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Simar Nagi | 08 Dec 2022

Try these 8 hacks to get rid of Spirits

Try these 8 hacks to get rid of Spirits

It's hard to accept, but it has happened to all of us that late at night, it felt like something's shifted in the shadows, or the floorboards sounded like they were whining, and lights started to flicker without any reason. Incidents like these give us chills, but most of us brush these signs considering their hallucinations. But what if these incidents keep happening and the frequency of their occurrence starts to increase? And what if you sense one day that you aren't alone like you thought you were and instead in a haunted house?

According to the researchers, two out of ten people have seen ghosts; now that while reading this, you are questioning your sanity over some creepy things happening in your home, clearly, you are not alone. Here are some indicators that will help you figure out if you have spirits living with you and how to get rid of them.

5 signs you live in a haunted house

1. Sudden change in room temperature

haunted house

Before considering it a contributory factor, understand that if your house is older, you may experience some changes. But if you experience coldness in some spots that, no matter what you do, does not get heated, then consider you might have someone else living with you. Ghosts never experience temperature themselves, but they can emit certain energy that changes the room temperature.

2. You are hearing weird sounds even though you live alone


Although the weird sound could be your noisy neighbors, if you hear sounds that are creepy and do not make any sense, you could have ghosts in your house. If you are someone who in the past recently shifted to this new house, then ask around if someone died in this home. If someone did die, then perform a pooja so that they can rest in peace. But if you are still encountering weird noises, then it's time to call a paranormal expert.

3. Things are never in their place

If you have children at home, they have likely shifted your things. Of course, if you experience something spooky like an object flying off from one place to another could be a sign that a ghost is behind all that. But these mischievous incidents are less likely to occur.

4. Light flickering on and off continuously 


It is one of the common paranormal phenomena experienced by many, and if not experienced, then you must have definitely watched this in one of the haunted movies. Some researchers believe that in a haunted house, ghosts manipulate electricity and energy by flickering lights on and off, and the reason behind this could be that ghosts are trying to send you a message. Nevertheless, it can be because you have some old or defective bulbs that need replacing. Before you invest your time and money on a night vision camera hoping to catch ghosts, make sure you replace bulbs and ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and fixed.

5. Chances of you having a smelly house?


The distinct smell you experience with no nearby source is known as phantom scent. But before believing that you have a ghostly presence, ensure that there is no one smoking or using perfume. Or maybe it's the smell of someone who left the building without you even knowing. If you still are unable to recognize the scent, could it be actually coming from your neighbors? Maybe they're having a barbecue or something? Even before declaring your home a haunted house, check if your ventilation system is properly working or not. Air particles and scents coming from outside and mixing up with your home could result in a smell that you might conclude is haunting.

Solutions to welcome peace in your haunted house

1. Keep your house clean. Do not accumulate dirt inside or execute these Vastu tips to invite good and positive energies into your house.


2. If you are continuously experiencing some negative vibes, then it is advisable to remove photo frames of the person who has passed away recently.

3. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day at sharp at 6 in the evening.

haunted home

4. Agarbatti Dhoop in pooja room.

5. After every 6 months, perform Satya Narayan Pooja.

6. Break coconut on the threshold and put pieces into 4 corners of the haunted house. After one day, throw those coconut pieces away. 

7. One person in the home can also recite Guru Charitra every Thursday. 

8. Prepare an incense stick out of Chandan, sugar, desi ghee, and guggul, and keep it for use of morning and evening prayers as it will purify negative Vastu.

In the end, if you believe it's not your kid, neighbor, or anything else but a ghost in your house, you can perform certain rituals. These Vastu remedies will help you get rid of bad energies from your house and convert it into your lovely home.

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