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Simar Nagi | 10 Mar 2023

Mosaic Flooring VS Terrazzo: Difference, Benefits, Installation & Cost!

Mosaic Flooring VS Terrazzo: Difference, Benefits, Installation & Cost!

Table of Content:

  1. Mosaic Flooring #1: Mosaic Flooring
  2. Mosaic Flooring #2: Features of Mosaic Floor Tiles
  3. Mosaic Flooring #3: Terrazzo
  4. Mosaic Flooring #4: Features of Terrazzo
  5. Mosaic Flooring #5: Mosaic Flooring VS Terrazzo: Merits & Demerits
  6. Mosaic Flooring #6: Mosaic Flooring VS Terrazzo

There are some days when you are gazing at your floor and imagining what if, instead of bright white and beige flooring, you went for something darker like black, gray, or purple. Of course, we all have that phase in life. While there are indeed plenty of options available in the market, our guide on mosaic flooring vs. terrazzo will help you find the perfect fit for your home that will help add a touch of luxury to your abode. 

Mosaic Flooring

mosaic flooring

The mosaic floor tiles are made by cutting square pieces of marble, stone, or crystal and placing them on a flat surface in order to create a visually appealing design. You can use cement to fill in the spaces between the chips. 

Features of Mosaic Floor Tiles

Mosaic flooring is done at home to give the space a fresh and warm look. They stand out because of their below-mentioned properties:

  • Resistant to wear-n-tear

  • Comes in various forms of artwork 

  • Easy to clean and does not require any chemicals. 

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You must have seen this flooring in your grandparents' home. While terrazzo stone originated in Italy, it later came to Indian homes in the early 1970s. The terrazzo floor often consists of combined marble chunks, crystal, or real stone with binding material like cement. 

Features of Terrazzo

Many people's priority is Terrazzo because of its below-mentioned properties:

  • Resistant to heat

  • Easy to install

  • Requires less amount 

  • Weather-friendly

  • Resistant to water

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Mosaic Flooring VS Terrazzo: Merits & Demerits

Mosaic FlooringTerrazzo
The role of mosaic tiles is well suited for urban and infrastructure works Most suited for people who like to have a vintage touch to their home decor.
They resist wear and tear but can get easily dirty with high foot traffic due to their grout joints.They are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance.
Since they are made from recycled glass, they are eco-friendly.Terrazzo is eco-friendly and is a perfect choice for green homes.
It is difficult to stand barefoot since the mosaic flooring has a rough surface.Can stand barefoot but not for a longer time.
Floor tiles are very rough in texture, due to which one might feel the uneven surface or roughness.They are a bit slippery, so Terrazzo is surface traction.

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Mosaic Flooring VS Terrazzo

1. DescriptionThe mosaic floor tiles are arranged in a certain manner to create a beautiful pattern.The terrazzo floor uses a more random approach to create a flat surface.
2. Expense The price of mosaic wall tiles is determined by the colors used, and the design chosen. If there are different intricate shapes available, the cost will rise. The average mosaic flooring price per sq.ft. is Rs 100, and the average marble mosaic tile price per sq. ft is Rs 80.Terrazzo flooring costs between Rs 350 and Rs 400 per sq ft, with tiles costing Rs 70 per sq ft. This type of material has the potential to be cost-effective, but the installation of tiles can prove to be an expensive affair.
3. MakeUpThe mosaic has small pieces of marble that are arranged in a beautiful pattern with the help of cement.In terrazzo flooring, marble chips are used.
4. UsageMosaic laminate flooring is usually installed in bathrooms and kitchens at home because of its chemical resistance.You can use terrazzo material if you want to work on the floors of verandas, courtyards, galleries, and other areas with heavy traffic.
5. TextureMosaic flooring has a rough surface.Terrazzo has a smoother surface than mosaics.

Mosaic Flooring VS Terrazzo both have their pros and cons and can add a beautiful, unique touch to your home. The comparison mentioned above will help you decide which type of flooring will be right for your home. 


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