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Marketing Team | 31 Jan 2023

Hidden Door Ideas To Keep Your Secret Safe

Hidden Door Ideas To Keep Your Secret Safe

Explore the benefits of having a secret door & space at your home. 

Image Source - www.houzz.com

Is It Just The Bookshelves?

Here's a hidden door disguised as bookshelves. It is indeed the most popular kind of a hidden door! Image Source - www.idesignarch.com​

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A Hidden Door Under The Staircase

Under the staircase is usually dead space. Turn it into a storeroom and seal it with a hidden door in such a way that it seems like just a plain wall. Image Source - www.houzz.com​

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A Secret Reading Nook

At times, there's so much happening at home that it becomes difficult to have a "me-time" like simply reading a book. Create a secret passage that leads to your secret reading nook in any part of your home where you can read and relax. Image Source - www.thespruce.com​

In Case Of Robbery

The threat of robbery at home is always in the mind and thereby, everybody tries to build their homes with all safety measures. Having a secret door & room for such situations is an excellent idea where you can keep your valuable assets. Image Source - www.familyhandyman.com​

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