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Marketing Team | 24 Jan 2023

8 Ways To Attract Positive Energy In Your Home

8 Ways To Attract Positive Energy In Your Home

Home is where the heart is. That’s what they say anyway, right? It means home should be somewhere you enjoy waking up and coming back home after a long day at work. But have you ever walked into your home and just felt... down? If yes, here are ten easy ways to bring more positive energy and peace in your home: Source - architecturaldigest.com​

De-clutter every room

Positive Energy In Your Home

Clutter is stressful and can also attract negative entities. Wondering how to declutter your life? Start by clearing your home of all the things you no longer need or use. It will give you an amazing sense of happiness as you clear out your spaces. A clutter free home promotes positive, inspiring and creative energy. Source - googleapis.com

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Use a Himalayan salt lamp

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If you want to bring good energy (and good air) in your home, bring salt lamp. It is made from pieces of crystals. Proponents of salt lamps say they produce positive ions, improve air quality and possibly improve allergies. The heat from the lamp's bulb will keep the lamp dry and will help the lamp to release those much-needed negative ions into the air. Source - hearstapps.com

Adopt houseplants

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Flowers and plants are instant mood boosters. They radiate positive energy. Not only they bring peace and positive vibes in your home, but will also remove the toxins from the air and provides cleaner air to breathe. Source - homelyau.wpengine.com

Healing crystals

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Another way to bring nature into your home is through healing crystals. They not only make your living space beautiful but can also bring positivity in the entire space as they can absorb, clear and recalibrate negative energy. Source - thespruce.com

The power of colours

Positive Energy In Your Homes

Did you know that colours can greatly affect our moods and behaviour? Yes, it’s true! Every colour brings a different energy to your living space. Therefore, it is important to choose the right colors for your home. White is one of the best colours to create a serene, calming and joyful space. Source - home-designing.com

Attract positivity with wind chimes

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Sound is a powerful healer and can help to harmonise the vibration of your living space. Thus, placing wind chimes of any material in your house can create a calm environment which is filled with positive energy. Source - unsplash.com

Put up beautiful, inspiring decorations

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One technique that seems to help people feel more motivated by reading inspirational quotes. Inspiring images, quotes, or pictures of family and friends add positive vibes to any room.  Your home is an extension of your soul, so decorate your home with things that make you feel positive. Source - hgtv.com

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Essential oils to improve energy

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Essential oils are one of the best ways to increase positive energy in any space. These days, there are many affordable and aesthetically-pleasing diffusers are available in the market. It’s easy to pick one that fits your needs. Source - healthstartsinthekitchen.com


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