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Gaurav Srivastava | 25 Jan 2023

Top 5 DIY Home Decor Ideas Every Homeowner Will Love

Top 5 DIY Home Decor Ideas Every Homeowner Will Love

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us spend a considerable amount of time at home than any of us have ever thought of. However, the only positive side of being at home is you finally have some time to try and experiment with multiple things at home that can turn into a beautiful home decor item. Therefore, it is a perfect time for you to put on your creative and artistic hat and create some amazing DIY home decor items that you, as a homeowner, will actually love. 

Whether it is showcasing a photo gallery on the wall or decorating a flower vase, every homeowner envisions a perfect place to live in. It is a universal truth that everyone loves decorating their houses with a creative hint of their personal touch; therefore, we have some amazing DIY home decor ideas for you.

So, let’s start with the article and dive into the list of top 5 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home decor ideas that will transform for home with a modern touch. 

1. Do-it-yourself flower vase

Are you a flower lover who loves keeping fresh flowers inside a room? If yes, then this DIY home decor tip is for you! There’s certainly something about fresh flowers. They can reduce anxiety, refresh your mood and make you feel relaxed. However, you can enhance the look of flowers within your bedroom by displaying them in a decorative vase or container. 

If you have ever bought a milkshake, it comes in a cute glass bottle, right? Rather than throwing the glass bottle away, recycle it. Once you are done with collecting 2-3 glass bottles, start working around them creatively. Search for leftover ribbons, borders, and jute cords in your house. If the width of the border is lesser, consider tying it around the neck of the glass bottle, whereas if the width of the border is large, you can wrap it on the centre of the glass bottle. The ribbons and borders look elegant and instantly give the bottle a nice look. You can now use the decorative vase as a dining centrepiece or on the table in your bedroom. 

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2. Themed gallery wall

Another great DIY home decor idea that can give your home a completely new look is a themed gallery wall. One thing that can make any of you nostalgic is old photos. So, why not consider creating a themed gallery wall? Hanging old photos and multiple framed artworks in different sizes, shapes and colours is the perfect DIY idea to decorate a wall. Most homeowners are always drawn towards a themed gallery wall because each frame showcases a different memory.

As per our suggestion, a themed gallery wall can contain themed posters, framed family photos, or even gift wrapping paper. No matter what the design is, just ensure that you create the themed gallery at eye level, and there’s no rule on how small or big a gallery wall must be. Also, remember to use reusable frames in different sizes so that you can change the artwork periodically. 

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3. Floating bookshelves

If you have a blank wall in the living room and wish to add something there, floating bookshelves are a good option. It is an easy DIY home decor idea that can fill the blank space on any wall. 

Open shelves for displaying plants, books, or colourful curios has always been a timeless trend that will continue to be a trend in the future. While hanging the shelves, make sure not to hang them too high. Also, consider using white shelves to make the colorful decor items pop out. You can also place a desk just below the shelves to make the complete wall come together flawlessly. 

4. Half-and-half painted wall

Another trendy DIY home decor idea you will love is a half-and-half painted wall. Decor trends always make a comeback, and one such trend is the two-tone wall painting concept. The double tone wall painting concept is one such decor trend that has gained popularity again. If this home decor trend excites you, it’s time for you to put on your gloves and paint that blank wall. You just have to choose two colours that have different levels of contrast. Besides this, you can also opt for a bright colour for the lower half of the wall and leave the remaining wall white. 

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5. Paint a canvas

You don’t need to be an artist to paint a canvas! Painting a canvas and displaying your creative side in your living room is one of the best DIY home decor ideas. Like gardening, painting a canvas is a very fulfilling activity that can bring out your creative side. You can simply dedicate a small space to the wall to hang whatever you create. If you have no idea how to start your journey of creating artwork, you can find inspiration on a trending platform like Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can get a handful of ideas to experiment with affordable acrylic colours. 

From easy upgrades to minor renovations, we have shown you easy and quick DIY ideas on how you can give your home a modern touch. And the best thing about all the above ideas is that you can do it all without breaking your bank. 

Whether you want to create decorative accents for your bedroom, kitchen, or patio, the above-listed artsy home decor ideas will serve your purpose best. So, have your paint brushes ready and start creating beautiful home decor items by yourself.


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