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Aarushi | 26 May 2022

9 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Small Balcony (With Pictures) -2022

9 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Small Balcony (With Pictures) -2022

A small balcony, especially in apartments located in big cities, is a perfect place to relax. However, designing a small balcony can be more difficult than it seems. That's why you need to think about the right plan. Wondering how to decorate a balcony and how to use its space creatively? 

Any space in your house, no matter how small or big is something you have paid for. Then why let it sit there idly and catch dust over time? It’s necessary to utilise every space optimally and this includes your small balcony. This space can turn into your refuge and have a great positive impact on your quality of life as you spend time in your apartment. 

So let’s figure out ways to use up your small balcony so that it's not only beautiful but also functional.

1. Reading Corner

balcony decor

A small balcony is often perceived as a space with few possibilities. In reality, all it takes is a little creativity to design a really interesting and useful space. Are you a book lover? Fantastic! You can even turn it into a sweet little reading nook. Even a small space is enough to design a place for two people.

All you need is a small table and two chairs to create a relaxing space with a book. How about armchairs instead of chairs? Consider synthetic wicker furniture, which looks good and is weather resistant.

2. Hammock On A Small Balcony

Want to relax after a long day? There are some balcony ideas that you will surely enjoy - like a hammock on a balcony. This is a great option for those who like to take an afternoon nap.

There are many hammock designs on the market. Finding one that suits the size of your balcony and your own preferences should not be a problem. You can choose any colour that will match the rest of the decor items.

If you have a balcony garden with a lot of plants - palms, dracaenas and ivy - choose a white linen hammock with bohemian-style ornaments. This way you can create a pattern that looks like a hotel room in an exotic country - you'll feel like you're on vacation every day.

3. Choose The Power Of Plants

small balcony

Plants always go well with the decoration of the house, whether you have a small balcony or a large terrace. Before choosing a particular species, estimate the space you have for your balcony garden. This will help you know if you can hang flower pots on the railing or place additional plant supports in different areas of the balcony.

When choosing balcony plants, pay attention not only to the space available but also to the location of your balcony. Not all plants can withstand strong sunlight, and some do not grow in the shade.

4. Hot Tub On The Balcony

balcony decor ideas

Can you afford a totally crazy idea? Contrary to popular belief, these modern devices do not necessarily require a lot of space. There are small hot tub models on the market. So, if you do not have plans for other devices - such an idea will probably be possible to realise.

If you decide to install a jacuzzi on your balcony, it is advisable to consult an interior designer and a company that will carry out the project. It is best to choose a piece of high-quality equipment with special cladding. This way, the device will be safe in winter - you will not risk any damage.

5. Shady Place To Relax

Don't like the sun too much, but still like to relax on a balcony? In this case, you should choose a piece of practical equipment. An umbrella is a basic element - its size should be adapted to that of your equipment. This will allow you to offer yourself some cool shade to relax comfortably.

If you do not like the idea of an umbrella, you can choose a special awning, which adapts to all conditions - so it is perfect for a small balcony too.

It is not always possible to design a balcony with an awning. A balcony in an apartment and any changes to it often require permission from the housing company. Sometimes it may not be possible to change the shape of the building or its surface. In such a case, your only option is an umbrella.

6. Vegetables And Herbs

small balcony

Do you like healthy vegetables? Can't imagine eating a meal without adding fresh herbs? You don't have to go shopping every time you need your favourite plants. A small balcony is a perfect place for your own vegetable garden.

You have two options - one is traditional flower pots. You can place them in a row near the wall or hang them from the railing (don't forget to secure the pot so it doesn't fall over). However, if you want a more creative small balcony idea, you can build a vertical construction - for example from a wooden pallet. Thanks to this, you can plant different vegetables and herbs on each level of the construction. In this way, using the same amount of space, you can get a larger harvest, perfect for your kitchen.

7. Using Pallet Furniture

You're on a pretty tight budget and you're worried that your balcony design will be different from what you expect. Are you wondering if you'll have to give up some of the elements? 

Pallets are the budget-friendly perfect options for those with not much to spare on a balcony decor. These cheap DIY material options have taken the outdoor decor world by storm in the past few years. They are meant to withstand harsh weather and can be turned into sofas, benches, etc. All you have to do is assemble the pallets and use ordinary cushions.

Balcony furniture on pallets has been very popular in recent years. You can also place them perfectly in the space you have. This is a perfect idea for designing a very small balcony.

8. Swing Is A Perfect Idea For A Small Balcony

Do you wish you could go back in time to your childhood? You want to relax and get some fresh air and your balcony is really tiny. A swing could be an ideal option. Hammock chairs are very popular lately. They have been used both inside homes, on balconies, and in public spaces, such as bohemian-style restaurants.

Are you wondering why a swing is the perfect equipment for a small balcony? First of all, it is actually a 2-in-1 design. On a daily basis, you can use a folding chair and a small table. When you want to relax, just fold the chair and hang the hammock chair on the hook firmly attached to the balcony above you. It is also an ideal option for those who can't decide on a solution and like changes.

9. Parquets On A Small Balcony

The common standard for balcony floors is concrete or tile. This is of course a great solution, which is also exceptionally easy to clean. But it doesn't always fit the general concept. Therefore, many owners often decide to lay wood or similar material on the balcony.

It is a perfect choice if the balcony refers to nature with its style. Pallet furniture, linen cushions, woven blankets, ambient lighting and wooden floor - these elements create a truly unique atmosphere, even in the centre of a large and busy city.

If you're wondering which material to choose, natural wood or a wood-like surface, consider two important factors. Natural wood is more expensive and more difficult to keep in good condition. It requires more frequent and extensive maintenance. That's why most experts say that in this case, synthetic wood-like material is a better option.

A small balcony decoration should include a general concept that will help you create a place to relax after a long day of responsibilities, or spend the weekend - reading books or eating tasty meals. Make sure a balcony is a comfortable place. Choose your favourite cushions and blankets. Set up a place for a cup of coffee or scented candles.

Now that you’re all cosy in your newly decorated small balcony, don’t forget to tell us which ideas inspired your small balcony decor. 

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