold appeal to the room when and where you need it most. Add a few touches of feminine here and there for the ultimate approach.

Whether you consider yourself stylish or not, there's no doubt that elegant wallpaper can make a big difference to your décor. So, instead of going overboard with everything you have, just add charm and let it feel elegant. It's all about creating a space that is so elegant that relaxing and reading at the end of the night feels absolutely relaxing. Work around your décor and bring a colourful finish to that edge that is perfect and inviting.

When it comes to creating a space that is personal to you but can have character and charm, it's about being bold with your décor and focusing on that.

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