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Anoushka Chopra | 13 Feb 2023

Ideas to Make an Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Ideas to Make an Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Would it not be an absolute delight to sit outside whenever you feel like and to have the freedom of always deciding whether you want to have your meals indoors or outdoors? Well, while most of us often dream of this, we ultimately decide to let it go because of the complexities and difficulties that come with designing an outdoor kitchen. Even though there are so many designs and ideas floating on the web, all of us end up getting more confused than ever! 

Our goal is to not just provide you with clarity, but also give you a plethora of design options that you can choose from. We feel that the purpose of having an outdoor kitchen is not just to cook meals but also to spend quality time with friends and family. When you think of an outdoor kitchen, do not think of it as something tedious and time-consuming. Think of it as something that you can call your go-to place when you want a change of environment or a break from your daily routine life! 

Most of you might be of the mindset that there is no need for an outdoor kitchen when you already have one indoors. While that might be true to an extent, think about this - is it not chaotic and a complete hassle to shift meals from one place to another? Does it not disappoint you when you forget to bring your salt/pepper and you have to rush inside in the middle of your meal? That is exactly why we want you to entertain the idea of designing your outdoor kitchen and enjoying the benefits that come along with it. 

For you to start your journey of having a chance at feasting amidst natural luxury all day every day, we have come up with quite a few design ideas for you to be an outdoor kitchen. These options have been presented keeping in mind different tastes, preferences, likes, and dislikes. They are a combination of ideas for both small and large terraces, yards, patios, and verandahs. 

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Rustic Wood Kitchen with Stone Backdrop

Gray is one color that might not go well with everything, but it does look perfect when used for an outdoor kitchen. Use gray wood for all the furniture that you plan on keeping outside. Cover your outdoor space with a tin roof so that the whole look gives it a farmhouse-like feel. To avoid cluttering and for giving it a visual appeal, opt for open shelves on both sides of your kitchen. 

Food Prep Station with Food Storage

Looking for something modern? You have landed on the right design idea! All you have to do is design your preparation station in dark wood and use blond wood for the counter top and cupboards. For a final look, install a chandelier on the ceiling of your outdoor kitchen, and you are all done!

Country Chic Outdoor Kitchen

This is one of the most modern ideas out of all. To spice things up, you can use a theme of dark-colored furniture and decor items. Moving on, club the dark-colored theme with minimalistic colored fairy lights to give your kitchen a country-style look. If you want to go for something slightly fancy, you can put up lanterns, a coffee table, or even set up a bar.

Patio Kitchen and Living Room

The new trend is to not just invest in creating your outdoor kitchen but also combine it with a cozy living room. This living room is ideal for all seasons and can be used for more than one purpose. You can make it feel like a real room by installing an arched pergola and customizing its size according to the size of your outdoor space. You can also add a coffee table and a few couches to give it a final touch.

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Slate and Stone Decor 

Slate and stone are a pair that can give a gorgeous look to absolutely anything that you plan to design. A slate can be used as a focal point above the grill and the sink. A stone arch can be used for visual interest. Another advantage of this idea is that you will have ample space on both sides of your kitchen to host people as well as to prepare the meals. You can use outdoor plants to give it a more appealing look and to add some color.

Full Patio Kitchen Island 

Use stonework furniture to give your outdoor kitchen space an island-like look. Do some diamond detailing and add the finishing touch with some mellow lighting on the countertop. This kitchen is an all-in-one kitchen that includes a grill, sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, and a smoking area if needed. If you want to go all out, you can also install a TV for entertainment purposes.

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Sewing Cabinet Outdoor Bar 

Making use of a sewing cabinet means you do not need to go out of your way to buy new furniture and cupboards. Sewing cabinets can best be utilized to add a bar to your outdoor kitchen. The sewing cabinet can be placed somewhere on the side and can be called the “serving area.” You can top it up with a fancy ice bucket so that the drinks at your bar remain cool and can be served instantly.  It is a perfect combination in case you are planning to install a grill or a table in your kitchen! 

Outside Kitchenette 

This outdoor kitchen idea is suitable for any kind of outdoor space you may have. All you have to do is experiment with a variety of furniture and equipment. For instance, you can add some cabinets/cupboards, chairs next to a concrete counter, a sink, and a refrigerator. All these are necessities that you can arrange in your outdoor space by putting your creative mind to use. An addition of a barbeque or a grill will complete the look.

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Patio Storage Cabinets 

As the name suggests, this design primarily focuses on the cabinets. To make your work easier and ensure everything you need in your kitchen is in the kitchen itself, you can either purchase storage cabinets or get them built by a constructor. Ideally, purchasing the cabinets will save money. You can give these cabinets a custom look by decorating them with a cement board and tiles. This design is most suited if you are hosting a huge crowd of people and have a knick for serving food buffet style.

Designing an outdoor kitchen is a wise investment. While some might feel it is a waste of money, the good news is that an outdoor kitchen is a long-term investment. Statistically, if you take care of all your appliances and focus on daily maintenance, your outdoor kitchen can last for more than 10 years. 

Now that you are well aware of the different designs you can consider for your outdoor kitchen, the next step is to decide which idea suits your outdoor space the best. Consider factors like space available, lighting, budget, view, number of people, the purpose of the kitchen, etc., and then make your final decision. 

There is no right or wrong here and no matter which design you decide to go ahead with, we assure you that you are going to love your soon-to-be outdoor kitchen!


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