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Simar Nagi | 06 Feb 2023

5 Reasons Why You Need Land Survey

5 Reasons Why You Need Land Survey

Do you still remember the old days when your parents used to say know everything before proceeding further? Well, something like that, but completely on an unrelated topic, we would like to guide you on the same. We all believe that land investment is the safest and most secure option for real estate buyers as land provides lower maintenance, higher resale value, and whatnot! But the fact that real estate scams in India happen every now and then, how secure would you feel now? If you understand what and why you should obtain a land survey in India will help you save yourself from all the legal headaches you might embark on in the future. Because when you plan on buying a land parcel, it will be expected of you to know the property survey number. Nevertheless, what exactly is the property survey number, and why is it important? We are going to find out in this blog! 

Land Survey: Overview

A land survey is a professional report that highlights your land's boundaries, dimensions, and geographic features. In layman's terms, a land survey is nothing but a technique to measure the shape of land and gather data for construction projects. Now you must be wondering who this surveyor is? A surveyor is an authorized person who is qualified and holds technical expertise in land surveying. The role of the surveyor is to guide construction and development projects. They provide you with relevant information for buying and selling the land, and with the help of land surveys, you will be able to understand how much your property is worth.

What is the land survey number?

It's the duty of local authorities and revenue officers to assign a unique number to every land so as to keep records for revenue purposes. The role of a number is to act as identification for land and is often referred to as a land survey number. If an investor wants to access any information regarding your lands, like size, location, shape, and ownership rights, he needs this unique number. 

Why is a Land Survey Needed?

Below are some of the reasons why you might require a land survey-

1. Buying a new home - let's assume you are interested in the land because it has space, and you can easily build a pool and enjoy it. You asked for a land survey for the safer side, and it reveals that the desired spot has sewage pipes beneath. What would you have done if you had known about this later? Disheartened with more cost involved!

With the help of a land surveyor, you can easily determine the different aspects and boundaries of the land you are interested in buying. Even if you want to make additional changes, like expanding a home, you will need a land survey. 

2.Avoid Encroachments - With a surveyor, you can analyze the legal boundary lines so as to avoid encroachment on someone's land, or you can also check if the encroachment is done on your land. 

3.Opting for title insurance and flood insurance -When facing discrepancies in terms of outstanding liens or any other disputes. Title insurance comes into the picture and protects the seller from unwanted financial responsibility. The land surveyor assesses your land's elevation and thus helps determine its risk of flood damage. 

4.Promotes easements - Another role of a land surveyor is to keep track of land records to determine the existing easements on the property and to introduce new ones. 

5.Enhancing the old property map - There are some old structures that no longer exist, so the land survey updates your land map in order to present you with the most relevant current state and provides you with the idea of exactly where your boundaries lie. 

Types of land Survey

Based on your needs, you can order different types of land surveys, which is why we are presenting you with an overview of 7 types of land surveys. 

1. American Land Title Association / American Congress On Surveying and Mapping - ALTA/ACSM  is a survey that is mostly used for the commercial real estate industry and covers zoning, easements, improvements, and other modification aspects. 

2. Boundary Survey - This type of survey focuses on record research and field research in order to determine the legal boundaries of a parcel of land. Sometimes you might need a boundary survey because mortgage lenders and title companies tend to ask for a survey before agreeing to finance. Or, if you are in a situation where a neighbor's property encroaches on your boundary lines, having a boundary survey will save you from such a hectic dispute.

3. Contour Survey - Before you start the design process of your building, a contour survey is required. 

4. Location Survey - It is a form of extended boundary survey which also includes property lines and corners. More information about the improvement of the existing land is also recommended to people at the time of closing on the property. So, the purpose of this survey is to ensure all new developments are within the boundaries of the property.

5. Site planning survey - To deliver a 3-dimensional view of a location, such as designing commercial buildings, playgrounds, highways, etc., there is a need for site planning with a combination of topographic survey and boundary survey. 

6. Subdivision Survey - A subdivision survey is required when land is divided into smaller parcels. The use is not limited to this, but subdivision survey is often used when constructing streets and drainage

7. Construction Survey - The use of a construction survey comes into the picture when planning out new construction work for buildings and roads. 

With the help of land surveys, the purchase and construction of land can be done in the right direction. You will stand no chance of being fooled by the seller who tries to reflect the wrong size of the property. 

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