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Gaurav Srivastava | 13 Dec 2022

8 Home Projects You Need To Do Now To Prepare For Summer 2022

8 Home Projects You Need To Do Now To Prepare For Summer 2022

If we were a part of the Western world, we would ask you to buckle up for Spring Cleaning. But we are more of a Diwali Ki Safai kind of a nation. We can still use springtime to really spruce up our homes though.

This is the optimum time to make renovations to your home and get it summer-ready. With the diversity of climate that the Indian subcontinent sees, summer months look very different for every region. 

The south of India will see a humid summer. North India gets a hot summer with a few lucky states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand getting a pleasant summer. To make the most of this summer, make these few changes to your home and we guarantee you won’t regret it.

Change your curtains

This might seem like a superfluous step, but it’s not. Changing your curtains during the summer can make all the difference to keep your house cooler and save on that electricity bill from constantly keeping the air conditioning on. 

Invest in blackout curtains if you really want to keep the heat out. The more sunlight you can block, the cooler your home will be. 

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Install screen doors and windows

If you’re the kind of person who loves summers, no matter how hot it gets, we understand that you wouldn’t want to waste the amazing sunlight or warm summer evenings. For you, we suggest installing screen doors and windows to your home to ensure you get the summer breeze but none of the mosquitoes. 

Make your balcony livable

Why should your balcony only be used to hang out clothes during the summer? You realise you paid for that space too right? 

Make the most use of your balcony in the summer months by installing a fan. You can also install breathable curtains or mesh privacy screens on your balcony. They’ll keep your outdoor space relatively cooler and let you enjoy sitting outside during the evenings well into the summer months.

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Add a splash of green

We all have been doing this throughout the pandemic. All you need to do is continue using the amazing Indian summer to plant more in your terrace garden. 

Summers are the optimum time for plants to thrive and terrace gardens to grow. You can even start a cute little herb garden or plant some vegetables. Having fresh tomatoes or strawberries right from your terrace will definitely be worth the effort.

Cover up your tanks

Nobody likes a hot shower in the summers after a long day at work. 

The hot sun and warm winds in the summers leave no stone unturned to ensure that your water tanks have not even a single drop of cold water left. In peak summer months, the water can even get too hot for you to put your hand in it.

The best way to prevent it is to create a shed for your tanks. Covering up your tanks can help you have cool water throughout the day. If covering your tanks isn’t a possibility, at least try to paint them white for the summer so they absorb as little heat as possible.

Build a natural sauna room

Let’s use the summer heat to our benefit. This one is a little ambitious but we believe in you. If you have a covered balcony or a sunroom that gets good sunlight, convert it into a natural sauna. The best room to convert into a sauna, however, is a small bathroom.

Use a steamer to create a sauna-like atmosphere in a small room and spend a summer evening at your home spa. 

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Install an exhaust

Be it your bathroom or your kitchen, they both heat up your house in the summers. These rooms get unusually hot due to showers and cooking respectively. Exhausts are really helpful in expelling the hot and humid air inside your home. Installing an exhaust in both of these rooms can help lower the temperatures inside your home. 

Summer is quite possibly the longest season in India but still gets left out when considering a home remodel. You don’t need to simply stay inside with your air conditioning on all the time. Let’s make summer more fun again.


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