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Aarushi | 10 Jun 2022

A Guide to Choose Modern Villa entrance doors

A Guide to Choose Modern Villa entrance doors

They say that it is important that people get the first impression. Similarly, if the exterior of your home is attractive, it will also make a good first impression. Having a great front door design is a great way to add a theme or influence to your home.

In addition to aesthetic reasons, front doors are a very functional part of the home, of course, as it adds another layer of security to your home and helps to clearly define your property. For those who have pets in their home, it is best to fence off your property and add a nice entrance gate, so that pets can use the outdoor spaces safely.

With modern materials and manufacturing techniques, you can do anything with your entrance gates. The design of the entrance door should complement the property and its surroundings.

In addition, it should also suit your needs and lifestyle. Always consider your personal needs when choosing your design, as it will greatly affect its practicality.

For example, if you are polite, a large hand-opened entrance door will be practical. If you have a small space, box doors or a sliding box would probably suit your space better. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so consider your needs first before deciding on something.

Types of modern entrance door materials

modern villa entrance doors

Modern entrance doors come in different materials, finishes and combinations. Here are the most commonly used materials:

Steel - The most common material for doors, and was used many years ago. Steel can be moulded into various shapes and forms, so whether you want a modern design or a more classic design, steel can do the job.

Stainless steel - A little expensive at first, but it will help you save on maintenance costs. High-quality stainless steel won't get damaged or rust even in adverse weather conditions, so you won't have to repaint it all the time.

Wood - Wood in entrance doors is very popular. In modern applications, wood is typically used for decorative rather than structural purposes. Wood and steel are often combined to create an interesting contrast of colours and textures.

Glass - Not as commonly used as the other materials mentioned, but glass can also be used for your entrance doors for a more modern and contemporary look.

Ideas for modern villa entrance doors

villa entrance doors

Combinations of wood and steel for entrance door design have been very popular recently. Adding wood panels adds more dimension to the door and also adds some warmth.

Such a design uses different widths of wood panels, adding vertical patterns to the door design. The use of horizontal wooden slats in the design of your driveway entrance will add continuity to the fence design. For the gate, use stainless steel frames with solid wood slats that match the material used for the wooden fence.

Sometimes all we need is a basic white painted timber entrance door. The design can be a simple timber construction with a hinged design. Keep this door low and a bit small and it will be easy to open and close this door without difficulty.

For small garages and patios, a sliding mechanism would allow you to open a large driveway, without obstructing the pedestrian area. Because of the low height of a small sliding driveway gate, it looks less intimidating and more homely. If you don't want to block the facade of your home at all, use thinner metal bars instead of wide pieces to give it a more "open" and airy feel.

You can also have an entrance door that uses all stainless steel for the frames and metal vertical tubes that add function and design. Keep the tubes used in the middle thin to maintain an open and airy feel to the property.

If you don't like stainless steel doors, you can use plain steel and paint it any colour you like. You can have a steel gate that complements the classic looking accent patterns in your fencing and make the whole design look integrated.

If privacy and security are your primary concern, metal panels, rather than horizontal slats, are the best solution. Not only does it cover the property almost completely, but it is also more difficult to scale due to the lack of stage space.

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