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Gaurav Srivastava | 15 Dec 2022

Vastu Shastra Tips for Pillars in Your House

Vastu Shastra Tips for Pillars in Your House

In today’s era, many people take Vastu Shastra into consideration while planning the interior of their new house. Whether you are getting a new house built or getting an old one remodelled, Vastu Shastra plays a crucial role. So, if you are someone who believes in Vastu Shastra then go through the tips covered in this article before you decide the placement of the pillars in your house. 

Pillars and beams give utmost strength to the entire house to withstand adverse climatic conditions, even earthquakes. But do you know that these pillars can act as hurdles if located at the wrong place? Well, a wrongly placed pillar can hamper the growth of your family considerably and may also create disputes between the family members. In short, the position of the pillars in the house plays a great role in the matter of harmony, peace, and good health.

Let’s discuss the top 5 Vastu tips for pillar placement in the house!

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1. No pillar should be placed in the Brahmasthan

As per Vastu Shastra, Brahmasthan is the centre of the house where all the directions meet. This centre area of the house is a powerful space. According to Vastu Shastra experts, the Brahmasthan of the house should not have pillars or any other structures in order to bring prosperity to the house. Vastu experts believe that as energies circulate to the entire house from this area, therefore it should be free from any hurdles or obstructions to flawlessly attract peace and harmony in the house. The presence of a pillar in the Brahmasthan should always be avoided otherwise it can bring hardships and struggles for the residents.

In case you have already built your house and it’s not possible for you to remove the pillar from the centre of your house then it is advisable to fix a copper pyramid, a pyramid shifting arrow, or a copper swastika. All these things will curb negativity and strengthen the centre of your house. In addition to this, a crystal lotus can also be used to correct the imbalance in the Brahmasthan.

2. Prevent gaps between multiple pillars

Another important Vastu Shastra tip for the pillar placement in the house is to prevent gaps between multiple pillars. It is generally believed that if the structure of your house rests upon multiple pillars with gaps, then wealth might escape from the house. According to Vastu norms, it is advisable to close all the gaps between the pillars in order to retain good luck and wealth.

Now, when it comes to how to close the gaps between the pillars, we have got an answer! You can either create walls, bookshelves, or storage cabinets between multiple pillars to fill the gap. This will not only help you fill the gap but will also help you get rid of negative energies in the house.

3. Avoid having pillars in the living room or bedroom

You must avoid having pillars in the bedroom or sleeping area. Also, make sure that there are no overhead pillars in the area where you sleep as the presence of one can lead to stress or could disturb your sleep. One thing to consider here is that even sitting under an exposed beam is also regarded as a dosha under Vastu Shastra. So, you must always make sure not to keep a study table underneath a pillar or beam.

In case you already have a pillar in the bedroom, you can tie two bamboo flutes with a red cloth or ribbon to the pillar. This will reduce all the adverse effects of having pillars in the room. You can also reduce the Vastu dosha by placing a peacock feather on the pillar.

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4. Vastu relating to the column count

If you are someone who is confused about the ideal number of pillars in the house then this Vastu Shastra tip is for you. According to Vastu Shastra, having an odd number of pillars in the house is not considered to be auspicious. You must necessarily have an even number of pillars in your house as it will bring peace and prosperity. In case there are an odd number of pillars in your house, you should get one more pillar built to make the pillar count even.

5. No pillars at the entrance of the house

The entrance of the house is believed to be a crucial space where positive energies enter a house. So, having a pillar at the entrance of the house can act as a hurdle and therefore a pillar should not block the entrance or the main gate. In case your house already has a pillar placed at the main entrance and cannot be removed, then Vastu experts advise changing the main entrance of the house to a more advantageous direction.

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Not only does the position of the door or floor matter in Vastu Shastra, but the position of pillars in the house matters too. Pillars are the support and backbone of the house; therefore, they must be located in the best place to attract more harmony and peace. Following the Vastu tips above for pillar placement in the house will surely help you get rid of Vastu dosha and contribute to peace and happiness in your house.


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