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Gaurav Srivastava | 30 Jan 2023

Designing your Home Terrace: A Guide

Designing your Home Terrace: A Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Guide Design Home Terrace #1: Make the Most of the View
  2. Guide Design Home Terrace #2: Focus on a Lively Color Palette
  3. Guide Design Home Terrace #3: Outdoor Furniture
  4. Guide Design Home Terrace #4: Roof Deck
  5. Guide Design Home Terrace #5: Lighting
  6. Guide Design Home Terrace #6: The Roof over your Rooftop Terrace
  7. Guide Design Home Terrace #7: The Rustic Look
  8. Guide Design Home Terrace #8: An Extension of your Indoor Style
  9. Guide Design Home Terrace #9: Go Minimalistic
  10. Guide Design Home Terrace #10: Vintage Courtyard
  11. Guide Design Home Terrace #11: Recreation Sanctuary
  12. Guide Design Home Terrace #12: Party Lounge Style

As the housing trends are slowly changing, residents are moving towards an increased preference for a terrace or a rooftop. After all, is it not delightful and extremely convenient to have an outdoor living space all to yourself? Not to mention, the endless possibilities that come with it! Of course, the view is an added advantage too. The terrace area can not only come to use when you want to relax on a Sunday or throw a party to commemorate the weekend! 

For most of us, the idea of a vacation has always been to travel out of town, or just catch an aeroplane and take up the opportunity of staying in luxury hotels. While all of this is still possible, the ongoing pandemic has changed dynamics for all of us. In this scenario, it might be the perfect idea to utilize our terrace instead of dropping the idea of vacations altogether. Even if you set your mind to putting in a little hard work and your creative cap to work, there is nothing that can stop you from turning your terrace into the much-needed haven all of us crave from time to time. 

To make the whole process easier for you, we have created a home terrace design guide from scratch. This not only includes some of the most popular and sought-after terrace designs but also helps you in reaching your decision. With so many trending and innovative ideas floating around, it gets difficult to pick and choose. 

To begin with, here are some factors that you can take into account before moving on to the variety of home terrace ideas that you can choose from. 

Factors to consider before choosing your Home Terrace Design

1. Make the Most of the View 

Even if you do everything right with decorating your terrace and forget to consider the view, there is a high chance all your hard work would go to waste. Before deciding on an idea or style for your terrace design, have a good look at the view from your terrace. Is it beautiful? Then make sure you incorporate the view into your terrace designs. Is it somewhat unpleasant? Try and focus on designing the central area of the terrace. If need be, use tall plants to cover the view. 

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2. Focus on a Lively Color Palette 

Choosing the right colours for your outdoor space is a very different process as compared to choosing the colour scheme for your room indoors. Instead of focusing on patterns and materials of design, shift your focus to table linens and tapestry for your terrace. Use as much home decor as you can to make the place look inviting and lively. The walls can be painted with vibrant colours, and can also be filled with art or graffiti. You can also hang some flower pots and throw in some colourful pillows in case you plan to include a couch or lounge chairs.

3. Outdoor Furniture 

Here is the good news - from an outdoor kitchen to an outdoor party zone, your terrace can be transferred into absolutely anything that you want it to be. Here is the bad news - most of us fail to pick out the appropriate furniture, the result of which is poor or no transformation. You can experiment with an ample variety of furniture. You can build a small fire pit for the chilly winter season, or create a cosy corner around a round coffee table. The most ideal combination is buying wooden furniture along with side tables and lounge chairs.

4. Roof Deck 

Many have the misconception that a roof deck is only for purposes that involve a swimming pool or a patio design idea. Well, this is not true. If you are going for a look that is more modern than traditional, a roof deck will add an aesthetic and elegant look to your outdoor terrace. You can make good use of items like umbrellas, cosy cushions, an area to sit along with a coffee table, or even a few outdoor loungers! 

5. Lighting 

Whether you plan to use your designed terrace for party purposes or not, the right lighting is anyways very essential. The right lighting sets the tone and the mood for whatever the occasion maybe! Most people prefer string lights because they are relevant and appropriate for any occasion. Bulbs, hanging lanterns, or fancy scones are some other preferred options.  If you want to go for something romantic, you can use tea candles and place them on the outdoor table. In case you have graffiti or any kind of art on your terrace, you can add a touch of accent lighting to highlight it. The options are countless, just don't limit yourself to the bare minimum!

