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Marketing Team | 22 Feb 2023

Top 5 Indian Women in Real Estate

Top 5 Indian Women in Real Estate

The stereotype that Real Estate is a male-dominated industry in India is still true for the most part. While a lot of women are choosing real estate as their career path, the contrast in the number of men and women working in Indian Real Estate is evident. 

If you went house hunting in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore in the past few years, working with a female broker would have been a rare occurrence. Some women, however, are breaking through the glass ceiling and making their presence in this male-dominated field known.

These women are taking up all sorts of positions, from brokers to directors at sizeable real estate organizations, and are on a constant rise. These high-achievers have brought about a lot of change in the way the real estate sector in India functions.

This is the list of the Top 5 Indian women in Real Estate. The list is in no particular order. These are spectacular businesswomen who are adding immense value to Indian Real Estate.

Yukti Nagpal, Director, Gulshan Homz

Gulshan Homz Director, Yukti Nagpal is a force to be reckoned with. She is known mostly for her deep understanding of consumer needs and her vision of redefining luxury. In her tenure at Gulshan Homz, Yukti has led the planning, design, and construction of premium living spaces and state-of-the-art landmarks that are also sustainable.

Yukti is also a proactive participant in creating more space for women in her industry. Having seen the struggles of a woman in real estate firsthand, Yukti believes in harnessing the abilities of women in the workplace through empowerment and consistently backing their capabilities.

Yukti recently received a place in the 40 Under 40 list for the year 2021 by Realty+. She was also among the women entrepreneurs in Fortune’s list of Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs in 2020-2021.

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Kruti Kumar Jain, CEO, Kumar Urban Development Ltd (KUL)

Kruti officially joined Kumar Urban Development Ltd. at the early age of 15. She spent two years working in 23 departments in the company, learning the ropes as a newbie instead of the boss’ daughter. She spent two years learning to chase targets and network.

At the age of 17, Kruti took over the company as the Executive Director. This followed years of accolades and accomplishments. Kruti follows traditional work discipline and innovative planning. 

Under her leadership, KUL has delivered over 4800 units with a special focus on environmental impact. She has led the construction of eco-friendly IT Parks, Residential Complexes, and other commercial buildings.

Darshana Parmar Jain, Deputy Managing Director, Ishwar Parmar Group

Having recently made the move to a blockchain startup, some might suggest Darshana Parmar Jain has left the real estate business. But we believe differently. With her decade long tenure at Ishwar Parmar Group, Darshana will always stay a successful woman in the Indian real estate industry.

Her work ethic is highly influenced by her experience in American companies such as Aventis Pharmaceutical and Cardinal Health both based out of New Jersey.

Janhavi Sukhtankar, Executive Vice President [HR] – Lodha Group

Janhavi Sukhtankar completed her Bachelor’s in Arts (Sociology) from one of the best colleges in India, St. Xavier’s College. She then graduated with a Master’s in Labour Studies from Mumbai University. In a career spanning over two decades, Janhavi has worked in various global markets in Europe and India with companies like Sanofi Aventis, Greenpeace International and Glaxo India.

Janhavi Sukhtankar has been leading the Lodha Group as their Executive Vice President of Human resources since 2012.

Reeza Sebastian Karimpanal, President – Residential Business, Embassy Group

The President of the Residential Business arm of the Embassy Group, Reeza Sebastian Karimpanal has been a crucial leader for the construction company since 2010. 

Reeza recently led the Embassy Group in launching India’s first Alexa powered homes called Embassy Edge.

She was also awarded the Women Super Achiever in Business Award by Times Business Awards 2018 along with the Woman Achiever Award at Women Empowering Women by The Coveted in 2019.

While this list is short, there isn’t a shortage of Indian women in real estate. Inspiring women like Nahar Group’s Vice Chairperson Manju Yagnik, Prestige Group’s Director of Corporate Communications Uzma Irfan, and many more are painting the Real Estate Industry purple with their pioneering policies and strategies.

However, there can never be too many women in any industry. So, we hope to keep expanding this list with accolades of the women already mentioned, and new names that rise in the industry.


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