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Anoushka Chopra | 14 Mar 2023

Home Exterior Paint Ideas for an Appealing Look

Home Exterior Paint Ideas for an Appealing Look

Painting the exterior of your home has recently become one of those tasks that do not just need to be done for the heck of it. Believe it or not, it is being given the needed attention and importance that it deserves. The reason for this is the pandemic. During the lockdown situation, each one of us developed a kind of bond with our home and is now attached to it like never before. It might be right to say that today we value our homes like we never have. After all, our home did not only help us in relieving our quarantine anxiety but also doubled up as a professional space for our work-from-home office requirements. 

While we leave the task of painting our home interiors to renowned and popular professionals in the field, we as owners of the home are the ones who make the most important decision - choosing the colour. This responsibility can especially seem daunting in 2022. With so many colour palettes and combinations floating around, how do you even reach a final decision and have no regrets?

Let us be of some help. We assure you that when you reach the end of this blog, you will feel more confident and informed about making a decision. Don’t worry, the process is not too complex. To save time and ensure that you decide on what suits your house the best, we want you to sit back and spend some time reflecting. Glance through the pointers listed below and try to answer them in relevance to your own house. A simple but efficient tip is to stand right in front of your home and give these a thought! 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Home Exterior Colors 

1. Durability 

Weather conditions are not in our hands but choosing the colours that can survive all kinds of extreme weather conditions is certainly our responsibility. Talk to your interior designer and make sure the shades you choose are of high quality and guarantee anti-fading for at least 10-15 years. An ideal painting system makes sure the wall stays smooth and uniform throughout its life span and there are no hairline cracks.

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2. VOC Levels 

Also known as Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs are often present in paints as they are the most efficient way of ensuring a smooth transition from the paint cans to the walls. However, opting for pain with high VOC levels is not a good idea. Once they have been applied on your home exterior, they tend to cause air pollution and also let out harmful substances into the air. Moreover, they can be harmful to your health as you will be the one spending the maximum amount of time in and out of your house. Make sure you opt for a painting project with low VOC levels.

3. Environment and Surroundings 

No matter how much time you spend choosing the perfect colour for your home exterior, it will not give you the look you expected if you do not take into account what lies around your house. Get out and have a look at the surroundings, see if your environment is under construction or whether there are different coloured houses in your neighbourhood. Visualize the colours you plan to use for the exterior of your home, and see if they match the vibe of what lies around your property.

4. Warranty 

Painting your home exterior is a time taking process, one that requires hours of work and effort. Goes without saying, you would not prefer repeating the entire process any time soon. A solution to this is to make sure you opt for painting brands that give you a long-term warranty. At least 10 to 15 years is ideal.

5. Appeal

Ever heard of how the first impression is the last? While this may not be true for many things, it is true for the look of your home! The exterior of your home is the very first thing visitors will lay their eyes on and hence, it needs to be pleasing. 

6. Combination

Even though there are a lot of combinations trending all across the internet, not all look classy and modern. Try to avoid using more than two different colours for the exterior of your home. If you want to go for just one colour, see if different shades of the same colour will set the right mood. Too many colours may make the entrance of your home look cluttered and unprofessional. 

Being aware and having the right information about the factors that you need to take into account before deciding on a colour for your home exterior is of utmost importance. Diving right in and selecting the first colour you think looks pretty is not the correct way to go about it. Trends may come and go, but the factors to consider before finalizing a colour remain the same.

Now that you know what you need to keep in mind and the aspects that you need to be careful about, we think you are informed enough to choose a colour for your home exterior! 

Home Exterior Paint Ideas 

1. White

home design

You will be surprised to see the variety of shades just the colour white offers. When looking for home exterior paints, go for classic or ivory white. The colour white represents peace and is the perfect colour for you in case you want your home to give out a serene vibe. On the other hand, if white seems too minimalistic and simple, add some colour to your front door and then see the magic!

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2. Gray

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While Gray home exteriors have always been popular abroad, they are now slowly taking over India too. Don’t get too confused between light and dark shades of grey. While the lighter shades will give your home a more modern look, the darker shades will give it a more sophisticated look. 

3. Red

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This is for ones who always wanted to stand out from the crowd! In India, a standard colour for the exterior of your home is red clubbed with white. Instead of looking too loud, it will make your home look high-end and will give it depth. 

4. Monochromatic 

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This is one colour combination that never goes out of style. Tried and tested for years now, the shades used here are of the kind that let the architecture of your home do the talking. For instance, a perfect combination would be grey and white as the major shades of your home exterior with a tinge of black! 

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5. Earthy Tones

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The population residing in rural areas seems to prefer colour tones that are linked to mother nature the most. A trend of earthy tones slowly moving towards urban areas has been observed. These gel in perfectly with the greenery and nature in India. Out of the entire earthy tone palette, it is the shades of brown that stand out and give the exterior of a home an appealing touch.

6. Yellow

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This colour is for those who are in the mood to go bright and be bold! Yellow is a colour that is both attention-grabbing as well as homely. There are a lot of people who wish to paint their home exterior with bright colours but it never seems to go well. This is because bright colours as your home exterior do not look visually pleasing. However, if you were to choose a bright colour - yellow is a perfect choice. Use warmer shades of yellow to maintain a combination of not too loud but also eye-pleasing. 

Yes, we are thinking what you are thinking - so many options to choose from and the idea of these colours as the exterior of our house is so refreshing and exciting! Take your own sweet time to imagine and reimagine each of these colours as your home exterior. There is no shortage of time and this investment is as crucial as the one you made to purchase your dream home. Choosing the right colour is one of many ways that will help you improve the curb appeal of your home.

We would like to leave you with one final tip, one that not many people are aware of - the painting season. Did you know that if you decide to paint your home exterior in a few particular seasons, they are guaranteed to have a longer life span? The logic behind this is that any shade or colour you decide to use needs at least a minimum temperature to be able to have a long life span. Summers are the best time to get your home exterior painted. Avoid doing this during the winter and the rainy season. 

So, which colour stood out for you? Tell us how you reached your final decision in the comments below, and you might help out some fellow homeowners! 


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