6. The Roof over your Rooftop Terrace 

Now that you have finally decided to decorate your home terrace, it is only wise to invest in a roof, for your roof! Constructing a roof over your terrace will not only give the terrace a unique and new look but also protect all the outdoor items and decor from the uncertain weather seasons. One way to build a proper roof is to go traditional and get the construction done. Once finished, you can think about converting the space into a rooftop patio design. If you are not too much into the idea of a proper roof, try out a segmented roofing system. All you have to do is put up a roof over just a small part of your terrace, leaving the outdoor space open and when needed shifting all the furniture under this partial roof. 

Now that you have an idea about all the factors that you need to consider and think about before you decide how you want to transform your terrace, 50% of your work is already completed! Once you get your priorities straight and decisions in place, glance through these home terrace ideas and choose one that is the most suitable for your terrace. The good news is that these ideas are not only relevant for any kind of terrace space, but also offer a perfect combination of both a party and relaxing decor! 

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Home Terrace Design Ideas 

1. The Rustic Look

This rustic look is usually for terraces that are small in size and do not have much space for designing. If you are a nature lover and would like to live in a small cabin with wooden furniture, give your terrace a rustic look. Did you know you can utilize a wooden log to use it as a wooden table for various purposes? Furniture like cozy couches, hammocks, and swings are the most preferred for this look. If you are planning to have a party at night, this rustic look can be clubbed with a combination of rice lights to make the most of the party! 

2. An Extension of your Indoor Style 

While most people prefer to design their terrace in a different decor than they have used for their interiors, some like to give a similar touch like their homes to the terrace too.  Using the same decor that you have used for your home can give the terrace a visual appeal and an aesthetic continuity. This is not just easy to implement, but also does not take much hard work and effort. Finally, this terrace design style also makes the space look bigger than it is.

3. Go Minimalistic 

This look is for people who like designs that are simple and do not give the place a cluttered feel. Use optimum lighting and invest in a relaxing hanging chair that is flexible and comfortable. If you want to give a relaxed and warm feel to the terrace, purchase furniture items that are sophisticated and not too big. This look is both clean and chic!  

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4. Vintage Courtyard 

From kite patterned flooring to vintage lamps and pots, all these are ways to honour the past in one way or another. Go to any antique store and buy some potted plants to go with wooden dining tables and chairs. This home terrace design idea takes you back to a feeling of nostalgia and simplicity. Vintage Courtyard design is also commonly known as the Timeless Vintage design.

5. Recreation Sanctuary 

This terrace idea is not only relevant for any occasions you might want to celebrate at the terrace but can also transform into a space where you pursue your hobbies and get productive. Whether it is practising your Casio or doing some sketching on a sunny day, your terrace will feel welcoming and comforting for every activity. Use a combination of climbing plants like the money plant and simple shelves to give your terrace a patio-like look. The theme for the sanctuary can be bamboo or wood. This is one of the most simple terrace designing ideas.  

6. Party Lounge Style

This terrace design is mostly used by homeowners who want to give their terrace a party look and make it ready for hosting a group of people. Just like the upcoming new year, would you not love to have the freedom of celebrating special occasions with your loved ones, that too at your very own rooftop with music and fancy settings? All you have to do to give your terrace the party lounge makeover is to purchase some funky party furniture and invest in a small deck garden. When it is time to host a party, you can customize the decorations and designs according to the occasion. For instance, on Diwali, you can put up fairy lights and on Christmas, you can keep a red and white theme. 

Apart from these design ideas, it is also important to focus on the little things. Be it designing a small pathway that leads to the terrace or scattering a few rock-shaped stones around the deck, these small gestures can give your terrace a stunning effect. Once you have pondered enough and settled on the look that suits your terrace best, you are good to go for all kinds of occasions and festivals! 

Do you now see how effective and useful a terrace can be? Well, you will be glad to know that your balcony can be utilized the same way too. Spare some time to look at these balcony decoration ideas, and you never know you might find some inspiration along the way! 


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