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Janvee | 07 Mar 2023

7 Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas For A Colourful Party At Home

7 Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas For A Colourful Party At Home

Table of Content:

  1. Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas #1: Latex​
  2. Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas #2: Foil For A Shiny Finish
  3. Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas #3: Choose Bubble
  4. Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas #4: Make A Statement With Cloudbuster
  5. Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas #5: Use Balloon Pillars To Elevate
  6. Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas #6: Impress Your Guests With Arches
  7. Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas #7: Model
  8. Birthday Balloon Decoration Ideas #8: Best Colour Combinations

Balloons are a simple and inexpensive go-to choice for decoration. Everyone loves a party with balloons - whether a young one or an adult. It is also why people prefer balloon decoration at home on birthdays.

Today, we have curated a list of birthday balloon decoration ideas for you to get inspired.

1. Latex Balloon Decoration For Birthday

balloon decoration at home

Latex balloons are available easily and are also the most popular. Any birthday party balloon decoration is incomplete without them and can be easily found at your departmental store or with any street vendor. Latex balloon decorations for birthdays at home are filled with air or helium and can be inflated manually. 

2. Try Foil Balloons For A Shiny Finish

birthday party balloon decoration

Foil balloons are made of aluminum foil and have a nylon layer coated on the outside. They have a metallic and shiny texture and are available in various shapes and sizes. These shapes can vary from round to oval. It is easy to customize these balloons as per your preferences due to their flexibility and adaptability. The standard size of a foil balloon ranges between 17 to 18 inches when deflated. 

There’s less scope for gas to exit due to the nylon coating on the outside. Hence, this bubble birthday decoration idea lasts longer and is durable. Unlike latex balloons, foil balloons are reusable and can be inflated with gas if they run out of it. They are costlier than other balloon types. A single foil balloon costs INR 100.   

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3. Choose Bubble Balloon Decoration For Birthday

balloon decoration for birthday at home

Bubble balloons are called so due to their appearance. They look like a bubble - transparent, clear, and spherical. They are made of clear PVC or silicone and are the most durable. They cost INR 30, which means they are neither as cheap as latex balloons nor as expensive as foil balloons. Bubble balloons range anywhere from 12 to 24 inches. 

There are four types of bubble balloons you can use as a birthday balloon decoration idea:

  • Air bubble balloons 

  • Single bubble balloons

  • Double bubble balloons

  • Deco bubble balloons

Air bubble balloons are the smallest in size, and deco bubble balloons are the largest in size. Bubble balloons have gained popularity recently as it allows experimenting with various creative layouts. 

4. Make A Statement With Cloudbuster Balloon Decoration

birthday balloon decoration ideas

Cloudbuster balloons are made using chloroprene rubber. They are giant gas globes, unlike the small handy balloons you see. The diameter of a typical cloudbuster balloon is approximately 5 feet. Helium gas is filled in these balloons. They last one to two weeks easily. They are also used for advertising purposes and for outdoor parties. 

Birthday balloon decoration ideas for home having cloudbuster balloons make a statement as one balloon is pretty big and costs around INR 2000. Your guests will be awestruck, and it will also catch the eye of everyone who passes by. 

5. Use Balloon Pillars To Elevate The Birthday Decoration

happy birthday balloon decoration

Source: thatballoons

The trick to making balloon pillars is binding the latex balloons using a sturdy pole as a base. You can also use air-filled balloons at the bottom and helium-filled balloons at the top. You will not need a pole as the architecture supports the structure. 

Try using balloons of contrasting colours to create a spiral illusion. It will add a zing to the birthday party and can alternate as an aesthetic area to click pictures too. They are easy to construct and are a great choice for balloon decoration for birthdays at home. Even amateurs can put it together!

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6. Impress Your Guests With Balloon Arches

simple balloon decoration for birthday

If you extend a balloon pillar to create a balloon sculpture, it results in a balloon arch. Another way to make a balloon arch is by arranging the balloons on a parabolic structure. It is often called a string of pearls. The balloon arch looks similar to a necklace studded with jewels, as there are gaps between consecutive balloons. A balloon arch can vary anywhere between 5 to 35 inches. 

Both ends of the arch are fixed on the ground. One of the must-try birthday balloon decoration ideas, this balloon arch makes the entrance look grand if you place it there.

7. ​Model Balloons For Birthday Decoration

balloon decoration for birthday

Prefer this birthday party balloon decoration idea, if you are celebrating a child's birthday in your family. Modelling balloons are a category of latex balloons that can help you make shapes that will leave the children at the party fascinated. 

It is one of the best birthday balloon decoration ideas if your children like a specific character. These balloons cost around INR 150 for a pack of 100 and are sold wholesale. You will need someone who is adept at shaping these balloons. 

You can identify modelling balloons by their length and diameter. The dimension of the balloon varies between 160 to 660. Here 1 in 160 is the width of the balloon, that is, 1 inch wide, and 60 is the length of the balloon, that is, 60 inches long.  

Simple Balloon Decorations For Birthday: Best Colour Combinations

Here are some most used colour combinations for a simple balloon decoration for birthday:

1. White And Pink  

This color combination looks classy and makes the space look elegant. It sets a playful tone in the room. 

2. White And Blue 

The white and blue color combination looks subtle yet fun. It adds a fun energy to the room, and it is used for birthday parties of young boys. 

3. Orange And Yellow 

This color combination will dazzle the entire room. Orange and yellow will brighten up the space instantly if you have a very neutral-looking space. 

There are a few more color combinations you can try for birthday parties:

  • Blue and light pink

  • White, pink, and gold

  • White, blue, and gold (for outdoor parties)

  • Blue, purple, and silver

  • Pink, green, and orange

  • Blue, purple, green, yellow, and red

  • White, pink, purple, yellow, and orange

We hope the list helps you find the right balloon decoration for birthday at home. Pick the balloon design for the birthday that resonates with your party the most!

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