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Simar Nagi | 22 May 2023

15 Balcony Grill Designs to Improve Your Home’s Safety & Style

15 Balcony Grill Designs to Improve Your Home’s Safety & Style

Table of Content:

  1. Balcony Grill Design #1: Wire Mesh​
  2. Balcony Grill Design #2: Simple
  3. Balcony Grill Design #3: Vintage Full
  4. Balcony Grill Design #4: Aluminium
  5. Balcony Grill Design #5: Luxurious Iron
  6. Balcony Grill Design #6: Glass
  7. Balcony Grill Design #7: Concrete
  8. Balcony Grill Design #8: SS
  9. Balcony Grill Design #9: Condo-Style Modern
  10. Balcony Grill Design #10: Plywood
  11. Balcony Grill Design #11: Toughened Glass
  12. Balcony Grill Design #12: Vertical Modern
  13. Balcony Grill Design #13: Brick Wall
  14. Balcony Grill Design #14: Raised-Railing
  15. Balcony Grill Design #15: Collapsible

Do you love having a cup of coffee in the evening in your favourite place—the balcony? Of course, why wouldn't you? A balcony is ideal for sitting back, relaxing, and spending quality time with your loved ones. But as fun and beautiful as your experience is, the place is unsafe for you or your loved ones without a balcony grill. And hence incorporating a right balcony full grill design will be enough to make a difference. 

To choose the ideal balcony grill design, continue reading this article and make the favourite corner of your home safe and solid. 

15 Balcony Grill Designs ​Ideas For Home Safety

1. Wire Mesh Grill Design For Balcony

Wire Mesh Balcony Grill Design

Full-coverage mesh is ideal if you want a modern grill design for a balcony. It is preferred by people who wish to incorporate a balcony design for the sake of the safety of their kids and pets. 

Alongside, you can throw in some good rugs, comfy chairs, and beautiful flower pots to convert a plain steel grill design for the balcony into a lovely haven.

2. Simple Grill Design For Balcony 

Simple Grill Design For Balcony

If you want your balcony to look splendid without having to overdo anything, then you can try a simple grill design for the balcony. You might think that it's the simplest of all designs but trust us, this kind of grill design will add a touch of elegance to your balcony. Moreover, if you have colourful accessories or plants you can opt for muted shades of grills.

3. Vintage Full Grill Design For Veranda

Vintage Full Grill Design for Veranda

Suppose you have a thing for Victorian-style decor but at the same time want a modern balcony grill design. In that case, you can incorporate an iron grill design for the balcony. This will elevate the look of your balcony, and the wrought  iron grill design for the balcony will give it the vintage touch you already adore. 

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4. Aluminium Balcony Safety Grill Design

Aluminium Balcony Safety Grill Design

The aluminium balcony grill design is ideal for people who prefer to enjoy meals on the balcony grill or watch the sunset over the balcony grill. The speciality of the aluminium balcony grill design is that it is a little higher than the rest of the building. Also, this aluminium balcony grill design can be fully covered to improve the overall experience. 

Some people prefer having an aluminium balcony design grill for domestic usage while also setting up some commercial offices, stores, and other retail choices. If you are a seller, we bet you that having such a stunning balcony grill design will enhance the style and look of your space.

5. Luxurious Iron Grill Design For Balcony 

Luxurious Iron Grill Design For Balcony

If you live in a modern apartment, installing an iron grill design for the balcony is an ideal choice. Add two comfy chairs with a subtle colour table in between, and you will have a fantastic space available to have an evening tea with your loved ones.

6. Glass Grill Design For Veranda

Glass Grill Design for Verandah

This simple grill design for the verandah is especially for those who want a glass-like balcony look. You can get a glass grill area by installing some alluring outdoor furniture, a ceiling fan, and some plants, and voila—you've got the perfect balcony grill design for your home ready in no time. Trust us when we say there will be no place you want to spend your summer season other than your balcony. 

7. Concrete Balcony Grill Design

Concrete Balcony Grill Design

A concrete modern grill design for the balcony is a long-lasting, durable, water-resistant and weather-proof material. Choosing this will be a practical choice if you have good space at home between your rails. Not only will this safety grill design make your balcony safe, but you can also plan a better party space. 

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8. SS Grill Design For Balcony

SS Grill Design for Balcony

If you want grill design for a balcony that is easy to maintain, then stainless steel is ideal for your home. They are super affordable, long-lasting, and readily available in the market. This stainless steel balcony grill design is easy to clean, and its coating can be powdered to help protect from any severe weather.

9. Condo-Style Modern Grill Design For Balcony

grill style design

Condo-style thin grills for balconies can smoothly and effortlessly cover up the entire space. You must have noticed how traditional grills are big in size, which tends to block the view, but condo-style grills have horizontal and vertical rods available that are not big in diameter. Installing this design will assure you a fabulous view while making your balcony look more spacious.

10. Plywood Balcony Cover Grill Design

ideas grill

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for balcony design that suits your pocket, then a plywood balcony grill design is a perfect choice. This modern grill design for the balcony will be a pocket-friendly solution for you and help you create an impressive balcony statement. Such balcony cover grill designs have a narrow vent that is made to host the metallic bars, providing a superior strength to the door.

11. Toughened Glass for Balcony Grill Design 

home design ideas

If you are looking for a modern grill design for your balcony that assures full coverage, we have a solution for you. Give toughened glass to pair with your balcony grills a try! The glass will reflect an open, airy space and will also allow a continuous flow of air and light. Installing toughened glass on your balcony will protect you in case of injury or disaster.

12. Vertical Modern Balcony Grill Design​

home designs idea

Love for nature but not enough space? Well then, we've got you covered! Vertical grill design for the balcony will help you create the home garden that you've always wanted. You can install alluring, colourful flowers on the balcony without worrying about space. Moreover, you can turn one side of the fence into a vertical garden. It's easy to maintain and will give your home a stunning appearance. 

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13. Brick Wall Balcony Design ​

home decor

If you're planning on experimenting this time, you can convert a large balcony into a patio space using a brick wall. And guess what, you have the luxury of choosing the paint colour of your choice. With good, colourful flowers and comfy outdoor seating, you can make this the ideal place to arrange for a candlelight dinner. 

14. Raised-Railing Balcony Grill Design ​

home decor ideas

You can never find something more effective than a raised-rail balcony grill design. It is because it allows you to utilise the vertical space and is best suited for people living in small apartments. 

To further beautify your balcony space, you can hang LED lights and home decor items on the walls and some potted plants on the floor. The best benefit of installing a raised-rail grill design for the balcony is that you will enjoy more visual space than ever. 

15. Collapsible Grill Design for Balcony

home decor style

Source: Colgategaragedoors

A collapsible gate is a fabulous option if you are planning on installing a balcony grill. This type of grill design for the balcony ensures the safety and security of residents and provides a stunning outside view. Installing this design will also provide an illusion of space with easy access to natural light.

Final Words

We hope that you like the balcony grill design ideas mentioned above and will be able to make an informed decision based on your budget, safety, and aesthetics. Just remember to decorate your balcony with suitable furniture and plants and brighten up your space with good lights. 


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