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Simar Nagi | 16 Feb 2023

7 Single Floor House Designs That Are Low On Budget

7 Single Floor House Designs That Are Low On Budget

Table of Content:

  1. Benefits of Single-Floor House Design
  2. Drawbacks of Single-Floor House Design
  3. Single Floor Elevation Design #1: Open Deck Single
  4. Single Floor Elevation Design #2: Simple
  5. Single Floor Elevation Design #3: Countryside-Inspired Low-Budget Front
  6. Single Floor Elevation Design #4: Indian Traditional Home
  7. Single Floor Elevation Design #5: Open Patio
  8. Single Floor Elevation Design #6: Rustic Single
  9. Single Floor Elevation Design #7: With An Elevation

Most people dream of living in a house where they can see their kids grow, create memories, and live a happy, healthy life. But some believe owning a home is a big task and requires a huge investment. In that case planning a budget-friendly single floor house design comes as a safe and secure rescue. 

All you need is comparatively a less budget, a plot and a basic design to create the house of your dreams. The benefit of a single floor elevation house design is that it can be constructed around Rs. 1300 - 1400 per sq ft of the build area in semi urban cities. 

Continue reading this interesting article on simple house front elevation designs for single floor plans that you can use to build your dream home. 

Benefits of Single Floor House Design

  • Single floor house designed for living offers more living space. 
  • You won't have to compromise square footage on staircases. 
  • Single floor house designs are safer than two-storey homes as evacuation is easy in case of emergency such as fire.
  • A single floor house design is a good option for people who want to stay there after retirement. The single storey house designs are easier to get around and are accessible by wheelchair.
  • You won't have to worry about noises from the above floor because you'll be living in a single-storey house.
  • A simple single-floor house design will require fewer bathrooms. Since they are all on the same floor, you will not have to invest more. Constructing a simple, single floor house design will benefit you in terms of space and cost savings.
  • You can easily combine your mudroom and laundry room into one and will be able to save space. 
  • You will also enjoy more variation in ceiling heights and skylights compared to two-storey homes. 

Drawbacks of Single Floor House Design 

  • The disadvantage of living in a single floor house design is that it provides less privacy. You will be at eye-level with the world passing by.
  • When compared to two-storey houses, single-storey houses have a lower resale value.

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7 Low Budget Single Floor House Design Ideas

There are some benefits you will enjoy when planning a single floor house design, like the fact that you can build a sprawling house while saving on expenses that might occur when building a double-storey house. 

Indians are getting more interested in single floor house designs than double-floor ones, as they come in diverse styles ranging from classy and simple to modern and sophisticated. 

1. Open Deck Single Floor House Elevation Design

single floor elevation design

Open structure low-budget single-floor house designs are the most popular in this list. The benefit of open floor plans is that they only require two or more spaces to create a more spacious area. 

This house elevation in a single floor design uses floor-to-glass windows and doors so that the home appears bigger than it is. Another benefit of living in an open, single storey house elevation design is the abundance of sunlight and air inside the home. 

2. Simple Single Floor House Design

front elevation single floor

With a simple and single floor house elevation design, you will enjoy ample plot space without having to construct multi-floors. Now that you have multiple sections, you can construct a garage or storage space near your home, connecting them via a covered passage. The advantage is that you will have more carpet area saved inside your property without breaking the bank to build additional floors

3. Countryside-Inspired Low-Budget Front Elevation Design For Single Floor

front elevation design single floor

The beauty of having a countryside-inspired single-floor front elevation with a single floor design is that it provides an amazing mix of elegance and open space. 

  • You can install tilted or artistic tiles to secure the home from severe weather conditions. You can give it a color like brown tiles or red for a rustic touch. 
  • The (shaded) front elevation design of the single floor will look traditional, with wood seating arrangements for evening tea. 
  • You can have an open-to-air structure decorated with fine wooden interiors for the courtyard. 

4. Indian Traditional Home Design (Single Floor)

house elevation single floor

The Indian single floor house elevation design is something that breathes simplicity and grace. The benefit of constructing this low budget single floor house design is that it can be easily curated without fuss. If you opt for this design, ensure that rooms are interconnected, which will make the floor easily accessible and spacious. 

You can design the exterior and interior of a simple, single floor house design, but ensure that you use some vibrant, eye-catching colors for the exterior.

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5. Single Floor House Design With Open Patio

single story house elevation

Installing a simple house front elevation design for a single floor combines Indian traditions with modern architecture. A single-floor house design with an open patio is the best alternative for gardens. You can place your favorite furniture on the patio and enjoy an evening barbecue in the winter. You can also use the patio area to dry clothes or park your bicycles during rainy seasons. 

6. Rustic Single Floor House Design

single floor house elevation design

If you are someone who enjoys having a simple home, then this rustic brick single floor normal house front elevation design is perfect for you. 

The bricks will look absolutely stunning and will add an old-world charm to your home. As a result, you won't need to use plaster or paint to conceal the bricks. This single floor normal house front elevation design will provide a cozy and warm aesthetic.

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7. Concrete Single Floor House Design With An Elevation

single floor normal house front elevation designs

For this single floor house design, you should first finalize a good color. A unique color like yellow will add artistry and elegance to a simple house front elevation design. The layout should be simple, with an efficient elevation that will provide beautiful views of your surroundings. 

Even a slanted roof and the creative exterior of the single floor house elevation design will provide an effortless artistic look. 


You will enjoy complete calm when living in a simple, single floor house design. It will create a huge separation between the rooms, providing more space. 


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