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Alisha | 03 Mar 2023

How To Decide Between Ready To Move In, Under-Construction And Resale House?

How To Decide Between Ready To Move In, Under-Construction And Resale House?

Are you seeking to buy a home? Depending on your requirements, purpose, and how quickly you wish to possess the property, the real estate market in India offers a vast number of ready to move in and under-construction residential properties. At times, the buyers are also interested in buying a house under the resale category. 

The following guidelines will help you understand the difference between the three types of houses. Make a choice as per your comfort and budget. 

If ready to move in property is in your mind, take a look at below points.


  1. You get what you see with a ready to move in property in terms of layout, amenities, interiors, surroundings, external features, etc. Hence, when you go for a site visit, you are actually shown the final picture of your dream home.

  2. If shifting to your new address within a few weeks or months is what you have decided, a ready to move in will be an ideal deal for you. Once you have done the payment and required documentation work, the home immediately becomes yours. In the process, you also save time.

  3. Ready to move in home buyers are also exempted from paying Goods and Services Tax (GST).


  1. A ready to move in property will always be 20-30 percent higher than under-construction in terms of cost. Therefore, be ready to pay extra.

  2. As you get to see the final product, you miss the chance to inspect the quality of materials used in your house construction. If the home offered to you has been constructed many years back, chances of it to look old will be more.

If you can wait, no other option is as good as an under-construction project. 


  1. If you fear that the delivery of your property may get delayed by the builder, such days are bygones. With the implementation of RERA Act in real estate, timely completion of the projects is a mandate. Thus, enjoy the dual benefit of timely possession and lower cost of your under-construction home.

  2. From the day a property is constructed to the time it is completed, the value increases. Therefore, an under-construction if located at a strategic point will surely give you higher returns.

  3. You only pay 10% to 15% of the total property cost as booking amount. The seller provides flexibility in payment so that you do not face the burden of paying a huge amount at once. You will also have the scope of negotiation on property prices with the builder.  


  1. As an under-construction property buyer, you are subjected to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST).

  2. Chances of discrepancy in the final product are higher in terms of under-construction projects. Therefore, ask the builder beforehand about specific features that will be different from what is shown in the brochure, so that you don't feel disappointed later. 

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Get over ready to move in and under-construction; a resale property is equally attractive.


  1. A resale property ensures rapid possession at a discounted price. Moreover, if the house is quite old, you can negotiate heavily with the seller.

  2. If you are planning to buy the entire resale house along with the land, chances of it being located in a well-planned area become greater. Hence, you get the benefit of living in a developed location. Basic amenities such as gas connection, lighting, fixtures, and electricity are pre-arranged in resale houses. You may require to repair a few, but you save a lot in amenities.

  3. A second-hand home also gives you tax benefits right from the first month of your home loan installment.  

  1. A second-hand property constructed 10 years back or even before is not at all advisable to buy. Therefore, check the age of building first. As someone was already living in the house, it is impossible to change everything as per your taste. 

  2. Make sure that the seller has cleared all kinds of bill payments related to the property before you move in.


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